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Photography is a hobby that is slowly becoming a “hot trend”. Now that almost everyone can become a photographer by using their mobile phones, learning photography is now just a piece of cake. But, did you know that aside from using your own camera and mobile phones, there are other useful apps for photographers that you can use? Yes! You just read that right.

With people being curious and with modern technology continuously evolving, developers have made different mobile applications for photographers who are surely game-changers. From teaching you how to take photos of various subjects according to the right angles to learning the basics of photo editing, there are tons of apps for photographers that can help you. Want to get to know them? Worry no more because we have already collected them down for you.


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Best Mobile Applications for Photographers

1. Instagram

Who wouldn’t be familiar with our first on the list of best apps for photographers—Instagram? Instagram is among the top apps for photographers, which is widely used by simple people and professional photographers in showcasing their works. When this app first existed, it was well-loved by people who love taking photos. And as time went by, new features were added, hyping more people to install their mobile apps for photographers. You can now take photos, add filters to your photos, create short video clips, and even do live broadcasts. Many photographers today use Instagram to create their own professional portfolios. They post their works on Instagram and even add contact details on their profile to let people connect with them easily. This photo-sharing application was now purchased by another “goliath” of the social media world, Facebook, for a whopping $300 million. With this joint power, people who own both accounts can now easily share and view photos of people they follow.


There are many useful apps for photographers which can help you do photo editing—and one of them is VSCO. This chic photo editing mobile applications for photographers is trendy due to its vast collection of excellent filters. Aside from their filters, these top apps for photographers are also equipped with an easy user interface and outstanding tools for online sharing. VSCO also has free filters and a set of additional batches, which you can purchase for an affordable price. If you love experimenting and adding more “feels” to your photos, using these valuable apps for photographers will surely be enjoyable for you. These best apps for photographers let you adjust your photo's settings like contrast, saturation, brightness, and white balance. You can even crop your photo easily using their frame and ratio settings.


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3. Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom is also among the top apps for photographers widely used today. This popular photo editing software comes with tons of features that photographers will love. Their mobile applications for photographers are also jam-packed with tools to let users easily edit their photos. With Lightroom Mobile, you can easily adjust your photos to JPEG whenever you want. Editing raw files is also more accessible with these useful apps for photographers. Another good news is that these mobile apps for photographers can be easily accessed whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone.

4. Flickr

Flickr is another exciting candidate included in our best apps for photographers. It was considered one of the first batches of famous mobile applications for photographers when it was created. It is one of the best apps for photographers that helps in photo-sharing and hosting services through its advanced features. Joining Flickr can help you create your own solid community to share your thoughts with people with the same photo interests as yours. Through these top apps for photographers, you can easily share and host a lot of your own taken photos for free. Flickr was also known as one of the biggest online photo-sharing communities that ever existed. And even though tons of new useful apps for photographers are emerging, Flickr has still maintained a solid group of followers.

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is among useful apps for photographers who love creating distinct styles on their photographs. Its features include adjusting your photo settings like exposure, white balance, and contrast. The filters in this top apps for photographers allow you to quickly add or change the mood present in your photos. You can even add an instant artistic feel to your photo with just a single tap. Each of their filters is also customizable. Snapseed can help explore different HDR effects, correct blemishes on your photos, and even film emulators. These mobile applications for photographers were originally created by Nik Software and currently owned by Google.


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6. Bacon Camera

Though its name may be weirding you out, our next candidate for best apps for photographers is definitely worth the try. Bacon Camera is one of the suggested mobile applications for photographers specializing in using smartphones rather than actual cameras. Once you download these useful apps for photographers, you can easily have smooth control when taking your photos. Why? This is because Bacon Camera functions almost the same way as a DSLR camera. It allows you to adjust ISO settings, get the right exposure and edit white balance effortlessly. You can even shoot photos in JPEG form. If you prefer raw file support, you have nothing to worry about because Bacon Camera also does so. The only drawback of this app is that it is only available for Android phone users.

7. Pixlr

Pixlr is considered one of the top apps for photographers known for its versatility. It is widely used by serious photographers who are meticulous when doing their photo edits. This mobile app is also packed with fun features that you will enjoy. Pixlr allows you to easily add text, photo captions, fun labels, or even colorful paint directly to your photographs. You can remove sections on your photos and even pixelate areas you need to cover. Crop and rotate tools are also present to make your edits more interesting. Want to remove blemishes? It is never impossible with this tops apps for photographers. Pixlr is also equipped with awesome overlays to help you change the mood of your photos. And another fun fact about this best apps for photographers is that Android and iOS users can freely use them.


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If there is one best tip we can give you, it is to let your works be seen. Photography should not be hidden. People worldwide must have the chance to go and see how good your works are. You should let them witness how beautiful it is to learn the art of photography and maybe, encourage them to do it too. Why not, right? Photography is more than just taking photos. It can also be a form of healing and expressing yourself. But the question is, how are you going to do that? Our answer is simple—start your own photography website!

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Manage Orders

Who says photographs are only meant for display? Many photographers nowadays use the best apps for photographers not just to showcase their works and find potential buyers for their pieces. You can easily set up an online store for your photography by creating a website with us. You can even start your own virtual studio and start receiving bookings for your photography services. You can easily use our Strikingly App to help you grow and manage your photography business without worrying too much. It also sends notifications each time a new order is made on your online store.

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The world of photography isn’t as easy as you thought it could be—but if you do have the passion for capturing the best scenes in this world, and the will to level things up with your career, nothing is impossible.

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