Website design proposal

Being experienced in your skills and advertising your services is not a guarantee of getting projects. Whether you are a freelancer or a web design company doesn't matter. A well-structured website design proposal is essential to get noticed and engage clients.

Your educational history and work experience matter nothing to clients. The method through which you present your services and ideas count for winning clients. A confident design proposal will make a lasting impression on your clients and maximize the chances of your consideration.

Keep reading to eliminate confusion if you are figuring out how to write a website design proposal.

What is a website design proposal?

A website design proposal is a written bid to forthcoming clients made by the web designer. Generally, it outlines the web design project, clients' needs, and the solution. It also highlights the services the web designer provides and mentions the costs of the provided services.

Unlike the legal contract, which is an agreement between the service provider and the client, it is a project roadmap to educate your customers and persuade them. As a web designer, you must discuss the scheme you will follow while designing a website. If you still need clarification about how a web design proposal looks, go through these fundamental components of a web design proposal template.

Design proposal sample

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What to add to a Web Design Proposals

To land high-value clients, you must write an enticing website design proposal. Your proposal must convince your clients of the perks of choosing you. Here is a quick breakdown of the components of a highly persuasive web design proposal:

1. Cover Page

The cover page of the website design proposals works as a contact cheat sheet. Provide basic information about you and your client in this section. Don't overcrowd this page with too much information. An eye-catching cover page should contain the following:

A. Your brand logo or a relevant graphic

B. The Project Name

C.The date

D. Your name and contact information

E. Name of your client and contact information

You may find some website design proposal samples without a cover page. But it is a best practice to add a cover page containing above-mentioned elements.

2. Problem Overview

Always start your proposal with the problem overview. It will allow you to grab the attention of the clients. Discuss the problem in detail and convince them that you understand their situation from the roots. Cite their needs and further engage them by including why they need them.

For example, suppose you are designing a website for a local pizza hut. In that case, you can specify that the pizza hut owner needs an online webpage to target university students in addition to the roadside traffic. They may need a website to build their online brand recognition to start a home delivery service. If you come up with missed opportunities by the clients in your proposal, you will convince them to hire you.

3. The Proposed Solution

A website design proposal is only complete with a solution. In this section, you will explain how your services will solve their problems. You can think like you have to convince a company's decision-makers to invest in the project. The best method to write this section is to include your strategy. Explain to clients how your design will help them increase their conversion rates. You can give different perks like your design runs smoothly on mobile phones and has built-in features for social media integration etc.

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4. Price

The best practice is to discuss the total budget with the client during an interview before working on the website design proposal. It will help you analyze your profit and decide whether you want to continue the project. If the client's budget matches your demands, you must add a clear-cut price ticket in your proposal.

You can also give a comprehensive breakdown of costs for your different services. For example, you can mention the price for graphics work, custom sections, creating an online store, creating a blog, etc. It will help convince the client that they are getting benefits for every penny. Some professionals find it inappropriate to include the price in that precise way, but it will help you get a reasonable profit without any tweaks.

You can also give multiple offers to your buyers. You can devise a complete website design or a redesigning package with different prices. You can also add additional costs for early project submission. It will enable your clients to decide and avail of the package according to their budget and requirements.

5. Call to Action

Adding CTA to your website design proposals is the signal to close the deal. Summarize your website design proposal and encourage your clients to sign the project. Avoid adding burdensome tasks for your clients, like printing, scanning, and signing the proposal. It will minimize the chances of your proposal's acceptance because the clients get disturbed by it.

It would be best to create user-friendly website design proposals for your customers to enhance the chances of approval. For example, you can use digital signing services if you send a proposal in PDF. Another option is to ask for a confirmation email from your clients. Similarly, if you have created a website design proposal on a web page, you can add the "Accept Project" button for immediate action. Strikingly, being the best website builder, understands this need for web designers. It allows you to add quick call-to-action buttons on your website's landing pages and help you kickstart your project immediately.

Call to Actions
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6. About US

The about us section is a less important section of the website design proposal. However, it would be best to pay attention to it to eliminate any chances of dismissals. Some clients may look for these sections to learn about your goals and expertise. You can add an overview of your previous completed projects, your team talents, and your mission. It is also a good practice to add the link to your online portfolio or social media accounts in this section.

Format of the Website Design Proposal

Now you have all the information about "how to write a website design proposal." The next step is to learn about different formats of web design proposals. Multiple configurations are in use among web designers. Some of them are as follows:

1. PDF

The most conventional form of sending a proposal online is in the form of a PDF. The plus points of this form are that it is easy to share, add graphical work, and is easily accessible. You can add the link to an online signing-up service in the PDF document to get it signed by the client. Another method is that the client may take a print of it, sign it, and scan it to send to you. It will make the process troublesome for the client, so the first option is much better.

2. Presentation

Some clients require you to present your website design proposal as a presentation. It will be the best method to deliver your proposal if you are not a freelancer or not working through online platforms. You can make a slideshow of different components of the web design proposal. However, it must contain all the information to be sent to the clients after the presentation.

3. Web Page

As you are writing a website design proposal to provide web designing services, why not create a web proposal in the form of a web page? Multiple no-code website builders like Strikingly are available to create a simple website. You can create a web page and include all the components of a web design proposal.

The plus point of doing this is it will appealingly showcase your skills. You also get the chance to decorate your proposal with videos and animations. Numerous website design templates are available at Strikingly to help you out. There is no sign-up fee on Strikingly. You can sign up for free and access a boatload of exciting templates. Strikingly also helps you to add CTA buttons to lock the deal immediately.

You can also include the reviews and feedback of your previous clients on a Strikingly web page. It will increase the confidence of your clients in your services. Strikingly also enables you to add multiple packages. You can customize the already available templates according to your services. Here is a website design proposal example created with Strikingly.

Web design template

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Proper knowledge of how to write a website design proposals is essential for a web designer. It will help you give your client the blueprints of your working method. In this way, it boosts the odds of getting projects. You can look at different website design proposal samples available online to gain a profound acquaintance. Other web design proposal templates include various components, but adding the above elements is enough to win your clients.

You can rely on Strikingly to create website design proposals in the form of web pages for winning projects. If you feel perplexed at some point in the website building with Strikingly, you can ask for help from our customer support system. Sign up with Strikingly and explore different website design proposal samples.