Starting a home decor business can be both exciting and financially rewarding, especially if you’re passionate about interior design and curating one of a kind pieces for the home. With a home decor website, get to dip your toes in the water and try your hand at selling decor online. With the right kind of tools and a bit of digital marketing know-how, it’s possible to create a home decor brand right from your own living room.


It’s all about presentation

For many customers, home decor shopping is not so much a necessity as it is something they enjoy doing. They look around websites for home decor to spruce up their living spaces and turn them into something more than livable. They want to create interiors that make staying in these rooms an enjoyable experience. The objective of your site should be to convince them to go that extra mile and make your pieces a part of their homes.

Website design plays an important role when creating home design websites because you are appealing to the customer’s imagination. To be competitive, your site needs to be eye-catching and offer an illusion of luxury.

Strikingly features a variety of home decor website templates to get you started. All you need to do is play around with the different color combinations and font options on the website editor to create an attractive site for your online decor shop. Should you change your mind about your selected template, don’t be afraid to switch it out for something else in the collection.

Use attractive and engaging visuals

Selling decor online means you’re selling the possibility of improved living spaces through the design pieces you have in your inventory. Customers have to see the potential of your products to transform their homes. Use high quality and well done photographs of your products to tickle your customer’s imagination. Make recommendations by taking photos of decor as they would be used in the home. Place them against a sophisticated and elegant backdrop. Make sure that they are of decent resolution so visitors can easily examine them.


To catch your customer’s attention, experiment with the use of different image and video backgrounds in your home decor website. If you have a physical store, you can take a professional video of your premises for local clients who might want to visit in person.

Website copy is essential

Product descriptions on a home decor website should provide detailed information about the product. Write a short but clear and engaging story about every decor, how it is used and recommended maintenance tips if any. If you’re an interior decorator, you can write notes about how you recommend users might pair the product with other pieces or how you would use it yourself in your own home.

Add a blog

If you have a knack for writing, Strikingly’s Simple Blog could be a good addition to your home decor website. Provide helpful tips and tricks on how to decorate living spaces. Answer interior design related questions or simply provide information on anything that has to do with your industry. Learn more about what your customers are looking for in terms of content and build on it. Address their interior design challenges and build yourself as an authority in your field.

To build customer loyalty, run different digital marketing campaigns on your website. Encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter or add your social media pages to your site to get people to follow. Similarly, direct traffic from social media to your website by sharing links to new products or content on your social media pages.