Turn Your Fashion Ideas Into Reality With Your Own Clothing Line

Are you one of those people who draw fashion designs on anything and everything you can find when the idea strikes you? Or the kind of people who always revamps their clothes into a style fit for the runway? Well, we bet that you’ve always wanted to design your own clothing line. A clothing line that you can be proud of. One that you can share and broadcast to the whole world.

Well, get your pencils out because we are here to help you make your dreams a reality. We are gonna guide you through the process of how to start a clothing line of your own.

How To Start Your Own Clothing Line

1. Know Your Why

The first step to create a clothing line is to know and understand the reason and purpose behind the clothing line you want to create. You have to start with the proper foundation so that, moving forward, you can rely on its stability. This means that you have to decide on your clothing line’s role for your future customers. You have to think about the market you are targeting and your edge over other competitors. Next, you have to build a brand, starting with how you design your own clothing line. It’s essential and helpful to set and know your goals early on to avoid getting lost in everything. All fashion designers have their style and their brands. That’s what helps them to stand out from the crowd and be known for their magnificence. And setting your own identity and trademark is also what’s going to take your clothing line further than you’ve ever imagined.

2. Look for Your Inspiration

Now that you have set your foundation, you can start to design your clothing line. We already know that you are creative and that your mind is just filled with fashion designs that are just waiting to pop out. And a helpful trick on what you can do to slowly ease them out of your mind in the most fashionable way is to breathe mood boards. Mood boards are boards or any visual representation filled with images, items, and texts that signify a generally specific idea or feeling. Artists and designers usually use it as a springboard for their creations. In your adventure to create a clothing line, you can rely on this too. You can collect inspiration from a collage of different things that you feel would go well together. Of course, your mood board won’t always make sense to everyone else, but that’s okay as long as it makes sense to you. Or if you have the time (and the vaccination against the COVID-19 virus), maybe you would like to go somewhere or do something to spark up inspiration in your brain. If the most straightforward thing as an apple falling out of a tree helped the discovery of gravity years ago, who’s to say that you won’t find a falling apple of your own to send your clothing line all over the world?

3. Find the Right Partner

Once you have gotten a hold of your design, the next step to create a clothing line is actually to turn the ink drawings into sewed-together fabrics. Now, whether that means hiring someone to sew them up for you or making them yourself, it is always essential that you find the right partner to help you. These people will be working with you for considerable amounts of time once you get your clothing line off the ground. So it is only fair and proper, both for them and for you, that you click and understand each other well. While it’s a known practice for fashion designers, such as yourself, to sew up and create a clothing line from scratch with their own hands, it is never wrong to get a partner who can do it for you. As early as the inception of your clothing line, you have not been afraid of getting help where you need it and accepting that it is what’s best for you and your designs. The right friend or partner can do better justice in bringing your drawings to life. On the other hand, if you prefer to get your own hands dirty in your journey to design your clothing line, that’s perfectly fine too. From this angle, what you have to find is the right supplier for your materials. It’s important and valuable to establish a trusting relationship with suppliers that can help you from here on out because you will be reliant on what they can give you all throughout your journey.

4. Price and Budget Matters

See, another factor to consider in finding the right partner is the price tag and the quality that comes with it. As a fashion designer, you’d want to get the best quality fabrics and other materials for your clothing line. It is vital because more than your designs themselves, people are also going to consider the quality of product your clothing line produces. This is why you mustn’t be sacrificing quality for a cheaper price nor that you are paying too much for an “okay” quality. You have to be smart with your transactions when you start a clothing line because the costs that you are paying for will also be the basis for the price of the clothes you’d be putting out. And with all the talented fashion designers out there, the price tag of your clothing line will play a significant factor. Like every other business, your prices have to be competitive but at the same time accommodating to what your target market can afford. Therefore, you want to carefully consider how you handle your budget and think smartly about how you will price your clothing line.

5. Market Your Clothing Line with Your Website

The question of “how to start a clothing business” for your design can be fairly simple, your very own clothing line website. With free website builders, like Strikingly, you can get a website up and running in no time. Having your website for your clothing line would help you establish your brand and find your customers. You would not only get to showcase your designs, but you can also easily connect with your customers and/or followers and easily assist them in getting ahold of and buying your products. This is especially important if you don’t have the resources yet to set up your physical store. Then, even in the comforts of your room or garage, or apartment, you can market and sell your clothing line.

Design Your Own Clothing Line Website

With your clothing line ready to be released in your world, you’d need an avenue to display and showcase it. Strikingly helps you create your own clothing line website. It offers you a home for your designs and a way to reach your target audience. Strikingly offers you these features to help your clothing line thrive in the industry:

1. Gallery

First, the main benefit of having your clothing line website is that you showcase your designs and creations. After taking photos of your design to highlight the intricacies of each style, you’d want to display them in a way that can wow your audience. Strikingly allows you to put a gallery of images on your website. You decide on their layout and whether they would have text descriptions or not. You can also maximize the space in your website even more by also using photos of your clothing line as background images to your website. Take a look at Fashion designer Yuko Koike's official website. She created this with Strikingly, and sure enough, your website can look as good as hers too.

Image taken from Strikingly User's Website

Image taken from Strikingly User's Website

2. Simple Store

Your clothing line website need not be a simple display of your creations, and it can also act as your ecommerce platform. With Simple Store, you can customize a smooth checkout process and a secure payment scheme. It also helps you manage orders for any of the designs in your clothing line and easily set up shipping methods that your customers can choose from. This can help elevate your clothing line to the next level.

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Image taken from Strikingly Product

3. Simple Blog

Strikingly allows you to add blogs to your website. It can be helpful for you to find writers to write up content to highlight your clothing line and/or your journey as a fashion designer. It can be helpful for your customers and target market to have something to read about your clothing line. It might also be a good idea to write the blogs yourself and tell your customers about how you came up with your designs, what the inspiration is for them, and other stories about you and your clothing line. This also helps with your site’s SEO and increases your search visibility.

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Image taken from Strikingly Product

4. Live Chat

One way to connect with your customers is through real-time conversations. You can add a Live chat feature on your website and easily talk to your customers. For example, you can answer questions they might have about your clothing line or you can talk them through the pros of availing your products or services. This will help you establish trust and earn loyalty from your customers.

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Image taken from Strikingly Product

5. Social Media Feed

Another way to showcase your clothing line while also relating with your audience is to integrate your social media accounts on your website. Strikingly also allows you to display your up-to-date social media feed in your website. This would allow customers or site visitors to see your latest posts, follow your accounts and be updated whenever you post and release new content and designs.

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Image taken from Strikingly Product

6. Videos

Your clothing line would also benefit from videos that would exhibit and highlight their details. Strikingly allows you to put in videos on your website. You can add in links to different video platforms onto your gallery section, big media section, and even section backgrounds.

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Image taken from Strikingly Product

You have a lot of potential in you. And the world would benefit from the prowess of your artistic mind and hands. You deserve the right partners, and we are it for you. Your clothing line would reach a far wider audience when you have your very own website. So get up and sign up with Strikingly now because we are here to help you and make your dreams come true!