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Have you wanted to quit your nine-to-five job? Then, looking for a legit online job is the smartest escape plan. These days, we are truly blessed with the flexibility and accessibility of the best online jobs and work from home opportunities that we can see on the internet. This digital age gives modern workers the freedom to work in a more convenient setting at home or anywhere they like. It also helps increase productivity and income because people don’t need to spend so much time preparing and saving daily transportation expenses. Nowadays, you can find legitimate online jobs suitable for your lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are the best online jobs. Even the younger generation can start their own business or find a part-time job online that offers work from home arrangements. Moms can also take advantage of these work from home opportunities while caring for their families. The pandemic has made a significant difference in the working environment of various business industries. This includes the comfort of working in your own home. If you are one of the many people searching for a legit online job you can start now, then this article is perfect for you. We have gathered the best online jobs that give you the work and life balance you need. But first, let us classify them into three different types of online jobs you can start now.

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3 Types of Legitimate Online Jobs You Can Apply

1. Creative Jobs

Works dealing with design, photography, craft, and web development are examples of work from home opportunities. If you have a degree or experience in the following fields, then browsing on creative jobs is recommended.

2. Writing Jobs

Copywriting, blogging, data entry, transcriptionist, SEO content writing, and social media content management are examples of writing jobs. The good thing about this type of job is that it doesn’t require you to be in the office or a certain place to do the job. Most freelance writers enjoy the work and life balance perks.

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3. Customer Service Jobs

While there are remote roles you can apply in the Business Process Outsourcing industry, most of their clients are strict about the location of the associate. Since customer service positions usually deal with personal or account information, work from home opportunities for this job are limited. However, the pandemic has stretched the boundaries wider that’s why you can now rely on legit online jobs for customer service.

Best Online Jobs and Work From Home Opportunities

It may not be easy to find the best job online that suits you and your skills, but here are the most common work from home opportunities you can find online. The first seven require digital expertise and professional skills, while the rest are some of the trending works that most people enjoy doing online.

1. Freelance Writer

One of the most in-demand sources of income that you can find online is the freelance writer position. You can’t imagine millions of applicants browsing for the best online jobs for content writing and related stuff. It is simply the ideal work from home opportunity for anyone with an edge in writing. If you are a student, a housewife, or someone looking for a part-time job, look for some writing projects.

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2. Virtual Assistant

Truly, there is a huge demand for virtual assistant positions. This is one of the best and most legitimate online jobs you can start now. Some tasks may include direct support, working with a team, eCommerce website management, and even customer support. You have to understand that every client may be looking for a particular set of skills such as being able to multitask, mindfulness, and flexibility. The advantages of being a virtual assistant are so many to mention, but the work from home opportunities really matter.

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3. Social Media Manager

Yes, the work from home opportunities make it more convenient for both client and applicant to deal with the project details through virtual communications like email and chat. Nowadays, you don’t even need to dial a phone or be present to show your past projects. A social media manager position is one of the high-paying jobs online. It deals with marketing and branding techniques that most clients want to apply on their social media pages. If you’ve got the edge to create unique content to post, this is for you.

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4. Online Teacher

Online teacher positions may require a professional degree in most cases.

For some agencies, having excellent language proficiency is one of their top requirements. If you want to become an online teacher, it is ideal to have a sound-proof working space at home and avoid any kind of distraction. Online teaching has been a trend even before the pandemic, and it becomes more popular when face-to-face classes are suspended.

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5. Freelance Web Designer

Love to design websites? There are work from home opportunities for web designers and developers that you can find in online job search communities. A few positions may require being at the office, but they are being contacted to do work at home most of the time. It may not be easy to market your skills as a freelance web designer, but a wider opportunity will come along with the right platform. Strikingly is a website-building platform for experts and beginners.

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6. Video Editor

Video editing is also in-demand because of the growing popularity of content creators, vloggers, and influencers. If you have expertise in editing videos, you can work directly with these people or create your own craft online. Building your own website will help you gain more clients and projects online.

Work from home opportunities for this kind of job is definitely enjoyable.

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7. Fitness Trainer

Are you a fitness trainer? Why work with your clients online and give them some workout routines and tips to help them get fit. Being a fitness trainer, you don’t really need to go out. You can set up your own workout room at home and shoot daily exercise techniques. Being a fitness trainer is one of the popular work from home opportunities these days.

Above are the work from home opportunities and online jobs you can apply for. But, if you are looking for an independent source of income, starting with your personal ideas can lead to endless possibilities. Here are some of the ideas we have for you at Strikingly.

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8. Start a Blog

Love writing as well as earning money? You can do both with your own blog website. You can even start it now for free. Start a blog about your travel goals and lifestyle tips. You can share the things you love by writing stories about your experiences. You can also work with other blog writers for collaboration. Moreover, activating AdSense with your Strikingly website is so easy. It’s not hard to monetize your blog with us.

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9. Become an Influencer

Many prominent personalities have turned into online influencers nowadays. However, this kind of work from home opportunities should not only be exclusive to celebrities. There are also ordinary people thriving in the world of modern influencers. If you want to become one of them, think of your niche first and build a website where you can promote your advocacy. It is easy to start with Strikingly.

10. Build a Freelancing Website

The work from home opportunities for freelancers are evident, especially now. Many are leaving their nine to five jobs to become a freelancer. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just need to make sure that you have the right tools to showcase what you can do for your clients. Build a freelancing website that offers different services like what we have mentioned above. You can also create a team whom you can work with.

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Final Thoughts

With Strikingly, it’s possible to enjoy the work from home opportunities. Earning money while staying at home is a big check on our list. We have worked with over twelve million users across the globe, and they are satisfied with our web services. Whether you want to find legit online jobs that best suit your skills, or you want to build your own website to showcase your past projects – we got you covered. Here at Strikingly, we have online sellers, drop shippers, instructors, artists, web designers, graphic artists, influencers, photographers, and many talented individuals who want to make a difference by sharing their knowledge with the world. It does not matter how big or small you know for as long as you are willing to share. Your sincere motive will definitely be noticed by your audience. Start your own online space without the need for expertise. You can build your own website without coding skills or design it with our artistic templates. Everything is simple and readily available, plus we are mobile-friendly. Sign up for a free account with us now.