Online Sales

In the last decade, particularly since the coronavirus pandemic, the art of selling online has become a prominent part of the online business. In 2022, you won’t find a single business owner in the world that doesn’t have the ambitions to increase online sales. The businessmen have gone through various tutorials to understand the usage of marketing tools and techniques that either didn’t exist or weren’t popular. Any person who has an idea about online trending products will tell you about the ways to sell products online.

As you think about selling products online, there are various categories for you to choose from. Most of the eCommerce products today are sold via internet marketing. After all, it is all about improving your brand's online presence. As the digital marketplace faces increased competition, even the most experienced entrepreneurs find it hard to get their message across. However, if you go through some marketing tips, you will likely see an upward trend in your eCommerce sales.

Best Tips for Selling Products Online

1. Select a Reliable Website Builder

One thing is clear, you cannot understand how to sell your product online if you don’t trust any of the online website builders. If we were to recommend a website builder, we would suggest Strikingly. Even if you have gone against our wishes and built an online website somewhere else, make sure that your choice fulfills all the demands that you crave related to your website. To boost online sales via a website builder, you need to go through the factors below:

  • How much can you customize templates on the given website builder?
  • How appealing are the given web design templates?
  • What are the subscription packages?
  • How reliable is their customer support?

strikingly ecommerce platform

Image taken from Strikingly

At Strikingly, we present numerous website templates for you to choose from. Once you customize the selected website template, you can add your prescribed website content before publishing your website. On Strikingly, it will take around 24 hours to 48 hours before your website is open to online visitors. Our drag-and-drop feature enables the website makers to set prices and include product descriptions. We got everything going for you to enjoy in the eCommerce world.

2. Appropriate Order Management System

One of the most important things to improve online sales has an appropriate order management system. If you can deliver orders on time, it will only create a good impression within the eyes of your customers. Most importantly, you will give them every possible reason to return to your eCommerce website for making further orders. It is much more cost-effective to have repeat customers rather than investing time and effort to acquire new customers.

Even though it is good to attract new customers, especially if you have an international website, repeat customers add to your brand value. If you are selling your online products, you must ensure that you don’t disappoint your customers in the process. If you are having issues within your order management system, make sure that you inform your customers before they ask you about the issue. Singly enables you to track your orders on your website.

3. Promote Products on Social Media

In online sales, you cannot disregard the importance of social media marketing. As much as building an eCommerce website is important, it is also essential to take advantage of your social media accounts to promote your products. In recent years, social media marketing has become one of the cheapest tips for selling online products. Even if you do not conduct paid advertisements, you can create a Facebook page, get a decent online community on board, and tell them to share your posts to get your message through to the public.

products on instagram

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

In terms of promoting products on social media, you won’t get a better social media platform than Instagram. On Instagram, you can upload high-quality website images and write a suitable product description alongside it. You can also include hashtags to ensure you attract a wide range of audiences to your page. On your Strikingly website, make sure that you create a contact section where you mention your social media accounts. You can bring a social media audience to your eCommerce website by doing this.

4. Multiple Payment Methods

Payment methods also impact online sales because customers go through the payment options to enable them to shop online. You won’t find all the customers using a singular payment option to shop online. Therefore, you must be proactive in your approach and create multiple payment options for them to utilize. More importantly, you must ensure that every included payment option is suited to your target audience.

multiple payment methods

Image taken from Strikingly

On Strikingly, we enable our target customers to complete an online purchase through multiple payment gateways. Firstly, we provide the option of “Store Currency” through which the customers can pay as per their country’s currency. Stripe and Paypal are two of the most popular payment options integrated on the Strikingly website. Moreover, we enable our users to accept credit card payments.

5. Upload Quality Product Images

Whether you own an eCommerce website or a portfolio website, high-quality website images are vital. Quality website images play an essential role in increasing your online sales. As the online products cannot be touched or felt by the customers, they can only trust the quality of the product images. By checking the images, they can decide whether to buy that eCommerce product or not.

ecommerce product images

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The quality of the image will create an impression within your visitors about the product they want to buy. When you take the pictures of your selling products, make sure they have an effective background, and the image is not blurry. If visitors find any defects within the product image, they will buy the identical product from a different eCommerce store. Therefore, make sure that you capture quality product images to increase sales.

6. Ideal Customer Service

If you provide good customer service, it will increase online sales on your website significantly. When your customers are happy with your services, they will not just become repeat customers of your online store but will also encourage their friends and relatives to reach out to you for further purchases. This marketing tactic will go a long way in terms of your objectives related to eCommerce sales.

If you want your eCommerce website to evolve, new customers must speak positively about your online store from time to time. This can only be possible if your current customers are happy with your service. Strikingly is one of the best online platforms for customer support. Our Happiness Officers are available 24/7 to go through your queries and ensure that they get resolved as soon as possible. If you have a problem with your eCommerce website, make sure that you contact them right away.

7. Improve SEO Rankings

strikingly seo checklist

Image taken from Strikingly

In the digital world, it takes a lot of hard work and time to create a structure for your website content. However, all of your hard work may come to nothing if your visitors don’t recognize the effort that you have put in. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies have become one of the best ways to increase online sales. Search engine rankings are important to get your website within the eyes of Google. On Strikingly, we provide our users with an SEO checklist. This checklist will help you optimize the major parts of your website content, such as title tag and meta-descriptions. However, if you upgrade your Strikingly subscription plans, you will see more features on the SEO checklist.

8. Check Customer Feedback

Nowadays, customer feedback has become one of the cheapest marketing ways to increase sales. If a customer leaves an online review or writes a testimonial for your brand, you must take their opinions seriously. By taking their opinion seriously, you will be able to highlight the aspects you would like to improve your store. This will automatically have a positive impact on your online sales. If necessary, you can also answer their questions on social media. If you leave their questions unanswered, it may create a bad reputation for your brand.


If we sum it all up, if you have eCommerce products to sell online, there are numerous strategies to improve online sales. By choosing a reliable website builder like Strikingly and going through innovative marketing strategies, you can significantly boost your eCommerce sales. This combination will be beneficial as it will improve your eCommerce sales and play a part in creating an online presence for your business.

You can go through our landing page and get yourself registered on Strikingly right away as you know how to increase sales. It won’t be long before you familiarize yourself with our innovative tools and features. As long as you have high-quality eCommerce products to sell, you will get your online store up and running in a few clicks. Strikingly wishes you the best of luck in your journey to boost your eCommerce sales.