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If you have just started your website, domain parking might be a new term for you. You may have a unique URL, a fantastic website name, and a great interface, now all you may require is an adequate domain name. By the time you look for a considerable domain name, it might have already been taken away from you.

For numerous web users, this term can be anonymous. However, this is a term that we may have to stumble across at some point during the navigation of many internet depths. Being an online entrepreneur, parking a domain name can be an effective strategy for you. If you can make domain parking work, it will generate a lot of cash for you.

Domain Parking is the purchase of advertisements in a parked domain to generate cash, while the domain is in an inactive condition. Just like in affiliate marketing, you can generate money with the number of customers you can bring to your website or the number of clicks you have on your website advertisements.

To be precise, a parked website is non-functional except for its landing page that contains advertisements. Web Hosting, emails, and all other aspects are turned off. The domain simply acts like a crossroads that makes the user either click on the advertisement links or bounce off the page.

Association with Domain Investing

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Domain parking coincides with domain investing completely. Entrepreneurs in the business of gaining exquisite domain names and transforming them into generating passive income are completely aware of domain parking.

Alvin Brown, a domain investor from KickStart Commerce, admits that even though he doesn’t get sufficient income from parked domains, it still is better than isolating the domain and doing nothing concrete with it. Furthermore, he has also discussed how domain platforms are improving their domain name parking interfaces to generate more money. This is great news for those who want to be a part of this earning method and improve their financial situation.

Way of Earning Money

After discussing its association with domain investing, we turn our attention to make money domain parking. Cash parking can indeed be wielded to ensure that you earn money. However, we should first discuss the different domain types you can use because all of them have their pros and cons.

Types of Investment-worthy Domains

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You must have an effective domain parking strategy to generate heavy profits for yourself. As Google will stop you from building traffic from search engine optimization (SEO) or any other marketing method to a parking domain, you must have good domain names. Below, we have mentioned three domain categories for you to consider before investing in them.

1. Misspelled Domains

If you don’t know, Google redirects to their homepage if you type ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ etc. There are many popular websites that people type on their URL bar every day, but they rarely type it correctly.

These modifications, such as misspellings or wrong pluralization (such as get entered more times than you may think. Although Google has the money to redirect this incompetent typing to their targeted page, some websites cannot do that.

Even if they do, they will pay attention to the TLD variations (such as If you have parked these misspelled domains, you have an opportunity to make some passive income.

2. Fresh Domains

This is a completely different domain parking strategy to misspelled domains as it enables you to buy domain names that have never been used previously. The advantage of buying new domain names is that they are cost-effective. You can easily access their price on some of the best domain registrars available.

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When you check on the website’s traffic, you may feel that how is it possible to make people land on such website domains that have never had traffic or clicks on advertisements. There is no concrete answer to this as yet. However, there are a few things for you to consider when buying such domains.

First, you must analyze the industries that can take off soon. Formidable domain names for these industries will be largely available in the market, and a few good domain choices will enable you to get various clicks when things go in your direction. Moreover, you can sell those domains for a healthy profit later on. This tactic is also a great way for you and your domain investor to make money.

3. Expired Domains

If you feel that misspelled domains could land you into trouble and fresh domains aren’t powerful enough, expired domains are also a great domain parking option to have. Unlike the fresh domains that have never seen any organic traffic, expired domains have the experience of attracting users and they can use it to do it again in the future. Therefore, they are the most valuable candidates for domain name parking.

There are many ways for you to find the best-expired domains. Moreover, they are pretty cheap as well to buy. You just need to ensure that your selected domain is good enough to generate effective traffic because many domains that have passed their expiration date do not. Hence, their reputation is virtually the same as a fresh domain.


Wouldn't it be simple for you if you can just register your domain name? It can be. However, many domain names are not available for registration. The internet constantly views the domain names that are associated with their brands, values, and objectives. Below, we have shared some benefits of domain parking:

∙ Grants More Time for Website Development

If people tell you to build a website before registering, ignore them. If you cannot launch your website for some reason, buying a parked domain will give you more time before making your website available to the public.

Once you determine your domain name, complete the registration process. There is nothing better than getting your website domain in the starting phase of the website development stage. You can create your website later on, but if you lose your domain name, you lose it forever. Strikingly is a reliable platform for you to register domains with. Make sure to contact our Happiness officers and discuss all the details regarding it before building your sites as parking pages.

∙ Generates Unique Domain Name of Your Choice

If you are after an ideal domain name, you must know that it can get taken away quickly before you know it. Therefore, you need to act fast. If you have a parked website, it is an ideal solution to reserve your domain name.

Regardless of your objective for creating the website, you would want a name that corresponds with your brand and is memorable. You would not want a name that creates a misinterpretation of your business. Moreover, you would also not want a domain name that does not generate healthy traffic to your website. This is where domain parking can come to your help. If your domain gets parked earlier on in the process, it will make your website stand out more from the competitive websites.

How Does Domain Parking Work?

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There are a couple of necessities that domain parking requires getting itself going. First, it needs time for effective domain name research, and money to buy the desired website domain. Eventually, it becomes a dream for online entrepreneurs as it generates passive income that they can set and forget.

You need to associate your parking domain with a domain parking service. The parking of the domain may work differently based on your fellow partner, but the account will enable you to determine the domains that you wish to park. Once you have made your account and decided upon the domains that you want to park, a web page will be displayed on each of them.

The web page and its ads will be brought to that particular domain, depending on the name, amount, and type of traffic that it brings to the website. Most of the domain registrars offer parking services. Strikingly will enable you to earn from these parking solutions. However, you must be sure that your domain generates enough traffic to cover the expenses of the basic plan. If you build a website in the early stages of the overall strategy, it will help you reserve your selected domain name. Below, we will show you an example in which you connect your custom domain to your Strikingly website.

∙ Connect your Custom Domain on Strikingly

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The first step is to go to the Strikingly site editor and click on "Settings", followed by Domain. Then, you must type your custom domain into the "Custom Domain/Subdomain" section. You must type your custom domain in lower cases to ensure that there is no ‘404’ error when viewing your website. After you click on update, you can choose your registrar and carry on your setup from there.


Domain name parking is a necessity when you reserve a domain name for your respective website. Domain parking holds numerous benefits for an online entrepreneur, such as development prioritization, name reservation, security from cyber-squatting, and passive income. All these benefits can be substantial to you.

Whether or not you intend to buy a website domain, you must always check its availability. Once you have bought the domain, you must follow the right steps to purchase it properly. Do you feel you are ready to buy your first-ever website domain? Register with Strikingly and ensure that your website is ready to launch.