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Starting your own online shipping food business isn’t really all about cooked food being delivered right at your doorsteps. It may not seem like it, but there’ve been a ton of food and food supplies you can find being sold online. From cooked food to ingredients and even kinds of drinks, you can actually find an online store that has them and makes shipping frozen food as their business. The good thing about them is that you can quickly start them if you wish to have your own online shipping food business.

Getting curious and eager to know more about how to ship food? Well, continue reading this blog, and you’ll find out more about the hidden wonders of learning how to ship perishable food for your online business.


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10 Ideas Tips & Tricks for Your Shipping Food Business

Just like what we’ve mentioned, it is not just cooked food you can find online. Many businesses involving shipping frozen food have started to emerge. We made a list to give you a better view of how these things work. Below are the top ten ideas about selling and shipping food, specifically learning how to ship perishable food for your online food business.

1. How to Ship Perishable Food Like Fruits and Vegetables

If we talk about how to ship perishable food, fruits and vegetables are one of the top candidates. Shipping food like fruits and vegetables is crucial because they are both sensitive to temperatures. Based on various scientific research, the increase in temperature, specifically heat, plays a huge role in increasing the plants' ethylene gasses. This organic chemical is the main cause of the faster spoiling of plants. When shipping frozen food like fruits and vegetables, it is important to take note of these ideas to avoid bruising or spoiling your products while you are in the middle of shipping food.

2. How to Ship Cold Food like Baked Goods.

Another famous candidate when it comes to shipping food is selling baked goods. These goods are considered fragile and may lose their good quality if not packed well. Mastering how to ship perishable food like baked goods requires you to be conscious of the materials you’ll use in shipping food. One best way to start shipping frozen food like these goods is through airtight bags or sturdy plastic containers. You can also consider using eco-friendly materials for your packaging. If you got orders in large boxes, inflatable air pillows are a great help. Using these materials in shipping food can help you maintain its good condition upon arriving at your customer’s house.

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3. How to Ship Meat

Understanding how to ship meat is quite a challenge. Unlike baked goods, learning how to ship meat has a lot of considerations one must take note of. Meat spoiling while in the middle of shipping food processes has higher risks and health hazards than others like shipping frozen food. Mastering how to ship meat requires more attention to avoid causing harmful viruses and infections from spreading due to contaminated meat. One crucial idea in learning how to ship meat is that meat goods must be placed in temperature-controlled packages to protect the meat from varying temperatures. Wrap and seal them properly to prevent leakage or exposure to chemicals or other elements that can cause spoilage. Materials like Styrofoam coolers, dry ice, or even reusable gel packings are some of the best ones you can use to execute how to ship meat properly.

4. Shipping Frozen Food like Liquids

Shipping liquids are also in demand these days. Shipping food like these also requires attention, for most of them are put in fragile materials and are prone to leakage. Liquids like oils are also considered flammable materials, so they will also require close attention during packaging. One way to save yourself from trouble is by putting an additional wrap around your liquid products. Use air-tight containers to prevent your product from spilling or breaking while shipping food. You can also use special handlings and labels on your product to keep your carrier aware of what might be inside your package.

5. Shipping Food Internationally

Understanding how to ship frozen food also means making inspections on your own goods. Even before the pandemic, tons of paper works are already required by various customs companies for you to make shipping food products internationally possible. Many countries from all around the globe have implemented strict precautions on shipping food supplies like plants because they can be home to fungi and other bacteria. When learning how to ship perishable food, ensure that your goods are in good condition. Double-check them as much as possible, especially if you send them to areas you don’t usually get orders from.

6. Select Appropriate Shipping Frozen Food Container

Food containers are the holy grail in the field of the shipping food business. Picking the right one is crucial in ensuring that your products can reach your customers safely and sound. You cannot just randomly pick your shipping food box, for they can greatly impact how to ship food properly. If your box is too big, there would be more room for your goods to roll around and eventually be damaged. If your package is too small, it can be easily bent or, worse, break apart while in the middle of shipping food. It is important to pick the right container or box to protect your goods, not just from heat and environment, and to set a good impression on your client’s hearts. The best materials for your packaging are Styrofoam boxes, insulated liners, air-tight containers, Styrofoam cut sheets, and insulated pads.


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7. Set Right Shipping Food Pricing

Setting the right price when shipping food is also crucial in getting the right revenue. Do not let your efforts go to waste by only adding lower shipping food prices. It is important to know how packaging systems work for you to make better decisions and avoid losing money and customers. Shipping frozen products will definitely cost you money. One way you can get the right price is to consider the weight of the package you will ship. You can also analyze what specific locations your orders are coming from to help yourself in adjusting your shipping food prices.

Here in Strikingly, we allow our users to freely set up shipping food prices on their online store. You don’t have to worry about adjusting because you can easily manage your shipping food options in just a few clicks. With this feature, you can set your own base shipping food fee per order you get. There is also an additional fee for each additional item purchased in your online store.

8. Organize Your Goods Properly

Before finally shipping frozen food, labels are also necessary. You wouldn’t want to get awful feedback from your customers because the goods they receive went messy or lost their good condition due to poor shipping, right? One way you can avoid this is to put a label like “this side up” on your boxes to let carriers understand how they will handle your products. You can use stickers or add extra handlings to your box to make it more visible.

One of the best-known ways how to ship cold food and keep things organized is by using foam protection. Using such material to learn how to ship perishable food helps protect your fruits and vegetables from bruises. Before the shipping food process starts, ensure that you already have a foam you can use to pack your goods. It is best if the foam you use is the same size as your goods to keep things intact while it is shipped. The foam also helps in separating your goods, allowing optimal airflow. Use foam on both bottom and top areas when shipping frozen food, and you can save yourself from spoiled or destructed goods.

9. Shipping Return Addresses and Other Shipping Food Labels

Shipping return addresses and labels are also essential in setting up your shipping options. Ensure that you are doing well in your shipping food business, including the “to” and “from” information on packages. You can add them on a separate card inside the box itself just in case your package gets damaged while in the middle of shipping frozen food. Another helpful tip on learning how to ship cold food is to not forget to put a clear, well-written shipping frozen food label. Recipients and carriers need to know what is inside the package they are receiving, so adding a clear label is a must.

Strikingly is among the few website builders with a great online store shipping option. After creating a simple store with us, you can also start creating your shipping labels easily with us. You can easily start sending your products to your online shoppers with our built-in shipping frozen food label solutions. Our users are free from manual writing and can even freely print shipping labels directly using the order details made during the purchase.

10. Maintain Stable Communication

Last and definitely not least here on our list, is communication. Having steady communication with your clients is essential in securing a successful shipping frozen food process. Many businesses fail to ship perishable food processes well because they lack communication between their carriers and clients. Customers would always want a perfect shipping food process. Giving continuous updates about the shipping frozen food process is essential to keep things in order and establish a sense of trust from your clients. If they see how consistent you are in giving them updates, they’ll feel special and will definitely like you even more.


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Kickstart Your Online Shipping Food Business with Us!

Online shipping food business has become a massive trend these past years. Especially now, when going out to eat isn’t as safe as before due to the ongoing pandemic, many people resort to ordering and shipping food online. Due to this demand, many restaurants and food stores have also decided to take their business to the next level by building their own online food store. They build such websites to let their customers still enjoy the food they offer, even just staying in the comforts of their own homes.


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Here at Strikingly, we allow our users to freely manage and use their food websites to establish a strong online presence. Our website building platform is equipped with the best tools you can use to start your own online store, which you can grow and manage even without coding experience. This online presence we let you build can make you more appealing to your loyal customer’s eyes and, more importantly, towards a wider audience reach.

If you want to know more about starting a simple store, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.