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Want to start a small business online? Why not try selling private label products? This is ideal for startup owners and retailers who want to add more products to their shops or start a whole new concept. Knowing the best selling private label products will help you a lot in the planning process. Also, you will be able to come up with strategies that focus more on selling instead of production. If you’re able to find a stable supplier or manufacturer of private label products to sell, then you are almost ready to set up your small business.

Strikingly have multiple users who run their online shops with our sites. This is why it’s good to share with you some of the best business concepts that work for them. Before we move on to the trending private label products that are ideal to sell now, let us discuss what it is and why it is something you should go for.

What is Private Label Products

To simplify the definition of private label products, these are products produced or manufactured by a third party. The product has the retail company brand, and it is specifically made for them. Some companies even set standards on the raw materials, ingredients, or specifications of private label products. The manufacturer follows these standards to blend with the brand’s quality.

Many retailers and small business owners have found selling private label products the best opportunity. They can work with other businesses that require the products they sell. And that is one of the good benefits of networking in the business industry.

Selling private label products

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10 Best Selling Private Label Products**

Here are some of the best selling private label products you can include on your list. Keep in mind the idea of networking with other small businesses that you can work with. Once you have figured out what you want to go for, think of these other startup owners who will become your potential clients, too.

1. Food Packaging

While everyone thinks that the food business is an excellent idea, you can align your business concept with selling food packaging such as bento boxes, pouches, Ziploc bags, etc. Since more people are cautious about the freshness and safety of their food, many food businesses have turned into using safe and reusable packaging. You might also consider selling eco-friendly containers instead of those made of plastics. As you can see, there are a lot of ready-to-eat meals sold online. This is why selling private label products such as food packaging sounds epic.


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2. Reusable Paper Bags

Paper bags are helpful anywhere that the demand is high. Think about online clothing shops, grocery stores, and anyone who needs it for. Many people are choosing paper bags over plastic bags because of the significant environmental crisis we face now. That is why paper bags have become one of the trending private label products to sell.

3. Mobile Device Accessories

Another best selling private label products to sell now is mobile device accessories. Think about smartphone cases, keyrings, USB chargers, screen protectors, and holders. These phone accessories are in demand nowadays. While many people use mobile devices, you can use the phone market to start your phone accessories shop online. Your target customers are in any age range. That is why it is ideal for startups.

Fodi device holder

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4. Home Decors

In terms of home decors, these things don't go off-season. It means that selling private label products like this will increase sales throughout the year. While it’s understandable that many people tend to decorate their houses during the holiday season, you can’t ignore the demand to sustain home renovations and simple house improvements. Thus, home decors are becoming a trend now that more people stay at home.

5. Kitchenwares

You may agree that kitchenwares are timely. You can just imagine the number of people who have found cooking as their passion, plus you can add moms on the list, too. We’re saying that kitchenwares sell out fast because of the growing interest of many people to cook. Who says peelers and egg beaters are not that essential in the kitchen? In fact, it’s a lifesaver! So, you think this is a good concept for a small business?

6. Cosmetics

You may think there are plenty of cosmetics in the market, or the commercials say so. However, this might be a perfect business idea that you can start selling now. Cosmetics as private label products are also getting much attention since people are very conscious of beauty and hygiene. Naturally produced products are easy to sell rather than those made of too many chemicals. For a pro tip, you need to research this idea carefully because it matters to come up with practical and safe cosmetic products.

trending private label products

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7. Eco-friendly Products

Due to the growing concern about environmental issues, many people have switched to using eco-friendly products over chemically-made ones. The use of plastic materials can harm the environment as they turn into toxic wastes. This is why many people who have meaningful advocacies to save the Earth are patronizing eco-friendly products. An excellent opportunity to start a business is to sell private label products like wooden spoons and plates, paper cups and straws, reusable shopping bags, baskets, and handmade products.

Handmade bar website

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8. Clothing

Yes, this is absolutely a great idea for an online business. Small shops can benefit from selling private label products such as fashionable clothing, t-shirts, shorts, summer wares, sweaters, and wearable stuff. These products don’t go off-season as well because they are necessities. When you think of a good business concept, ask yourself first if the product you choose is a necessity or not. You can say something about the phone accessories, but later on, you’ll realize that it has something to do about people’s lifestyles. You need to know what’s the trend and the best selling stuff.

9. Workout Gears

Since the pandemic started, many people are becoming conscious of their health. Some have converted their garage to workout gyms where they can exercise. Workout gears and equipment are selling out fast because of this arrangement. While people can’t go to the gym, they can do their daily workouts at home. Some fitness trainers have turned to selling private label products that their clients can use for workouts.

 private label products

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10. Gardening Tools

Like workout gears, gardening tools are hitting more sales, especially during this pandemic. While many people are at home, they have found a new hobby in their garden. Planting herbs, ornamentals, and even vegetables are becoming a trend now. You can see much about it on social media and forums as people talk about plants like their whole life depends on it. As a business owner, you would have to dig into this niche more than anyone else.

How to Sell Private Label Products

∙ Do a Thorough Research

Having thorough research about the kind of product you want to sell is a smart idea. You can visit online forum sites that pay attention to what people want and need these days. There, you can come up with a business concept that will surely sell out.

Against the Grain website

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∙ Think About a Good Concept

Yes, just like what we mentioned above, you can think of a good concept by thoroughly researching the private label products you want to try. When you think about a good concept, you have to weigh the factors such as people’s lifestyle, needs, and wants. Do these products go off-season or not? Who are your target customers? Is there room for expansion or development along the way? Is your concept strong enough to win the competition? If you want to start a business with growth potential, you need to get a good answer to those questions.

∙ Choose the Best Platform

Whether you want to run a business online or offline, you need to choose the best platform. Even local shops that have their websites do get more customers online. Yes, finding the best web store builder platform is essential to your business development and growth. Strikingly ensures that our users get the best web services and tools to create a powerful space online. We even have SEO tools, brandings, and marketing ready for eCommerce websites. You may check out our users’ websites and see how we did a great job providing them with the best platform.

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∙ Find Private Label Products Manufacturer

Finding manufacturers is crucial in getting into the private label products business. You need to find a stable and reliable manufacturer or supplier who can provide you with a good quality of products based on your company standards. The success of your business depends on the third party who is creating the products you sell. Don’t compromise quality over the cost. This way, you can also build a solid and reliable brand.

∙ Build a Strong Brand

With Strikingly, building a strong brand is one of our specialties. Create a logo for your small business, make it visible on your business communications, customize your website design, and use your business name as your website domain. These are just some of the best web services you can enjoy when you build your website with us.


Once you’ve found your way to selling private label products, you will realize that the job doesn’t end in adding products to your online store. Promoting your website will be a challenging and long journey. But, you don’t have to worry because we have got you covered with the best marketing tools for eCommerce business. We’ll help take your business to places where your target customers hang out. It’s incredible how you can run your online shop and manage a hassle-free business with our website. Get started now and sign up.