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Selling online has come a long way in the past decade. As the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the unemployment rate in the last couple of years, you must develop innovative ways to increase your sales and earn more revenue. Many entrepreneurs and business people have learned how to sell more with the help of various tools and techniques on the internet. These techniques were not popular until a few years ago. However, since we are facing massive competition in the digital industry today, every entrepreneur comes up with unique techniques for selling more online products.

When you think about selling products online, there are several ways to accomplish it. If we go by today's trends, most products are sold on the Internet. It is also about having a setup to sell products and create an online presence for your brand.

As the competition has increased in the current digital marketplace, many entrepreneurs face challenges. Most of them agree that if you learn skills about how to sell more, you can build a sustainable income to support your household in the long term.

Although it has become more accessible, selling more products can attain many benefits. You won't be restricted to gaining customers from one spot or location. You can check out the global audience by prioritizing your marketing efforts and displaying them in all parts of the world. You can sell products outside your city, country, and even continent without leaving your desk.

Best Strategies to Sell More Products

1) Define Your Target Audience

You must know your retail customers to sell more products on your online store. As a business owner, you must understand your target audience and the differences driving buying decisions for each demographic.

define target audience

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You must provide customers with a customer experience that they feel at home being part of your store. For example, if you sell merchandise, you should provide your customers with every detail so they can quickly identify their preferred product.

You should take your time to understand your target audience. Many sophisticated software on the Internet can gather digital information. Alternatively, you can have one-on-one conversations with your customers.

It is very easy to lose focus in a sea of customer data. Hence, the best approach is to focus your marketing efforts on the audience segments and generate the most revenue.

2) Anticipate What People Need Before Buying

After narrowing down the target audience and understanding their differences, some retailers tend to stop. However, this is a mistake because when trying to sell more products, you should deeply understand the reasons behind your customer's buying decisions. This understanding starts by anticipating what your shoppers need before they buy.

You can start working on their solutions by understanding your customer's pain points. When you try to understand your target audience, you can target the following statistics:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Used payment gateways
  • Cars parked in the parking lot
  • Reasons why customers buy from your online store
  • Platforms from where they got recommended to your site (Social media, newsletter, friend)

3) Provide Excellent Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service is the perfect way to sell more products and increase sales. When we talk about delivering customer service, it is about making your customers feel they are the most important person in the world.

provide customer service

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Being a business owner, you should note that customer experience and customer service are not the same. Although customer experience is essential, it refers to the entire shopping procedure. For example, the shopping experience starts when the customer parks the car in the parking lot. On the other hand, customer service is the interaction between the sales employee and the customer.

To create the best-selling strategy, you must eliminate friction to sell more products. For example, you can highlight the following aspects regarding your online store:

  • How long does it take for your customers to seek help?
  • Are aisles marked in your store?
  • Are there backups provided in the checkout procedure?

Since you are the business owner, you must ensure that the add-on sales are added correctly. The right tactics can delight your customers and drive margins. However, the wrong suggestions may increase your website's bounce rate.

4) Build a Deep Relationship With Customers

Strong relationship and trust is the heartbeat of giving an excellent sales experience and selling more products. You must make your customers feel valued and let them know you are available to help make their buying decisions easy.

Since you are a business owner, you shouldn't just listen to your customers and remember their words. To have this approach, you can practice active listening. For example, you can repeat some of their comments to make them feel you are paying attention.

Secondly, you can greet all your customers with a smile. According to the studies shared by ResearchGate, salespeople tend to smile more to strengthen their relationships with customers. In addition, smiling dissolves all the potential tension between the client and the salespeople so both parties can feel better.

You should always try to find something to like about your shopper. For example, if they tell you that they want to buy a particular product, compliment them by saying it is an excellent choice. However, ensure that your compliments are limited and relevant to the products.

When building a deep customer relationship, you must always consider providing five-star customer service. For that to happen, you must go beyond their requirements so that the customers always choose your store for buying products.

5) Offer Smooth Checkout Process

To sell more products, you must ensure that your checkout process is easy and smooth. Don't ask your customers to fill out lengthy checkout pages, or it may frustrate them. Instead, make it as mobile-friendly as possible so the customers enjoy shopping from your store.

To establish a smooth checkout process, ensure that you provide multiple payment gateways for your customers. There are cases where customers like products from an online store but don't buy them because their preferred payment gateway isn't supported. Hence, you must make life easy for both yourself and your customers and provide them with their preferred payment gateways. For example, PayPal is the most common payment gateway used by customers for online transactions or accepting refunds.

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Once they have completed the purchase, you can ask your customers to write a testimonial on your website or submit a review about the product. However, don't interfere with them while completing the checkout process, or they will back off. Being a business owner, having many shopping cart abandonments is the last thing that you would want.

6) Promote Your Online Store

There are several ways to promote your online store and sell more products. The most common way is to work on your website's search engine optimization (SEO). But first, identify keywords in your website content and write an accurate description.

If you have experience with writing, you can write guest posts on other people's blogs to drive traffic toward your website. You must include links to bring readers to your online store when you write guest posts. This tactic helps you become an expert in your field and ensures more people identify your online store through Google.

Build an Ecommerce Website on Strikingly

Strikingly is a quality website builder that lets you get your eCommerce website up and running within a few minutes. With excellent customer support and no fees, Strikingly can become your best friend in the eCommerce journey.

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Once registered on our platform, you will fall under our free plan and head to our compilation of responsive website templates. After choosing one of our ready-to-use website templates, you can customize them according to your business demands and add all your relevant content. Of course, the more attractive your web design is, the more customers you will bring to the table. You can only sell more products by having many customers in your base.

Strikingly allows its users to add all their eCommerce products through the simple store feature. By going into the product information, firstly, you must decide whether your product is digital or physical. After that, you can add the product name, price, dimensions, description and image. You can also add product categories to make it easy for your customers.

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If you are building an eCommerce website for the first time, there is a chance that you will need help to implement your ideas. The best thing to do is look at your competitors' actions. You can check out their website and analyze the things that make their website a success. When you visualize their website, we don't mean you should copy everything they are doing. Instead, you should analyze the factors that are pivotal to their success.


The topic of selling more products is a huge concern for both small and big retailers. The more products you sell, the more revenue you will make, and your website's conversion rate will be higher. However, we understand that you need to train your staff to sell your products quickly.

The best thing to do is rely on Strikingly and build a professional website. Strikingly allows you to create an online community where you can interact with your staff and increase sales. If you struggle to develop your website, you can contact our Happiness Officers and submit your queries. We wish you the best of luck and hope you accomplish all your eCommerce goals.