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What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of “automation”? You will likely think about some mechanical processes associated with cars and other vehicles. You can also be thinking about some technological processes involving robots and aliens. The reason is that this word sounds so familiar with the practical world that you just go down that route. However, the reality is that automation is part of the marketing trends these days.

In 2022, the world has become so digitized in many areas where automation is both sustainable and effective. Many small and large-scale businesses tend to use email automation these days to grow their business. These businesses always look into the marketing trends and try to explore something adventurous for their long-term planning. It seems like they have figured out that automation in the form of emails can be a good idea for the sustainable growth of their respective business. In this article, we will discuss how email automation can go a long way in building an excellent online presence for a business.

What is Email Automation?

If you are a marketing person, you can improve your email campaigns by going through tutorials on automated emails. Email automation is a system that helps you send out messages automatically to your target audience. It can also be classified as transactional emailing, but you shouldn’t consider both terms to have the same meaning if you are familiar with them. However, there are many overlaps between both of these terms.

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Transactional emails are generated on the back of a specific action taken by a particular user. For example, if a customer has completed a purchase from a specific eCommerce website, its user will send an email promptly to its customer. If the customers have sent a payment regarding a product, an instant email will go out to them about the payment status. Automation doesn’t follow this concept as those emails are automated based on the predefined criteria created by the sender.

Email Automation Examples

1) Onboarding Emails

Nowadays, many companies embrace email automation's benefits. The onboarding emails contain much information regarding the brand, website, or the product it is connected with. The sender must ensure that the information presented to the viewers is clear. The users must find the information easy to access and manage. The fundamental objective of these emails is to guarantee happy customers as part of the target audience.

The customers can only be satisfied if they are delivered adequate information about the products or the brand they are set to engage with. Moreover, the email must contain relevant content about the product. The content should be related to the product's benefits and specifications. No one will read about its history and the reasons behind its development. The only preference of customers is about how a product or a brand can benefit them or have an impact on their daily lives. As of 2022, numerous organizations have integrated automation into their email campaigns.

2) Cart Abandonment Emails

Have you ever seen the birthday emails appearing in your email inbox? Those sets of emails can be classified as cart abandonment emails. These emails take advantage of the metrics provided by the website visitors and use automated content. Due to its quick action, email automation has become an essential asset for numerous companies. These companies create a professional website, which allows them to collect emails through the subscription form.

Through these subscription forms, they can collect information about those customers who tend to back off at the last minute. If those customers have doubts, the senders can convince them about their brand or website by sending automated emails. This automation strategy helps the company employees regain the consumers they were destined to lose. It is always one of the priorities of the website owners to not just attract new visitors to their platform but also regain the already existing customers.

3) Loyalty

One of the big benefits of email automation is that it helps you promote user experience without checking customers’ loyalty individually. If you want to check whether customers are loyal to you, you can deliver loyalty programs and see which of them respond. Numerous companies worldwide send loyalty programs to their customers to check their loyalty. According to a statistic given by LoyaltyOne, 61% of companies use loyalty data in three different departments of their organization.

In simple words, this automation strategy is beneficial for creating brand awareness and informing customers about customer reward programs. According to a statistic given by Annex Cloud, 83% of the loyalty program members suggest that customer reward programs are likely to continue doing business with a specific brand. Moreover, 86% of the members believe these loyalty programs are worth investing in and should be a priority for almost every industry.

Benefits of Email Automation

1) Efficient Workflow

Every business owner wants transparency in their business operations. This is one of the benefits of email automation, as it helps you to improve your working efficiency. For example, if you have developed a new mobile application, you would like most of your customers to know about it. Even though you would want to increase its popularity, you also don’t want to spend all your time sending emails individually. The automation feature will help you send emails easily and without wasting much time.

2) Improved User Experience

If we were to recommend you one of the top email automation tips, we would suggest you make the user experience your biggest priority. After all, customers want a good experience while buying their products or attaining information about a brand. Creating quality and relevant emails that can give a pleasing experience to your customers can be beneficial in building your brand image. However, can you allocate time for those emails if you are sending out your emails to the customers manually?

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The automation strategy helps you to preserve more time and energy in the actual email delivery process, which helps you to conserve energy and time on the different types of emails you send to your customers. By opting for this strategy, you can have an improved and better relationship with your customers.

3) Interest in Your Brand

Email automation helps maintain customers’ interest in your brand. As long as your emails are opened, automated emails give your customers a pleasant user experience. Even though some emails tend to be payment reminders or deadline day warnings, they ensure that the customers feel valued as you have them in your working plans. If the customers maintain their interest in your brand, you will easily retain them. Having repeat sales on your online store is a cost-effective strategy as it minimizes the investment allocated to attracting new customers.

Email Automation Feature on Strikingly

As a website owner, you can upgrade your subscription plans on Strikingly to PRO and use email automation as part of your working plan. This feature contains a custom trigger that delivers a custom email to all those members of your target audience that meet the trigger criteria. You can check out the audience list by clicking on the Audience tab on your Strikingly website editor.

For example, if you are giving discounts upon a new racket that has arrived in your online store, you will create a subscription form on your website. Whoever submits the email address, you will inform them about the discount on those rackets. Everyone who meets the trigger criteria will be sent an email with the download link to the product discount. You can check the steps for setting up this automation plan:

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  1. In the “Audience” tab that you have recently clicked, go to the “Email Automation" option
  2. Click on “Create New Automation” on the Strikingly settings
  3. Choose “Submits a firm response to”

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  1. Modify your email content, and its preview will be shown on the right side of your display screen
  2. Select “Click test email,” which is an optional step. You can check the authenticity of your email and check out the preview of it before it gets delivered to the respective customer
  3. Once you have approved the email, you can click on “Activate”

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Even though emails may look outdated to you after the emergence of social media, it is still highly relevant within most companies. Some companies deliver emails every working day, whereas others have a schedule regarding their email strategy.

Email is vital for businesses today, and you must know how to use email automation and other features to attain its benefits.

If you want to achieve the benefits of this automation feature, you must have a professional email address and a professional website at your disposal. You can rely on Strikingly to build a fully-functional professional website, which will not take much time to develop.

On the other hand, you can conduct in-depth research to identify the most suitable mentions for your email ID. Strikingly will take care of all the technical issues surrounding your business website. So, use our platform to build a prolific website and innovative features on Strikingly to build your credibility.