UX Design

A professional website is a combination of many things. It contains vastly superior elements that give the brand its identity. If a website has a formal identity, it won’t be long before the customers start recognizing it. One of the things related to a website that usually goes under the radar is the user experience design. UX design is an enthralling and interesting field to consider in today’s day and age. It has a massive influence on the eCommerce products and services that we use daily. It may even determine the success of your brand.

User experience helps you in maintaining a brand identity for your respective website. It is a demanding career to consider because it needs a wide range of skills and continuous improvement. If you remain stagnant with your designing skills, you will be going nowhere to pursue this career. If you jump into this field, you must know that there are numerous things for you to learn.

What is UX Design?

If you want to create a strong web presence for your website, you must know what is UX design. UX is referred to as the short form of “user experience”. It is defined as how people interact with the displayed product. For example, we are attracted to a football only when we step onto the field. Similarly, we are attracted to cooked food only when sitting at the dining table. The product’s color, presentation, theme, and many other factors will influence how we perceive the interaction.

ux design example

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Apart from that, user experience determines everything that impacts the user’s interaction with a digital product on a digital design. An individual can only interact with the product before determining whether he/she wants to buy that product or not. When people interact with the product, they rate their experience through the following criteria:

  • Is this product worth the money?
  • Is the product fully functional?
  • Is the product simple to use?
  • What is the scope of this product in the long run?

Importance of UX Design

1. More Than Usability

When you understand what is UX, there is no way that you will ignore the concept of usability. UX designs are massively connected with the website content’s usability and influence on the target audience. The product design determines whether the users can complete their tasks related to it efficiently. You cannot expect an ideal UX when there is no good usability. However, it is essential to know that usability is just one of the involved factors of an ideal UX.

the usability feature

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Usability helps massively in the well-functioning eCommerce products. Still, just because it is easy to use, it doesn’t mean it will be used by the customers. After all, the customers have their own preferences and basis for buying decisions. UX should only be there to make it easy for them to purchase products from your online store. They shouldn’t be considering their plans again after going through your UX, which may leave a bad reputation on your website. Artificial intelligence software is integrated into the internet's websites, making it easy for customers to check those products.

2. Continuous Evolution

UX design principles strongly coincide with the customer feedback it receives. If the feedback talks about certain areas of improvement, the website owner recognizes that and focuses on its improvement. If they don’t, their brand or website falls behind in the increasing competition. For example, Windows phones were brought to the market once to create competition with Android and iOS, but they never materialized because they never evolved with time.

3. Business Requirements

If your UX design doesn’t help get the best out of your business model, all your effort will go down the drain. Product designers must focus on user and business goals to create useful and practical solutions.

Strategies to Create a Quality UX Design

1. Mobile Website

For an ideal user experience design, it is important that you show consistent evolution. As we have said before, continuous evolution ensures progress for your business. The best to evolve in today’s day and age is by creating a mobile-optimized website. In 2022, the importance of mobile websites has increased massively. No longer there is a time when websites are only associated with desktops and laptops. People are more willing to check out the formidable UX designs through their mobile phones rather than wasting all the time staring at the Windows loading screen of their laptop before opening the browser.

mobile friendly website

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Strikingly fully supports the idea of mobile websites and believes that all users must consider this idea. If you check out all the websites created on Strikingly, they are mobile-friendly. As the number of mobile users has exceeded the desktop users and the gap is only increasing daily, your website mustn’t lose out on the traffic from cell phones.

2. Modern Template

For a quality UX design, it is important that your website is mobile-optimized. However, your website can only be mobile-optimized if you have mobile-friendly website templates at your disposal. If your website templates are just related to the desktops, it won’t showcase any meaningful user experience design for the incoming visitors. Instead, you will experience a high bounce rate because it is likely that there are more mobile users incoming than desktop users.

strikingly website template

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Even though having a mobile website is a massive trend in the digital world today, it doesn’t mean you should neglect the traffic coming from your desktops. Both of these traffic categories must be given equal weightage. In this case, it is more about the quantity because it is likely that you will be dealing with more mobile users than desktop users. Strikingly provides a collection of mobile-friendly website templates you can personalize as per your business module and plan.

3. Loading Speed

One of the basic UX design principles is to stay updated about your website’s loading speed. If your website is taking more than three seconds to load, no one will be batting an eye at your website content. The loading speed is also related to the bandwidth. If your design is larger or you have a lot of content to upload, you likely need a larger bandwidth. There is a reason why many multiple-page websites go with the unlimited bandwidth option as they upload their content daily.

Strikingly provides a limited bandwidth of 50 GB with the option of converting it to an unlimited bandwidth through the subscription plans. Apart from that, the website's loading speed is also related to the Google pagespeed insight score. If you take the average Google pagespeed insight score of all the Strikingly websites, the calculation will be around 90. Our website owners try their best to remove all the irregularities found within the website design and provide ultimate customer service.

4. Customer Support.

Even today, you will find many website builders that do not fulfill all the demands of the basic UX design principles. A few builders provide quality web hosting services, but you would need a third party, like WordPress, to help you in the website development process. Similarly, some platforms provide quality website templates for customization purposes, but you may have to get a hosting package from another platform.

strikingly customer support

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The problem is that if you are just focused on ticking all your boxes, you will end up talking to many companies and won’t have any time to look into your website issues. Therefore, it is important to rely on a website builder like Strikingly, which supports you in website development and handles your website's technical aspects. Regardless of your platform, you must understand that customers should be your biggest priority. If they are struggling in identifying some of your features or in the making of their website, you can provide them with a live chat feature, which will allow them to have a direct communication channel with you. You can resolve their queries instantly, making life easy for them.


By following the UX design principles, you will not just see an increase in your website conversion rate but will also lay down a marker in the world of digital marketing. You will influence your customers by keeping your conversation as much to the point as possible. If your products help complete their tasks, they will inform you through positive feedback on the testimonial page.

If you want to fulfill the crucial demands set by your customers, you must rely on Strikingly and focus on their demands one by one. The website interface and design is the first thing checked when a customer lands on your website. These things can be handled by Strikingly as they provide you with a collection of quality website templates that can be easily customized. So, create a professional website for your business on Strikingly and bring delight to your customers through your website’s user experience.