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Making handmade crafts is one hobby that many people enjoy. From doing handmade decorations like mats, jewelries, stationeries, personalized clothing designs up to the extreme ones like making your own vanity or closet, handcrafted products can surely capture anyone's attention.

DIY websites tutorials have been among the top trends during this quarantine. It has been so massive that almost anything you want to learn can now be found online. Various DIY contents are being posted online, from making homemade recipes, doing your workout routines, bleaching your hair, and even fixing your gadgets at home.

With people mostly staying at their homes, they cannot entirely do things on their own. They seek help by searching online on step-by-step tutorials and even watching videos to better understand the process.

If you are someone who finds do-it-yourself websites interesting, then you might want to consider creating your own DIY websites.


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The best website for DIY projects

To help you have a clearer view of how the best DIY websites work, look at these DIY website examples that nailed the art of website for DIY projects.

  1. Ana White

Ana White is a mother based in Alaska. Her DIY websites are one of the best examples of DIY projects websites. Upon visiting her DIY websites, you will see a collection of all her step-by-step tutorials. She has tutorials about how you could make your own furniture and even design your own dollhouse. What's more exciting is that all her tutorials are free!


Not all men can do masculine projects. Sometimes, they need some help from the right people too. is a DIY website example for people who seek tutorials about various masculine projects. It is created by couple Brett and Kate McKay, who aims to share how to do masculine projects right. This do it yourself websites focus on sharing tutorials on what masculine projects are. You can watch their videos about how to create your own knife, giving your garage a make-over, how to do woodcrafts, and even how you can survive when you get lost in the forest.

  1. Mother Earth News

If you are looking for a healthier way of living, visiting these DIY websites could be the answer for you. Do it yourself websites like Mother Earth News offer various tutorials about sustainable living like how you can grow and preserve your own food, helpful tips on how you can survive living off the grid, and even how you can have your own sundials and design your own solar generators.

  1. Urban Homestead

Another member of do it yourself websites community is best for those who seek a healthier lifestyle. Urban Homestead is among DIY websites that promote living in the extreme do it yourself lifestyle. On their DIY website urban, creator Jules Dervaes and his family share useful tips and hacks on how anyone could start living organically. They post tutorials on how to create biodiesel and even how you can preserve your food. Website visitors could also enjoy their wide collection of books, videos, and workshops upon landing on their main homepage.

  1. Remodelaholic

This DIY website is another game-changer. Unlike the usual categories of tutorials, they choose to offer a more diverse DIY collection. Upon landing on their page, you can spot step-by-step tutorials on how you can clean a plan for your house's fire pit, pointers to remember in installing a wood ceiling, installation of a WiFi-powered thermostat, and even a fully detailed instruction on how you can design a welcome mat for your doorstep.


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DIY websites examples you can share your work with

These DIY websites can definitely help you in sharing your tutorials with the whole. You cannot just simply visit their site but also have the chance to share your own DIY projects on their DIY websites.

  1. Instructables

This DIY website is a creation of MIT alumni, Eric Wilhelm and Saul Griffith. Contents in DIY websites like Instructables mainly come from their site users. Once you visit their DIY websites, you can have the option to make your own content and share it with other users on their DIY projects websites. They can post comments about your tutorials and even rate them freely. Instructables is filled with tons of step-by-step tutorials, mostly about recipes, jewelry making, costume designing, electronics, and furniture making. DIY websites that fall in this type are known for providing some of the best woodworking tutorials, which definitely rocks.

  1. DIY Chatroom

There is nothing more fun than having someone who could understand you and your concerns. Here in the DIY chatroom, you could have the chance to share your DIY thoughts and even your own formulated tutorials to anyone. DIY chatroom is one best example for do it yourself websites that offer forums to allow their website users to share their creations and pointers with each other. It is a community filled with DIY enthusiasts who are all always ready to listen and give their insights about DIYs.

  1. DIYnot

DIYnot is among DIY websites which offer forums and free instructions to their website viewers. DIYnot is a UK-based DIY website that can help you learn tons of ideas. Upon visiting their DIY projects websites, you can immediately spot their collection of how-to instructions, mainly tackling how to secure your home to removing stains.


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Best DIY websites for home decor

Decorating your house could be quite hard if you don't know where to begin and what to do. You need not worry because these DIY websites for home decor can teach you how to do home decorating the right way.

  1. Apartment Therapy

DIY websites like Apartment Therapy is best for those who seek a high-quality home decor design yet is on a budget. Apartment Therapy is among DIY websites for home decor that features a collection of clever tutorials on how you can save space in your apartment. They also post various home decorating tutorials you can use in giving the best makeover for your home space.

  1. DIY Network

DIY Network is among DIY websites that is truly a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn high-quality home decorating ideas. This DIY website offers tutorials on both decorative and reparative aspects of home designing. Upon landing on their main page, you can immediately see their sorted collection of home decorating DIY tutorials. This website for decorating ideas is also equipped with inspirational collections for starters.

  1. Brit + Co

Brit + Co is one of the best DIY websites in the field of home decorating. On this other do it yourself websites, you can learn everything from decorating your pumpkin designs for Halloween to making your own sleek-designed desk. If you are the chic type who is looking for a fun and spunky way to customize your belongings, digging into the Brit + Co DIY websites is a must-try for you.


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  1. The Home Depot Blog

The Home Depot Blog is another do it yourself websites that focuses on providing home care hacks and tutorials. DIY websites like The Home Depot Blog are equipped with a collection of blogs giving free pointers about different installation and renovation concerns you could imagine.

  1. The House that Lars Built

If you want one best example of DIY websites that is jam-packed with everything you want to know about home designing, The House That Lars Built is a must-visit. This website for decorating ideas is run and owned by Interior Designer, Brittany Watson Jempsen. If you want to learn how to create aesthetic home decors for your space, DIY websites like The House that Lars Built is the right one for you.

  1. Better Homes and Gardens Do it Yourself

Another website for decorating ideas, these DIY websites can help you bring out the best in your home space. It is filled with creative home decorating ideas packed with hacks you never know to exist. Once diving into their site, you can see a collection of their quick projects like dressing up your own room or making new storage spaces for better room access. DIY websites like this, are also equipped with instructions, tutorials, and a fun community section that features different projects shared by their own users.


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Engaging in DIY-ing is truly fun. But, nothing is more exciting when you get to have your own one. Isn't it more exciting if, aside from doing DIYs, you could also get the chance to share it with the whole world? You can start making your own DIY tutorials and post them on your own DIY website to spread the good word. You'll have the chance to meet new people who share the same hobbies and likes as you. Plus, you can even start selling your works!


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Strikingly is among website builders who support self-made products made by their users. It offers a set of features like a collection of amazing free templates, writing your blog, starting your own online store, and many more which anyone can use as their weapon in building their dream DIY websites.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your DIY websites with Strikingly!

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