You live and breathe music. You spend most of your time playing with beats and you express your thoughts and your passion through sound. But as a professional DJ, you are both an artist and a business owner. You have to manage both aspects of your career and strike a balance between the need to live your passions and make sure you land gigs to sustain your craft. Building a DJ website will help you take care of the business side of your career.

When done right DJ websites have the potential to propel your music career to new heights and help you land gigs. Your website serves as both your online business card and a home for your music. You can use it to engage potential clients and share your creations with the world.

If you’re ready to build your site, get started with the DJ web templates on Strikingly and select a look that works best with your image. Once you’ve decided on a template, the next step is to transform it into something that distinctly represents you and your talent.


Marty McFly

Your music always comes first

Your DJ site houses your best mixes and your unique brand of music and your visitors should be able to listen to it when they land on your site. Connect your Soundcloud playlist to your Strikingly DJ website templates to enable users to listen to your music on site. Some DJs also add third party apps that allow visitors to download their music for fee from their website. You can also consider doing the same, especially if you have already established a following for your kind of music.

Show your best work

While it’s good to have a diverse portfolio of projects you’ve done in the past, it would be better if you showed only the highlights of your music history. Upload tracks that demonstrate how creative and versatile you can be as an artist. If you DJ for special events, sample videos or photos of your gigs could also help to engage your site visitors. You could add samples depending on the type of setting or events that you play at - weddings, company parties, etc.

Use your website to book clients

As a business tool, you can use your website to book gigs and as a way for potential clients to contact you directly. Extend the features of your DJ web templates to include a calendar that shows your upcoming events. Let your clients request for a quote using a customized contact form that allows them to add details such as event type, location, venue, time and date.

Use engaging visuals


DJ Gundz

Complement your music with strong visuals to engage your audience. Great images have the ability to enhance your DJ website’s overall design and help tell a story in a way that words sometimes can’t. If you have the budget for it, investing in professional photography could benefit your website. Get a photographer to document your gigs and take photos of you doing your events. Videos are another way to get your clients’ attention. Modern DJ websites use video backgrounds as a way to introduce their brand of music to users.

Connect to social media

Don’t forget the social media component of marketing your talent online. Connect your DJ site to your social media pages to direct traffic to your site. This is particularly effective if you have attracted a significant following on social media. Add a social stream feature on your site so your Facebook and Instagram feeds appear on your site and help keep it updated.