One of the best things about using a website builder is you never have to worry that your site will never render well or some of the design elements will fail to load. You know that you’re working with a web template is guaranteed to work so you’re essentially starting your site project strong.

Start with a suitable and high quality free web template

Strikingly has an expansive collection of modern free web templates html 5 that will suit most industries. The templates are classified according to niche topics such as business, portfolio, blog, personal, etc. to help you streamline your search for the most suitable theme for your website. Our web templates free you from having to worry about writing additional code to make them mobile responsive. They are already designed to render well on most devices.

strikingly web template

We suggest that you preview each template that you like and select one that suits your needs best. Each template has pre-designed sections and each section comes with a predetermined number of layout options for your content.

In case you find the default sections for your chosen template a bit limiting, you have the option to add new sections to the html web templates on the site editor. This allows you to extend the features of your site to include galleries, a blog section and an online store among others.

Customize Fonts

Web templates come with default fonts that are selected because they work well with the template’s overall design. You have the option to use this font and leave it at that or select a different set that may suit your taste more. We recommend spending a few minutes to play around with different combinations instead of settling for the default typography on the template.

When you’re using Strikingly web templates free downloads such as fonts can be added to the site editor to give your site a distinct look. You can also add your own custom typography to make your site even more unique and consistent with your branding guidelines.

Invest in Custom Graphic Elements

If you have the budget for it, we recommend investing in a few unique elements to add to your site. Get a professional designer to work on your logo to make it look more professional and easy to remember. You can also have somebody else create other graphic elements on your site such as icons to go with the different content on your site. Strikingly gives you access to a library of web template free downloads, icons and stock photos but if you want to make your site more personalized, we suggest playing around with other design platforms such as Canva to help you add interesting visuals to your site. Just be mindful of the recommended image sizes to make sure your images render well on all screen sizes.


Use apps to add new features to your website

You don’t have to be limited to the default sections on your selected theme. You can make your website do more than just provide information about your business or your products. Strikingly’s App Store’s web template free download features enable you to expand your website to include new functionalities. It allows you to add third party app integrations such as payment gateways, document downloads, event calendar signups and music playlists among others. You can even add custom HTML into your website to customize it even further.

Web templates give you the right kind of framework for your website but your creativity will ultimately influence how unique your site is going to look. Avoid turning your site into a cookie-cutter online space. Explore the different functions and features available on Strikingly to turn your site into a unique representation of your brand and your personality.