Here’s Everything You Need to Know on How Mobile Advertising Works

The development in the use of digital marketing has been massive. For the past years, businesses have evolved in the way they use media and technology in securing a stable audience impact. Majority of businesses have taken every single chance to use every digital marketing tool that they think will help them spread the good word about their existence. But among these digital marketing tools, one that stands out the most is mobile advertising.

We have to admit, using our mobile phones have been part of our daily activities. Ever since the manufacturing of smartphones began, people have been spending their money buying the most high-grade smartphone they can use for their daily activities. The existence of mobile phones has become more essential when strict protocols were implemented due to the ongoing pandemic. People purchased smartphones to order food, shop for necessities, watch their favorite shows, attend online meetings, go to virtual classes, book their next vacation, and now, even to start and grow their own business. With people becoming more aware of the power of online communities, businesses are now rushing to tap and yield this power to propel their business forward.


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Mobile Advertising in the World of Ecommerce

Mobile advertising has become one of the most powerful weapons companies use to introduce their business online. This type of digital marketing includes executing strategic marketing techniques that mainly targets smartphone users. Businesses would often do background research first about their target market, and then formulate the best mobile ads they could use to feed their audience’s curiosity. Companies who used various examples of mobile advertising have managed to get more attention from their target market in just a short time. They took advantage of how people are easily drawn to mobile ads and use them as a tool to let people know about their brand. Businesses took their time in learning how mobile advertising works to create the best mobile ads that will fit their company, and most importantly, sell their business more efficiently.


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Learning how mobile advertising works strengthens anyone who wishes to ace the world of business. And if you happen to be “that someone”, utilizing Strikingly will be the best decision you’ve ever made in your ecommerce journey. For our first stop, let’s get to know some of the best examples of mobile advertising widely used by businesses these days. Take important note of the following because who knows? One of them might be your special weapon in the future.

Examples Of Mobile Advertising

1. SMS Mobile Advertising

SMS mobile advertising is one famous mobile advertising strategy you can easily understand. In this type of marketing technique, mobile ads are sent to customers through the use of contact numbers. Businesses usually provide a signup form on their webpages where online audiences can fill in their personal contact information. These pieces of information are then gathered as leads and businesses easily grow their contact list where they can send the mobile ads. The best thing about these examples of mobile advertising is that it has a wide reach with various network providers backing it up and it is compatible for all types of smartphones.

2. Banner Mobile Ads

Aside from text messages, banner mobile ads are also among the top examples of mobile advertising. Businesses who engage in the use of this marketing technique often turn their websites into a mobile-friendly webpage. They use the same desktop banner ad, and turn it into mobile banner ads to fit a smartphones’ screen. Banner mobile advertising includes interactive images along with product contents, promo details and in some cases, call to actions.

3. Playable Mobile Ads

Next on our best examples of mobile advertising are playable mobile ads. Have you tried playing a mobile game and then right before you actually use the game, some interactive mobile ads show up? If your answer is yes, then you might’ve encountered some playable mobile ads.

This mobile advertising is usually found on mobile games. Playable mobile ads are composed of interactive advertisement demos which introduces an application’s content to a user. If a playable mobile ad is aptly presented to its target users, it can lead to an actual download. These examples of mobile advertising have been widely used by companies teaming up with various game developers to help advertise their business on a wider audience.


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Why Mobile Advertising?

Now that we’re done getting to know some of the most used examples of mobile advertising, let’s now take a deeper understanding on why mobile advertising is a must for your business.

Companies can really gain a lot from the different benefits of mobile advertising. Some of these include:

1) Large Audience Reach

Just like what we’ve mentioned in the first part of this blog, the use of mobile phones has been massive among people. If you are a company seeking for a marketing technique which can help you reach a larger group of audience, learning how mobile advertising works is a great opportunity for you. Through creating your mobile ads, and integrating it on various website platforms or even social media, you can make a huge difference in letting people know about your existence.

2) Cheaper

If there is one you’ll definitely like among all the benefits of mobile advertising this might be it. Why? Simple. Creating mobile ads is cheaper than using other marketing channels like television and print media advertisements. Aside from this, there is also a wide variety of mobile advertising mediums you can use easily, even without prior knowledge on the world of ecommerce and digital marketing.

3) Quick Audience Response

Another reason why mobile advertising is a must is because it helps you get an instant audience reaction. Mobile ads are usually designed to get quicker responses from an online audience. As soon as audiences see your mobile ads, they can immediately decide whether or not to transact with you. They can either click on continue or reject your mobile advertising. Through this step, you can immediately see how much your mobile advertising is working. You wouldn’t wait for a long time to see whether or not you are gaining audiences and website traffic from the mobile ads you are posting. The faster you get reactions, the faster you get the chance to improve your mobile advertising.


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Tips on Creating Your Mobile Ads

It is not enough that you only know the basics of how mobile advertising works as well as the different benefits of mobile advertising. To help broaden your knowledge on the wonders of mobile advertising, we listed down some of the best tips in creating your own examples of mobile advertising.

1. Keep it Short

One thing you need to learn about mobile advertising is that it has to be brief, but meaningful. Mobile ads are usually made to grab attention and drive curiosity from an audience’s mind. You don’t need to put every information in just one single mobile advertising campaign. The goal here is to let people get curious on what’s going to happen next, right after they click on your mobile ads. Avoid adding lengthy phrases for it will only hurt the eyes of the individual who’s going to read it. What’s worse is that when online viewers look at your mobile ads, they will only find it boring and uninteresting due to the huge number of words you’ve inserted on your mobile advertising campaign. You surely wouldn’t want that, right?

2. Include Sound and Video

Another tip we can give you is to add a sound or video clip on your mobile ads. It may not seem like it but a lot of online viewers are easily drawn to mobile ads that are eye-pleasing and are fun to watch. By adding a quick audio and video snippet on your mobile advertising campaign, you can easily imprint your business on your target audience’s mind. They can easily remember you because of your unique mobile advertising strategy. You can use your own business jingle or shoot a quick video snippet for this one to make it more personalized.

3. Mobile-Friendly Websites

If there is one favorite among all our tips on mobile advertising, it is making your website mobile-friendly. This strategy will surely take your business to a whole new level. Not only would it be easier for you to grow and manage your business no matter where you are, you also gain the chance to be loved by a wider audience. You don’t really have to worry about how to make your website mobile-friendly because there are tons of website building platforms which now support this type of website function—just like us here in Strikingly!


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Business is a complex world. Anything can change without you noticing it. If you want to survive, you need to equip yourself with the right weapon that isn't just there for a short period, but also weapons which you can use along your journey—something which mobile advertising can give you.

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