When it comes to online web design, it helps to always stay updated with the most recent trends and keep up with changing user web browsing preferences. It enables you to keep your own website engaging and modern-looking. Over the years, people have varied definitions of what constitutes modern web design. In this particular era, we found that simplicity and prioritizing user experience is at the core of what we consider modern.

Strong and carefully-selected color scheme

colors in modern online web design

Color palettes are important in modern online web designs. The right choice of colors makes your website look more cohesive and organized. It has the ability to represent your company effectively and help people remember your brand easily. Too many colors can be visually distracting, however. Limit your choice to 2-3 colors to give you a bit more room to play around with other design elements. Learn from big brands such as Apple or Amazon that use simple color schemes to keep the focus on their content.

Relevant call to action

Modern web design online also focuses on conversions. This could mean converting leads into sales, or getting users to do something on the website. It’s important that your calls to action also invites people to come back and stay updated. A good understanding of the buyer’s journey in relation to your content will help you create the appropriate call to action at every stage and incorporate them into your online website design.

Use relevant CTAs in every part of your site - invites to sign up for your newsletter, a free consult, download free ebooks, etc. CTAs are meant to reinforce action and encourage people to take the next step in their journey to purchasing your products or engaging your services.

Clean coding

clean coding in modern online web design

This is an element of modern website design online that users do not see but they certainly experience its effects. Your site is built from a great deal of coding and, if you’re using a reliable website builder such as Strikingly, you probably don’t even have to worry about this aspect. In essence, clean coding is important to modern website design because it can affect the user experience. When you have a properly coded site, it functions flawlessly and loads quickly. It is not weighed down by unnecessary script. A clean template enables you to convey your message effectively and give your users a positive experience while navigating through your site.

User-focused design

Speaking of user experience, modern website design is user-focused. Always think of the user who is going into your website. The choice font, how you organize your content and the images you put up there are all for human consumption. You want your website to look good and be something readers will consider useful.

With a user-friendly site template, you don’t need to learn the technicalities of coding your website from the ground up to create a positive user experience. All you need is to plan your content wisely so your reader will want to interact with your website.

SEO elements

Search engine optimization remains to be a crucial part of website designing online. User experience is important but it’s SEO that makes your website visible to people actively looking for your products and services.

Optimized meta tags, title tags and headings will go a long way towards improving your search rankings. Strikingly has an SEO tool that helps you edit your site’s meta description and title and make it more appealing to both search engines and human users.

You will also want to optimize your website for speed. Compressed videos and images can help your website to load faster. Strikingly’s website templates are already mobile responsive so you don’t have to do anything to make your site render well on smaller screens. Do test your website from time to time, however, to ensure that it is loading quickly as it should be.