Time is a precious commodity, and anything that can save it is worth its weight in gold. This is where email automation comes in. Email automation is software that automatically sends emails to your customers or subscribers based on predefined triggers or actions. It is a strong tool that can help businesses streamline their communications, save time and resources, and ultimately achieve business goals better.

Automated email campaigns have become essential to modern marketing strategies, assisting businesses to stay engaged with their customers and build long-lasting relationships. You can improve engagement and conversion rates and foster brand loyalty by providing your audience with unique and targeted messaging.

One of the best ways to implement email automation for your business is using a website builder with email automation capabilities. One such platform is Strikingly, a user-friendly website builder offering various email automation features. In this article, we will explore the benefits of email automation to your business and how Strikingly can help you implement effective email automation campaigns.

In addition, we will provide some email automation tips to help you make the most out of your campaigns and ensure that you are getting the best possible results. Whether you are a small-scale business owner or a marketing professional, keep reading to learn how email automation can help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

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What Is Email Automation?

Email automation uses technology to automatically send pre-written and targeted emails to subscribers or customers based on specific triggers or actions. It aims to provide businesses with a more efficient and effective way of communicating with their target audience.

Email automation refers to using software to automate various email marketing campaigns. It can include automated welcome emails, abandoned cart recovery, and segmented email campaigns that target specific groups of subscribers with personalized messaging.

Types Of Email Automation

Email automation can be of various types. You need to choose one based on your requirements and the capability of a particular type to achieve your goals.

  • Trigger-based automation sends an automated email to subscribers or customers based on specific triggers or actions, such as signing up for a magazine or newsletter.
  • Drip campaigns, on the other hand, involve sending a series of emails to subscribers or customers over a period of time.
  • Autoresponders are pre-written messages automatically sent in response to specific actions or inquiries.

Benefits Of Email Automation

The benefits of email automation for your business are numerous.

  • It saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on other important facets of your business.
  • It allows for personalization, enabling you to send targeted messages that resonate with your audience.
  • Personalization can lead to increased engagement, as subscribers are more likely to open and engage with relevant messages.
  • It can also lead to higher conversion rates, as personalized and targeted messages can help convert subscribers into customers.

While there are several benefits, it is essential to use best practices and tips to make the most out of your email automation campaigns.

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Best Practices For Email Automation

To use email automation effectively, businesses should follow best practices such as targeting the right audience, creating engaging content, conducting A/B testing, and analyzing performance metrics. Businesses can do this to optimize their email automation campaigns and get the best outcomes.

#1- Importance Of Targeting The Right Audience

Targeting the right audience is critical to effective email automation. Here are some key reasons why it's important:

  • Improves relevance. You can increase the likelihood that recipients of your automated emails will interact with your messages. You can do so by selecting the appropriate audience and ensuring your emails are pertinent to their interests and requirements.
  • Increases engagement. When subscribers receive emails tailored to their interests and needs, they are likelier to open up and engage with them. It can lead to increased click-through rates, conversions, and overall engagement.
  • Enhances personalization. Targeting the right audience allows you to personalize your automated emails based on subscriber data, such as their demographics, interests, and past behaviors. It can help create a more personalized experience for subscribers, increasing loyalty and trust.
  • Maximizes ROI. You can ensure your marketing efforts focus on the most promising leads by sending an automated email to the right audience. It can help increase your return on investment (ROI) by maximizing conversions and minimizing wasted resources.
  • Reduces spam complaints. When you target the right audience with relevant content, subscribers are less likely to mark your emails as spam, negatively impacting your deliverability rates and sender reputation.

#2- Creating Engaging Content

Another critical aspect of email automation is creating engaging content that resonates with subscribers. It can include personalized messaging, compelling subject lines, and visually appealing designs. Businesses can improve open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement by creating content that captures the audience's attention.

#3- A/B Testing For Optimal Results

A/B testing is an effective way to optimize email automation campaigns for the best possible results. Businesses may determine what works best for their audience and modify their strategy by testing variables such as subject lines, content, and sending timings. It can help improve engagement rates and conversion rates over time.

#4- Analyzing Email Automation Performance

Analyzing the performance of email automation campaigns is crucial for identifying what's working and what's not. Businesses should track key metrics such as open rates, conversion rates, and click-through rates and use this data to make informed choices about future campaigns. Businesses can continuously enhance their email automation techniques by routinely analyzing performance for better results.

#5- Optimize Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing recipients see in their inboxes, so it's important to craft subject lines that grab their attention and entice them to open the email. Use clear and concise language, and consider using personalization or urgency to boost the likelihood of opening.

#6- Keep It Concise

People's attention spans are short, so keeping an automated email concise is essential. Focus on delivering value quickly and clearly, and avoid overwhelming subscribers with too much information.

#7- Use Clear Calls-To-Action

(CTAs) CTAs are a crucial part of any email. Clear calls-to-action (CTAs) is an essential element of effective email automation. Here are some key reasons why clear CTAs are important:

  • Drives Conversions. The main goal of email automation is to drive conversions, and clear CTAs can help achieve this by encouraging subscribers to take a specific action, such as making an order or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Reduces Confusion. A clear CTA can reduce confusion for subscribers by clearly communicating what you want them to do next. It can help prevent them from getting distracted or confused and ultimately improve their chances of taking the desired action.
  • Increases Engagement. A clear and compelling CTA can pique subscribers' interest and encourage them to engage with your brand. It can lead to increased click-through rates, which in turn can boost your overall engagement metrics.
  • Provides Direction. A well-designed CTA can provide clear direction to subscribers, making it easier for them to navigate your website or take a specific action. It can streamline the customer journey and improve the overall user experience.
  • Facilitates Testing. You can identify the most effective at driving conversions and engagement by testing different CTAs. It can help refine your email automation strategy and improve your overall results.

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#8- Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience allows you to deliver targeted and personalized messages that are more likely to resonate with subscribers. Use data such as demographics, behavior, and purchase history to segment your audience and deliver relevant content.

#9- Test And Optimize

A/B testing lets you test different versions of an email and see which performs better. Use A/B testing to optimize subject lines, CTAs, and other elements of your email campaigns to improve engagement and conversion rates.

#10- Analyze Performance

Regularly analyze your email campaigns' performance to identify improvement areas. Look at open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to understand how your audience responds to your messages, and make adjustments as needed.

In summary, by following these best practices, businesses can ensure that their email automation campaigns are targeted, engaging, optimized, and data-driven. It can help maximize email automation's benefits and improve engagement and conversion rates over time.

How Strikingly-Website Builder Incorporates Email Automation

Strikingly is a website builder that allows businesses and individuals to create professional and responsive websites without coding or design skills. It also offers a range of features, including e-commerce capabilities, SEO tools, and email automation capabilities. Let us look at the email automation features available on the platform that you can use to grow your business with ease.

Email Automation Features In Strikingly

  • Automated welcome emails. Strikingly offers several email automation features to help businesses engage more effectively with their customers and subscribers. One of the key features is automated welcome emails, which are automatically sent to new subscribers to welcome them to the mailing list and introduce them to the brand. It can help businesses build relationships with their audience from the outset.
  • Abandoned cart recovery. Another useful feature is abandoned cart recovery. It sends an automated email to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts within selected hours, reminding them of the products they left behind and stimulating them to complete their purchases. It can be an effective way to increase conversion rates and recover lost revenue.
  • Post-purchase follow-up emails. Strikingly allows you to send follow-up emails to customers after purchase automatically. It can include a thank you message, order confirmation, and other important information.
  • Behavioral triggers. Strikingly offers a range of behavioral triggers, such as cart abandonment, form submission, getting memberships, etc., that allow you to deliver targeted messages based on subscriber behavior. It can help increase engagement and drive conversions.

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Benefits Of Using Strikingly For Email Automation

  • Easy integration with a website builder. The integration with the website builder is seamless, making setting up and using email automation features easy.
  • User-friendly interface. Strikingly's user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and manage email campaigns, even for those with little to no experience in email marketing.
  • Cost-effective solution. They are cost-effective, offering businesses a powerful tool for engaging with their audience without breaking the bank.
  • Improved segmentation. Email automation allows businesses to segment their email lists based on different criteria, such as demographics, behavior, or purchase history. It enables businesses to send targeted and personalized messages that are more likely to attract their audience, leading to improved engagement and conversion rates.
  • Increased revenue. Businesses can increase revenue through higher conversion rates and repeat purchases by delivering personalized messages to their audience and optimizing their email campaigns.
  • Enhanced customer experience. Businesses may enhance the overall customer experience and build closer relationships with subscribers by sending timely and appropriate communications to their audience.
  • Improved brand awareness. Email automation can be used to deliver branded messages that help businesses increase their brand awareness and reinforce their messaging.
  • Consistency. Email automation ensures that messages are delivered consistently and on schedule, assisting businesses in maintaining a steady flow of communication with their audience.
  • Scalability. As businesses grow and their email lists expand, email automation can help them manage and segment their audience, delivering personalized messages without requiring additional resources.

Overall, Strikingly is a valuable solution for businesses using email automation to engage with their customers and subscribers more effectively. Businesses may save time and resources while fostering customer relationships and boosting conversion rates by utilizing Strikingly's robust capabilities.


Email automation is a strong business tool to engage with subscribers and drive conversions. Businesses may save time and resources by automating multiple email campaigns while sending individualized and targeted messages to their audience. Strikingly offers a user-friendly platform for businesses to easily integrate email automation into their website and improve their email marketing efforts.

Email automation is essential to modern email marketing strategies, allowing businesses to engage with their audience deeper and drive conversions. Businesses can create effective email automation campaigns that deliver results by following best practices and leveraging the capabilities of platforms such as Strikingly.

Strikingly offers a range of email automation features that can help businesses streamline their email marketing efforts and drive more revenue. Businesses may send tailored communications that are more likely to connect with their audience and result in conversions by utilizing services like automatic welcome emails, abandoned cart recovery, etc.

However, it's important to remember that email automation is not a "set it and forget it" solution. To get the most out of email automation, businesses should follow best practices such as targeting the right audience, creating engaging content, and analyzing email automation performance. Email automation can be a powerful driver of business success with the right strategy and tools.