Modern website design is all about creating visually stunning and user-friendly experiences. By using cutting-edge technologies and design principles, designers can create sites that are responsive, easy to navigate, and optimized for all devices.

With the rise of mobile and tablet usage, designers focus on creating flexible layouts that adjust to different screen sizes. In addition, modern website design is characterized by clean, minimalistic aesthetics and a focus on simplicity and functionality.

This article has more information on how to make a modern website design and some of the best inspirations.

Tips on How to Make a Modern Website Design

Today, everyone is making a website. The web is getting more crowded as days go by, making it harder for your web to get recognized among the masses. Fortunately, there are web design tips to help you create a website that stands out. These include:

1. Balance Your Design

Balance is all about ensuring that your design isn't tipping to one side. It’s similar to the balance of weight in achieving asymmetry or symmetry. In this context, the design balance is similar to the asymmetrical balance.

If you don't lay out things carefully, the design will be unbalanced quickly. There are several ways to manipulate your design's visual weight. These include working on size and color; you can also add or remove elements. Achieving asymmetrical balance takes work; it needs time to fine-tune everything.

2. Don’t Pick More Than Two or Three Colors

You need to find colors that work well together. You can do this by checking out various modern website design inspirations to get a feel and understanding of how colors interact. It's best to pick two to three colors for your design.

Remember that choosing nice colors is as important as choosing the right ones. Every color sends a certain message; therefore, it's up to you to ensure it is right.

For example, a cozy little restaurant website will look cool with earthy tones: browns, reds, etc. However, ensure that the colors you pick match your brand colors.

3. Try to Blend the Graphics

A great website design doesn't require fancy graphics, but bad graphics will surely hurt your modern website design. Graphics are an essential part of a website since they add a lot of visual messages.

You don't have to be a great photographer or illustrator to add graphics to your website. You only need great taste, stock images, and basic photoshop skills. Try hard to ensure the graphics blend well and embody the style you're after.

Additionally, you can pick up some inspiration on graphics from others, but choosing a style that suits you well is best.

4. Connect All Elements

Connection means that your modern design for website should have consistency and unity. If you get these two attributes well, your website will look professional. The modern website design should be consistent in its range of fonts, icons, and colors.

5. Add White Space Around Elements to Make Them Standout

White space

Image taken from Strikingly User Website

The negative space or white space is all about what's missing. It gives texts some spatial space and breathing room. Your elements will stand out and be more visible if you use white space.

For example, ads for luxury products such as perfumes use a lot of white space. The white space adds class to anything.

However, most inexperienced designers always want to put something on every part of their website design. Remember that design is about passing a message; the elements you use should support this. Putting too many elements will add more noise to your innovative website design than communication.

6. Enhance Your Typography

Typography is a tricky design subject because it has so many elements. As much as it's a web design branch, you'll take years to master its fundamental aspects.

This article can’t offer complete coverage of fundamental aspects of topography because it's too broad. However, here are the things to note when it comes to topography.

  • Font stacks
  • Print rules
  • Measure and leading
  • Hanging quotes and bullets

The Modern Website Design Trends

The importance of an innovative website design are undeniable – most users judge websites depending on the design. Note that it takes about 3.42 seconds for these judgments to happen. Therefore, your business's credibility might be affected by its website design.

That's why paying extra attention to the website design is essential. It'll affect your business if it fails to capture your users' attention at first sight. This section lists the best modern website design trends to help your brand stand out.

1. White Space

Today, white space is a trend, and most web designers are using it. It brings out simplicity and emphasizes the importance of minimalist content. For example, Airbnb keeps its website content simple by adding some white space around it. You can check it out and see how all its elements are marked as links on hover or buttons.

There are several ways to add white space to your website. The most common is making the images larger and adding white space. With white space, users will see more content. This is especially useful if your website has a lot of text-heavy pages.

2. Animated Product Reveals

The hover animations have been crucial for micro-interactions, i.e., passively engaging visitors. Today web designers are taking hover animations to the next level. They're transforming common website elements into interesting product reveals.

Hover animations do accomplish many goals at once. You can animate a product, providing a teaser on how to use it. A visitor also gets the chance to quickly look at a product without opening another page. Lastly, hover animation bolsters a minimal interface. This means it shows one photo at a time, which ensures the page is free from image clutter.

3. Full-page Headers

Full-page header

Image taken from Strikingly User Website

The full-page header is one of the most beautiful modern website design trends. UI/UX designers can create several header versions, but the most popular one includes CTA buttons or key text on the header's left. They then add pleasant images on the header's right.

The designers usually place the CTA buttons and key text on the top left side of the webpage because most users normally concentrate their attention here.

4. Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are the best if you intend to reveal your brand personality. They usually create impressions, evoke emotions and build a personal connection between website audiences and your brand.

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, be it software development, retail, or healthcare; the branded illustrations will set you aside from competitors.

5. Parallax Zoom Scrolling

This innovative modern website design trend is an animation technique in which elements in the foreground move more quickly than background elements. This, in turn, creates a sense of depth and realism.

Parallax zoom scrolling has been a favorite modern website design for some years. But in 2023, many websites are specifically adopting it.

Instead of the normal vertical or horizontal scrolling, the parallax scroll takes website visitors outward or inward from the horizon line. This creates a sudden but interesting three-dimensional movement. One simple scroll makes website visitors feel like they're exploring the unknown.

6. Impactful, Engaging Stories

Engaging story

Image taken from Strikingly

You can make your innovative website design shine by telling stories. To easily connect with your user, you must learn how to tell compelling stories in your advertising campaigns and content.

A classy website and compelling stories will surely inform and delight your audience. You can combine compelling stories and parallax scrolling to make your website one of the trendiest.

7. Color Trends

color trends

Image taken from Strikingly User Website

Today, most modern website designers and modern website design trends explore color pallets. Every year there's always a new and popular color for the website. In 2019, the popular color was blue; in 2020, it was mint; in 2021, it was light gray; in 2022, it was pastel, including pale turquoise. For 2023, most websites already use A.I. It's an aqua tech-inspired blue shade.

Plus, most website designers use more muted color pallets. All in all, choose a color that aligns with your brand.

8. Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the innovative modern website design inspirations worth considering. Web designers have been using it for years, but it's still preferred by most people globally. Why? The dark mode prolongs battery life, enhances accessibility, offers elegant design, and has less eye strain.

Famous brands like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. know that offering users an alternative dark mode option is crucial to success. It allows them to cater to the needs of a wide target audience and get their loyalty.

4 Easy Steps to Create a Modern Website Using Strikingly

Strikingly has helped countless businesses, organizations, etc., to get their online visions off the ground. It combines professional templates, a user-friendly interface, social media integrations, great customer support, and more.

The Strikingly website builder is also a great choice for anyone that wants to create a functional eCommerce store. But, if you're looking to create a beautiful website and are nervous about how to pull it off, Strikingly makes every process easier. Here are easy steps on how to create a modern website using Strikingly.

1. Choose a web page template

website template

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly has more than 200 beautiful templates to choose from. You can make your website stand out by adding your style to the template. Add a custom logo and your brand's color scheme to make it more unique.

2. Add or delete sections depending on your content

There are many sections that you can add to your modern website. You can add a gallery section to showcase your portfolio, a simple store section to sell, and more. Visit Strikingly App Store and look for apps or plugins that can add extra functions and features to your website.

3. Create content that’s in line with your audience

You can use personalized videos and images to pass your message to the target audience. Write website content that directly speaks to your audience about your brand.

4. Integrate your social media accounts

Integrating your Strikingly website with your social media pages is seamless. All you need to do is add social stream sections and a share button to your website to build a great online presence.


Learning how to make a modern website needs patience, knowledge gathering, and relentless push, that's essential when learning a skill. If you're new to website design, everything will feel overwhelming, but don't worry; Strikingly offers all the necessary tools.

This article also puts together all the modern website design tips and trends that you can copy from. They’ll help you create a great modern website.