Passive Income

Having a business has become mainstream for many people these days. Since the pandemic started, working outside has become quite complicated. Earning money isn’t as easy as it was before. Finding jobs will take a lot of time and effort with all the precautionary measures being implemented by many companies. People are eager to find the best and easy solution to earn with all these things happening. Are you one of them? If yes is your answer, congratulations! You landed on a fantastic blog that can help you with your goal.

Let us introduce you to one of the most effective ways of earning money without breaking too much sweat—welcome to the world of passive income.

What is Passive Income?

If you wonder what passive income is, here’s one easy explanation about it. Passive income is the money you can earn without requiring you to be “active”. It is one genius source of income, even from the comforts of your own home. Passive income lets you do upfront work to achieve your desired goals. And if you wish for more from your passive income ideas, you can even exert additional effort along your journey.

Understanding what is passive income online is basically embodying the expression “making money while you sleep”. In just a snap, you can create your own source of income which will help you generate more money even if you are not actively working.

Active Income vs. Passive Income

For some of you who just encountered the words passive income ideas, it may sound tough and confusing. What is passive income really all about? How is it different from having an active income??


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Well, though both sources of income help you earn money, passive income has way better benefits than active income. Why? Simple, passive income demands less than active income. In an active source of income, you must exert a lot of effort in doing strategies to achieve a specific goal. You must take all measures you can do just to maintain a stable ranking in your chosen field. Once you get tired and want to quit, you won’t get any payments.

On the other hand, a passive income online would not demand you to work forcefully. Even by just doing less work, your money and investments still flow continuously even after several years.

Passive Income Ideas for You

Now that we’re done introducing to you what passive income is, it is time to move on to the highlight of this blog—the best passive income ideas you should know about.

1. Start A Blog

Are you someone who has a special place in your heart for writing? How about doing blogs and posting them on a website? If yes, you might want to start your own blog and make it a source of income.

Blogging has become one of the most famous passive income ideas today. It helped many bloggers and even business owners gain the popularity they have. Blogging also became one of their hacks in getting a stable source of passive income. Though it will require you to continuously post blogs for your audience, everything will definitely be worth it. Many entrepreneurs have proven how blogging became one of their most effective and sustainable ways of gaining passive income. Even as a freelancer, you can have the chance to start your own name in the blogging realm and have a stable source of income. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Our simple blog features enable you to start your own blog even having zero experience with website building! All you have to do is start a website with us, and you are just a few clicks away from gaining that passive income and recognition you truly deserve. Sounds great, right?

2. Start A Drop Shipping Store

Dropshipping is another mainstream in business. It is considered as one of the most profitable sources of income—specifically passive income. Unlike other online businesses, starting a dropshipping business will only require y balanced amount of effort. You have to create a website, look for the trendiest products on different marketplaces online, and start transacting with your target customers. You have the chance to receive stable passive income online and sell various products from customers in different niches.

One thing about dropshipping business is that you have the chance to set your own list of charges for products you sell. Among all other passive income ideas, dropshipping business is among the top choices you should consider. Why? Because it can guarantee you full control over your personal earnings without giving you so much stress.


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3. Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products is another genius source of income that you should know about. If you are not familiar with digital products, they are basically various assets or media pieces that you can sell online. Unlike a typical product, digital products cannot be touched physically. Some of the best examples of these are templates, PDFs, Kindle books, eBooks, etc.

Digital products are considered among the best passive income ideas because they have higher profit margins in the market. Also, digital downloads are much easier to do. You will only be required to write your eBook or make your asset once, and voila! You can instantly start selling them online by making many copies. You don’t need to have a technical list or inventory for this source of income. You can sell as much as you want and earn more passive income as you wish. Many entrepreneurs get passive income from selling digital products like printable file kits, which many customers would love to have.


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4. Sell Photography Online

Do you enjoy taking photos of different subjects? If yes, you might consider turning your photography skills into one of your main sources of income. Selling photographs and even your skill in photography is among the best passive income ideas you should learn. Many professionals in the photography field have managed to establish their own names by selling their works online. They collected their photos, put it in their online portfolio, and shared their website. They don’t have to spend much time convincing other people to work with them. With a professional photography website, they can easily showcase their talent, get clients and earn a stable passive income without breaking too much sweat.

Creating your portfolio with us in Strikingly allows you to showcase your skills online and explore other things you can do. With our massive collection of designer templates, affordable pricing plans, and awesome beginner-friendly features, you can definitely achieve the recognition you’ve all been waiting for!

5. Offer Online Courses

With the pandemic still on the run, learning amazing stuff isn’t as easy as they were before. This makes online course selling among great passive income ideas that educators and professionals should note. Creating an online course website will be easier for professionals to go and find students they can teach. Offering an online course can help them market themselves properly and earn passive income wherever and whenever they want.

As the website owner, you can easily set limits for everything within the online course you are offering. From the number of students you’ll accept, up to the specialization you will offer—everything will be under your supervision.

6. Invest in Stocks

If you’ve been reading about business, the term stocks and shares won’t be a stranger to you. But for some who don’t, hearing these words may be too intimidating for you. Stocks and shares are often stereotyped as something only the “rich” people could have—which is definitely a bluff.


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Learning about stocks and shares can give you a good source of income. It may sound complicated the first time you hear it, but as soon as you get the hang of it, everything will just fall into its right place. You can explore different mutual funds, including bonds, currencies, treasuries, assets etc., and continuously grow them as your passive income. Aside from this, investing in stocks can also help you widen your literacy in the world of finance—something which you would greatly need to survive in the world of business.

7. Sell Designs Online

If you are someone who enjoys doing designs, you can also start your own business. Easily turn your designs into a stable source of passive income by creating designs for clothes, mugs, caps, jewelry, and many other more.


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Here with us in Strikingly, starting your own online business to get that passive income has never been complicated. Simply make your outstanding designs, build a stunning website which you could use as your online simple store, post your most amazing works and set your preferred selling price. Once you're done, be patient and in no time, earning your desired passive income would be right in the palms of your hand.

8. Sell Your Videos

Who says watching videos are only for entertainment? With the right tools and concept, you can now earn your own passive income online. How? Create and sell your videos! It may seem unlikely, but videography has been a trend in business for the past years. Many businesses have started to use video marketing as their primary source of income and establish a good name in their industry. People became fonder of watching videos rather than reading, resulting in a higher demand for video experts. If you are one of them, we suggest you start your own video website today and get that passive income rolling into your bank account.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest passive income ideas you should know about. One good thing about it is that almost everyone in the world of business has their own affiliate program, stepping up their game—just like how we do it in Strikingly.

Our Affiliate’s program allows you to easily earn recurring commissions by simply making referrals. Once you start referring subscribers to our premium plans, you get the chance to earn a passive income with us. After signing up for our affiliate program, you will instantly get a referral link that you can put on your personal website, blog page, or even your own channel. When one of your audiences joins our paid subscription plans through your referral link, you will instantly get paid up to $1032! Aside from that, you can also receive recurring commissions for the whole lifetime of that specific subscriber

10. Build Your Own Website

If there is one similarity between all these passive income ideas we gave you, they all sum up to one best option to earn—website building.

Having your own website gives you a lot of freedom. Freedom to start whatever type of business you want. Freedom to sell whatever service or product you want. And freedom to reach your goals in the way you want them. With website building, you can not just have a stable passive income online. You also have the chance to explore every possibility you have and grab every opportunity. It is one reliable source of income that could be done easier and cheaper with the right partner—something which we in Strikingly can definitely offer you.

Want to know more hacks about the world of eCommerce? Chat with us today, and let’s start working together.