Make Passive Income

Professional life has never been the same since the pandemic began. We were sent home and have learned ways of working remotely. None of us had an idea of creating websites and making an external source of income through it. While you intend to make passive income or just want to pass the time and fill your pockets, a couple of income ideas would have struck your mind. As there were quarantine restrictions that kept us stuck in our living rooms, these ideas were related to making passive income.

Passive income is defined as an external source of income that you earn without investing a lot of time and energy. Unlike going to your job regularly to earn money, the ideas related to passive income revolve around endeavors. They make you work in the initial phase because you are going through the startup costs to establish a business. If you successfully launch your business, your passive income grows further. In the world of pandemics where economies are getting affected, having a source of income like this can benefit you in the long term.

Best Ideas to Make Money via Passive Income

1. Social Media Influencer

It is not a secret that social media grows daily. If you have a fan following of around 1000 people, you can become a social media influencer and find ways to make passive income. The most notable influencers are found on Instagram, where they promote products and services through their stories and posts. They collaborate with different companies and organizations to do the promotion. As ambassadors, they earn as per each story or post they create. If your social media account grows further, so will your offers and fees.

2. YouTuber

You wouldn’t be surprised to read that almost every marketing person has a YouTube channel nowadays. If you want to gain success through your YouTube channel, a high-quality video camera is the most important thing to have. If you are confident and articulate with your statements, it will count for nothing if you don’t have the visuals to match them. Apart from that, you need a strong internet connection, a decent laptop, and a unique personality.

open youtube channel

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If you go through a tutorial about how to make passive income, one of the first things you will be recommended is to open a YouTube channel. If you have the creative skills to make exciting content, it will lead to more views and subscribers. It is not necessary to create long videos. You just have to ensure that your videos are relevant and correspond with the ongoing events. Moreover, you should have the best promotional strategies to attract wider audiences.

3. Selling Artworks and Photos

If you are a professional artist or intend to sell artwork online, you couldn’t have thought of a better idea to earn passive income. As a professional artist looking forward to receiving requests or gigs, you can use your talent correctly by connecting with your customers via a photographer's website.

create photographer website

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If you can create effective marketing strategies related to your artwork, you will give yourself every chance to make passive income. By collaborating with Strikingly, you will be able to design an artwork website based on exquisite features, such as free website templates, custom form, blog section, gallery section, and even allow you to bring flexibility in your payment options. In the gallery section, you can showcase the beautiful masterpieces you have created.

4. Affiliate Programs

strikingly affiliate program

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best passive income ideas on the table because you don’t even need to do the hard work. In affiliate marketing, you can showcase a banner on your website or attach a link on your website that gets you to your affiliate. Once you can reach that affiliate, you will be earning a huge sum of commissions. If you make passive income through affiliate programs, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. Our affiliate program makes you earn up to $600 if you advertise our platform on your website. There is no requirement of being a Pro user for earning commissions through this program.

5. Blogging

Blogging is considered one of the simplest ways of making passive income. If you have a reasonable laptop or a computer on your desk, you can start your blogging career. Even though it doesn’t look like a massive career opportunity, it is one of the best ways to make passive income. By creating an interesting and innovative blog, you will give yourself a chance to earn more passive income.

strikingly blog website

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With the help of Strikingly, you can create your blog website and publish blogs daily. You can choose the best website template out of our collection and consider the layout for your blog. Strikingly also allows you to modify, include or remove content sections of your blog website and make it your own. Strikingly is the perfect partner for you in the world of blogging. It's an easy-to-use interface that will help you make money and allow you to enjoy personal blogging for fun.

6. Partnership

One of the best ways to earn passive income is through a strategic partnership. Partnerships are defined based on mutual interests. The people involved make passive income by pooling their resources and establishing their business enterprise. As one of the partners, you should have an equal contribution compared to your other partner. All you have to do is give the required amount of money, which will be used as the capital by the business.

You invest your money for a specified business startup and then wait until the business grows and becomes stable. Per the agreement with your respective partners, you will share the overall business revenue. This can be beneficial to you, especially if the business becomes successful in the long term. All you have to do is make smart investment decisions and have patience until the passive income is delivered.

7. Online Teacher

In the pandemic, we saw the majority of the colleges, schools, and universities getting closed. Therefore, becoming an online teacher can be considered as one of the best passive income ideas. Through different online software, such as Team Viewer and Skype, you can offer remote tuition and teaching services. On Strikingly, you will see various educational websites that are trying to attract more students to their platform. By establishing one of your own, you can consider yourself on the same wavelength.

create educational website

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By relying on an effective website builder, such as Strikingly, you can create an educational website without much investment. We have numerous school-related website templates depending upon your objectives. Moreover, you can modify the background image and the layout as per your liking. You can also add a gallery of images to showcase the different activities performed by your students. They can be extra-curricular activities and simply photos of them studying in the classroom. If your website gains the heights you crave, it can be one of the realistic ideas to make passive income from.

8. Investment in Stock Market

It is unnecessary that the savings or the extra money you have must always go to your respective bank accounts. One of the ideal passive income ideas is investing your money in the stock market. When you understand the stock market, you will realize that it continues to evolve no matter the state of your country’s economy. Most importantly, if you invest a little bit or make smart decisions about investment, you will be able to make passive income more quickly than you would have imagined.

By observing the market value every once in a while, or maybe hiring a partner for these responsibilities, you will enable your money to grow further than it ever will if you deposit it in your bank. Investment in the stock market is considered one of the most realistic ideas of making passive income as it enables you to fill your pockets without having to do something substantial.


If you are in your professional life, there is not much time in the day when you think about having an external source of income. However, scaling your income effectively will bring flexibility to your business and take it to the next level. That level can be related to hiring a new business partner, ordering new inventory, taking some time off, etc. Whatever the outcome is, finding ways to earn with different underlying economics will give you the freedom to conduct research on it.

Many marketing people believe that it is not just about working hard and achieving better results; it is also about working smart. You will put yourself in this bracket by knowing how to make passive income. If you access the internet thoroughly and rely on a high-quality website builder, such as Strikingly, you can build a personal website and generate revenue for yourself. If you intend to do that, sign up with us and make the most out of your income ideas.