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Every success comes from a great name. All businesses today, regardless of their industry and target market, need the best name to stand out from the rest. But, finding the perfect brand name won’t be an easy task. In fact, it may even be the biggest challenge you must surmount at the initial phase of your business.

For those engaged in the business of fashion, a name is everything. Boutique names are characterized by the business’ stature and position in the fashion world. Moreover, they also exhibit the business’ values and approach to innovative styles and design.

The success of a trendy boutique begins with a name. If you want to venture into the fashion revolution, you need unique boutique names that markets would recognize and line up for.

If you want to be a the forefront of the fashion industry, here’s a guide to naming your boutique and establishing an online presence as a store:

Why Is it Important to Have the Perfect Boutique Name

Why do you need to make an effort to generate boutique names? Isn’t it enough to write something catchy or trendy?

Deciding for a boutique name goes beyond setting a style. It must be able to extend the values of your business as well. Here are some compelling reasons why you need boutique name ideas to find one that’s best for you:

• A Boutique Name Carries Power and Authority

Boutique names have the most impact on your clothing business. It’s the first thing that people notice and remember about your shop. Clothing boutique names carry the weight of your store’s reputation. They also exude a sense of power over the competition and a sense of trust over your customers. A great name can influence the way your brand is perceived. It’s only necessary to want to choose the best name for your fashion shop.

• Boutique Names Reflect Your Core Values

People won’t know much about your boutique unless they read about you. They harness their first impression based on your company’s name. Your core values must shape your boutique name ideas and vice versa. The moment customers see your name, they must already get an idea of what you provide and how well you offer your products and services.

• Names Have an Impact on Brand Recognition and Perception

Boutique names influence the way people see your business. They have to take you seriously and must be willing to make transactions with you. Clothing boutique names mold brand perception and recognition. It also drives the customer to associate certain values and qualities with your boutique. Keep these in mind when choosing a boutique name.

Tips to Create Boutique Names to Choose From

If you want to create clothing boutique names to make your business stand out, you need to follow certain tips in name generation. Read through this guide so you can get started:

1. Go For Something Simple Yet Remarkable

Most boutiques tend to have excessive names that fail to communicate the business’ values. Simple is always better. It makes it easier for the customers to remember and recall in the future. Choose a name that is eloquent and gets your business idea across.

2. The Name Must Define Your Identity

The world of online fashion is packed with famous boutique names from esteemed designers. The name of your boutique would represent the core values of your business. Customers assign their own perception of you based on the identity you demonstrate.

3. Be SEO Smart When Generating Boutique Names

While you’re at it, make sure the boutique names you come up with are also great for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. When you use SEO practices, you drive traffic to your website, hence better online exposure which can lead to better sales. Your boutique name needs to be SEO smart, meaning it has to be easy to search and easy to locate. Be wary of the spelling of your boutique name too, as it can affect SEO strategies.

4. Choose A Name You Can Expand On

The worst mistake you can make when generating boutique names is choosing a name that limits you. For example, you may call your business “Retro Closet” because you initially only wanted to sell retro-style shirts. But then you decided to expand into preppy dresses. Your boutique name won’t fit what you offer anymore. Be wise in selecting a name and consider potential expansions.

Boutique Name Ideas For Your Business


Need some help in generation boutique name ideas? There are plenty of places you can get ideas from. You can choose boutique names that are cute, trendy, or inspired by a certain language. Whatever kind of style you’re aiming for, there’s always a boutique name you can get.

We curated this list of boutique name ideas to help you get started:

• Cute Boutique Names

If you want a bubblier approach to your boutique, go for something cute and youthful. Here are some cute boutique names you can use for your business:

  1. Hello Beautiful Boutique
  2. Rebellious Rose
  3. Vintage Flair
  4. Cinderella's Closet
  5. Boutique Basket
  6. Butterfly Boutique
  7. Blush Boutique
  8. Bless this Dress
  9. Chic Boutique
  10. Preppy Dress

• Unique Boutique Names

Uniqueness is the pinnacle of style. If you want to stand out and beat the competition, you need to think of unique boutique names. Here are some you can consider:

  1. Clothing Palette
  2. Spotlight on Style
  3. Vintage Violet
  4. Model Madness
  5. Pathfinders Fashion
  6. Chapeau Chic
  7. Angelic Threads
  8. Classy Missy
  9. Sleek Chic
  10. Rose Bud Beauty

• Clever Boutique Names

Having a smart name gives your business a positive impact, especially when you want to provide content on your fashion site. When choosing from a list of boutique names, consider the following in your selection:

  1. Cinderella’s Clothes
  2. Crepe Myrtle
  3. Eleonora
  4. Periwinkle Boutique
  5. Wonderful Wardrobe
  6. Moonflower
  7. Form and Color
  8. Retro Clothing
  9. Posh Styles
  10. Queen’s Boutique

• Boutique Names for Child’s Clothing

No one is ever too young to be in fashion. If your target market is children, here are some fun boutique names you can play around with:

  1. Play Dress Up
  2. Make It Mini
  3. Kids Garden
  4. Kid Styles
  5. Funsies
  6. Play Dress Up
  7. Lil’ Threads
  8. In the Ivy
  9. Charming Charlotte
  10. Primrose Boutique

• French Inspirations for Boutique Names

If you want to make your customers go Oui!, the best thing to do is to find boutique names derived from the French. Here are a few ones to help you select.

  1. French Connection
  2. Haute Couture
  3. Pamplemousse
  4. Couture du Jour
  5. Loire Valley
  6. Bien Habillé
  7. Oeuvre
  8. French Flare
  9. Preppy Paris
  10. Chic and Sleek Boutique

Registering Your Boutique Name as a Domain

If you want to move your business into an online platform, you need a clothes website. Boutique name ideas are made all the time, but the best ones are always immediately taken. If you want to register your boutique name as a domain, you can do so with Strikingly.

1. Create a Boutique Website With Strikingly

clothing boutique names

Image taken from Strikingly product

After creating your Strikingly account, proceed to create a new site. Then, select a fashionable website template that you can edit based on your needs. Re-name your site with any of the boutique names you were able to come up with. Once you’re happy with your trendy boutique, you can now add a domain.

2. Connect a Custom Domain or Register a New Domain

register boutique name ideas

Image taken from Strikingly product

If you already own a domain for any of the boutique name ideas you have, you can easily connect it to your Strikingly boutique website. Go to “Setting”, then select “Domain”. Go to “Custom Domain or Subdomain” and update the domain.

If you want to register boutique names as a new domain, click on “Register New Domain”. Read the next step and follow the instructions to register.

3. Search For Available Domain Names

search domain

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First, you must search for available boutique names. If you have a name in mind, you can type it in the search bar and see if it’s available. If the name is available, you’ll see something similar to the image above. As you can see, you can register for a particular domain for only $24.95 per year. Choose a domain, then hit “Register”.

4. Register a New Domain

register domain

Image taken from Strikingly product

To register a domain, you need to provide the details you see in the image above. You must provide personal details plus information about your organization. Once you’ve completed each form field, you can hit on “Submit” and you’re good to go.

Strikingly makes it easy for you to register boutique names. Once you’ve thought of the perfect boutique name for you, make sure to secure a domain name as they are taken immediately. It’s always best to register a business name as soon as possible. Fortunately, Strikingly offers this kind of service.

Let Strikingly assist in you in registering clothing boutique names on the web. If you want to at the forefront of the fashion industry, the easy and best solution is right here for you. Create a Strikingly account today and lead a modern fashion revolution with your website.