Make A Music Video

Many people enjoy watching a music video created by their favorite artist. You do, right? Or if not, you’ve at least managed to watch one. Who wouldn’t get curious seeing them? With eye-catching titles, jaw-dropping music video locations, catchy music, plus your idol on it, you’ll surely enjoy watching one. But have you ever wondered how it felt to create a music video for yourself? How about using video marketing for your online business? Yes! You definitely read that right.

Many business owners have this mindset that mastering making a music video will only give them nothing but stress. They think that making a music video is too pricey and time-consuming. But, making a music video does not have to be too costly. All you need is your own concrete budget, a reliable music video team, and one brilliant idea. Got zero clue how to make a music video? You got nothing to worry about because Strikingly is here to save your day.

This article will be your one-stop guide to making a music video for your online business. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the whole experience of mastering the art of making a music video.

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Quick Guide to Making a Music Video

1. Choose the Best Song

Songs play an essential role in making any music video worth watching. It is the one responsible for putting a striking impact on your audience’s mind once they hear it playing. Choosing the best song before you make a music video is crucial in ensuring that your target audience develops curiosity about your brand and understands your message as a business.

Picking the right song for your music video may become too stressful if you don’t know where to begin. If you are a beginner, you can consider using songs made by famous artists, which became a massive hit during its time. Due to its familiarity, it will help you produce a song that people can easily remember. You don’t need to worry! You are not actually going to copy the whole song when you make a music video. You can simply recycle the song and combine your own brand with it.

Before making a music video, ensure that you are already equipped with your own written lyrics. Show your creativity by adding words that relate to what you are trying to sell to your audience. You can even incorporate your own brand name and even some funny lines to help you express yourself more. By doing this, people can immediately grasp what you are trying to tell them.

2. Pick the Right Crew

Making a music video cannot be simply done alone. Aside from an appropriate song, another element you need to consider when you make a music video is a crew you will work with. Having a music video team will help you finish the task faster and give you the best results.

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When choosing your crew, ensure that everyone is assigned the right task and specialty. Pick someone who knows how to do the job and is also capable of working comfortably on the same team as you. You wouldn’t want any trouble during your music video shoot, right?

What are the common positions you need to fill for your music video team? We listed them down below.

  1. Director — The person in charge. He will be your main partner in building the story you want to tell your audience.
  2. Actor(s) — The number of your music video actors depends on how huge your music video is.
  3. Cameraman/men — This can be 1 or more individuals depending on your budget and the type of music video you’ll make.
  4. Lighting person/s — This can be 1 individual responsible for getting the right lighting for the actors.

3. Use Appropriate Equipment

Another important matter you need to remember before you make a music video is choosing the right music video equipment. When you make a music video is a must. It may not seem like it, but the quality of cameras, tripods, speakers, and other music video shoot equipment you use does affect how your finished product will appear to your audience’s eye. Picking the right tools before you make a music video will help you work on your tasks faster and help you produce a high-quality music video that will surely catch attention.

To save you from the troubles of using damaged equipment, we suggest that you hire crew members who already own one. Doing this before you make a music video will save you time and budget. It's like you are hitting two birds with just one stone.

If you don’t know the common equipment needed in making a music video, here are some of them:

  1. Camera/s
  2. Music Video Lighting Kit
  3. Tripod
  4. Headphones and Microphones
  5. Memory Cards
  6. Music Player
  7. Audio Recorder
  8. Speakers
  9. Extra Batteries
  10. Video Editing Software

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4. Stick to Your Plan

One tip to remember before making a music video is to create an established plan. It’s definitely fun getting surprised but not when you are chasing a tight schedule. Having no plan before you make a music video will waste your time and money.

When making a music video, having a concrete plan is essential, especially for your crew and staff. Formulate a plan before you create a music video, including all the details about what needs to be done. Build a storyboard to help you better view what you really want for your music video. After creating a music video storyboard, share it with your crew members and be open to receiving suggestions. Set a schedule on what you need to accomplish for each day. Where are you supposed to film today? How many scenes do you need to shoot? How many actors must be present for each scene? List questions like this on your guide to making a music video to help you get a tighter grip on your music video project.

Once you create a guide to making a music video, stick to it. Avoid making sudden changes during filming, affecting the overall music video production. Not only will it cause some hassles, but it might also give you an impression of being an unprofessional partner.

5. Be Creative

Learning how to make a music video requires creativity. This way, you can produce unique videos that are unforgettable. There are tons of trending ideas or topics you can use in making a music video. But you don’t really have to use the same style. Avoid doing the usual and try to think differently. Besides, the brand you are trying to make a music video with isn’t theirs. Just simply, be you.

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Make a Music Video and Embed Them on Your Strikingly Website

Now that you’re done understanding our quick guide to making a music video, it's now the time to create your own. How to start? Create a free website with us!

Strikingly is among the few website builders that support website owners who want to share each music video on their own website. With our no-coding required editor and remarkable features like the drag & drop function, you can now easily add video links from various video platforms on your website! You can now make a music video, upload it on video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and link it to your Strikingly website. Awesome right?

Here’s how to do them right:

Step 1: Get Your Video URL

To add a music video to your website, you must first upload it to your YouTube or Vimeo accounts. After uploading, copy the link of your chosen music video that you want to link on your Strikingly account.

Step 2: Add the Video

You can freely add your music video in particular places in the site editor. You can add them to your gallery, big media, and other media sections, and even add video as your main page background.

To add video to your gallery section,

1. Go to your website editor, select "Add New Section".

2. Select the "Gallery" section.

3. Hover your mouse over the section and click "Manage Gallery".

4. Now, paste your copied music video URL into the video URL field.

5. Click "Save".


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To add video on your "Big Media" section,

1. Go to your website editor, click "Add New Section".

2. Select "Image & Media" and then click on the "Big Media" section.

3. Hover over the image and click on "EDIT".

4. Now, click on the "VIDEO" tab.

5. Paste your music video URL into the video URL field.

6. Then, click "Save".


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To add video on your Other Media Section,

1. Find on your website the specific section which contains a media item.

2. Select "Add image" and click on the "VIDEO" tab. You can also select the "Video" element and then simply click on "Add video".

3. Now, paste your music video URL into the video URL field.

4. Click "Save".

To add Background Videos,

1. On the top right corner of your homepage, find the specific section with "BACKGROUND" settings.

2. Select and click on "BACKGROUND" and then click on the "VIDEO" tab.

3. You now have the option to choose from videos saved in our library. You can also click on "EMBED VIDEO" to put your own music video.

3. Paste your music video URL into the video URL field (we only support YouTube and Vimeo.).

4. Then, click on "Save".


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A music video isn’t just for celebrities and singers now. Learning how to make a music video has become one of many entrepreneurs’ most powerful digital marketing tools. They don’t just master how to make a music video but also create their own to promote their brand. After they make a music video, they post it on their various social media platforms or even their own website to attract more audience and eventually increase sales.

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