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In the eCommerce business industry, social media is one of its obvious trends in its promotional strategies. If you don’t believe it, you can look into your social media feeds and check it out yourself. You will be amazed at the number of business pages and Facebook stories related to a business idea. If you have started or intend to start an eCommerce business, social media platforms will likely be one of the things that would have gone through your mind.

When it comes to social media marketing, there are numerous platforms to consider, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for business. Out of all these available options, we can safely say that Pinterest is the most flexible and marketing-friendly social media platform. This platform isn’t just associated with life hacks and tips. It also provides recommendations about specific products and reviews. As an entrepreneur, you should definitely go for this platform.

Strategies for Using Pinterest in Your Business Plan

1. Create Your Business Account

If you are looking forward to making the most out of your branding tactics, one of the Pinterest for business tips is to create a business account. Suppose you have external channels that check your online sales. In that case, it is an ideal strategy because you can easily link them with your eCommerce website, especially if you own a small business or a random business startup. By creating a business account, you will bring other valuable opportunities that other social media platforms cannot bring.

pinterest business account

Image taken from Pinterest

As Pinterest provides users with professional and exquisite content, you should take advantage and use it to create an online presence through your website on Strikingly. If you can build a strong brand, it will lay the foundations for a successful business account on Pinterest. Having a quality business account on Pinterest isn’t just about the number of followers or reactions; it is about the valuable content you create almost every day.

2. Add Quality Images

If you want to create an effective web presence for your brand, you must add high-quality images to your Pinterest account. In the guide to using Pinterest for business, you will understand the difference between a high-quality image with sublime texture and a blurry image of cosmetics. For example, if you think of a blurry image of a particular landscape, do you think that the customers will be willing to invest time in that picture?

add quality images

Image taken from Pinterest

If your images aren’t of the highest standards, they will soon walk away from your account, and you will see a decrease in the number of followers on your business account. Adding quality images will help make a stronger brand and a reputable online business. If you look at other business accounts on Pinterest, you will find that many business owners invest in high-quality pictures because they understand their value.

3. Claim Your Ecommerce Website

If you are willing to use Pinterest for business, you can consider this step one of the most important because it has input in so many things related to your business. By claiming your eCommerce website, you will ensure that your hard work gets recognized by Google and your potential visitors. Your website plays a massive role in the success of your Pinterest account because it serves as your catch basin to the increasing visitors who will visualize your products.

ecommerce website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Apart from that, your eCommerce website can have a huge role in your Pinterest search engine optimization (SEO) and improve Google rankings as per the mobile searches. If you are willing to set up an online store on Strikingly, it is just a few clicks away. Moreover, you shouldn’t even consider claiming your website on Pinterest. For doing it on your Strikingly website, you need to undergo the following steps

  • Click on your Pinterest Display Image
  • Go to settings and click on “Claim Website”
  • Select “Add HTML” and click on “Copy”
  • You will see a URL box to put your website link, which leads to your online store

4. Promote Pins

Once you have claimed your eCommerce website, you can start advertising on Pinterest for business. If you start promoting your pins and save pins associated with your product, it will expose your business to people online. This will put you at the risk of online theft, where website hackers will do everything possible to get hands-on your critical data. As you go through these Pinterest tips for eCommerce, you will have a complete understanding of how to develop featured content so you can promote your online business effectively.

5. Keep Links Updated

We have talked a lot about the website content and images, another factor that determines the success of your business account is the updated links. When you use Pinterest for business, you must be vigilant while updating your online store links. You shouldn’t create links to frustrate your customers. For example, they shouldn’t be putting all that effort into identifying your website, only to see a “404 error not found” message displayed on their screen.

All the products related to your Pinterest business account must have updated links. For your assurance, you can conduct tests or website checkups to ensure that all of your links are in working order. For the checkup of your links, you must monitor all of the social media content that you have displayed on Pinterest. When it comes to the website links, the margin for error is extremely low. Slight negligence may result in a huge loss of your business financially.

6. Utilize Rich Pins

The execution of Pinterest for business tips isn’t a walk in the park for anyone. However, we will keep it simple and bring rich pins into the equation. The rich pins will allow you to offer more details related to your content. It includes critical data, such as price information, requirements/specifications, seller contact details, etc. Having rich pins will give you better chances to be pinned by your target market. As a result, these social media services will generate more followers on your Pinterest account and expose your business to potential customers. By going through other business accounts, you will know all the requirements to make your account stand out from the rest of your competitors.

7. Pinterest Analytics Data

When you run an online business, one of the most important things to know is that your hard work pays off. You cannot be investing all your energy into your business and have nothing to show for it. Therefore, one of the Pinterest for business tips we can think of is addressing issues and improving current strategies. As a business owner, you must keep yourself informed about your account activities.

By keeping yourself aware, you will be able to identify practical solutions to achieve your goals related to brand awareness, increased online sales, and profit margins. Even though numerous business owners do not consider it valuable, you shouldn’t go down the same route and disregard your website statistics. Strikingly possesses built-in analytics that keeps you updated about all the happenings related to your online business.

Embed Pinterest to Your Strikingly Website

In a world in which the influence of social media is increasing day by day, we are discovering even more social media platforms. Many influencers worldwide are using Pinterest for businesses to discover or recognize any idea or interest. For online businesses, it is one of the ways to create a brand identity. Many individuals worldwide consider it an inspirational tool. If you want to show your pins and boards to the website visitors, you need to go through the following:

app store and html

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Go to the Strikingly editor and click on “Add New Section”
  2. Move to “App Store & HTML” and click the “Edit” button of the section you recently added
  3. Look for the Pinterest app in the Strikingly App Store and select it.
  4. Paste the URL in either the user profile or the pinboard format in the app box
  5. Once you add the URL, click on “Save”
  6. You are good to proceed and show your pins to the visitors

strikingly app store

Image taken from Strikingly


By going through the strategies above, you will understand how to use Pinterest for business. You will generate more engagement on your Pinterest account by following these tips. After all, more engagement results in more website visits, sales, and brand recognition. If you are running an online business, you cannot simply disregard the importance of having social media presence. Pinterest is one of those platforms that will help you in the long term.

Strikingly is a platform that makes it easy for the users to get in touch with the marketing tools. With high-quality web services, especially for eCommerce businesses, our users couldn’t be happier with us. You can be under the same umbrella and create your eCommerce website. Pinterest is one of the most recognized social media platforms for promoting business products. Similarly, Strikingly is the best website builder to get you started with an eCommerce business.