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Branding is a must in the world of eCommerce. If you want possible customers to get to know you. You must be unique and catchy enough to capture their attention and lead them to your business. If you are finding ways how? Then, you just happen to get an answered prayer.

In this blog, we will give you the top ten personal branding tips you should know about for you to ace the world of business.

What is Personal Branding Online?

Personal branding online can be defined as creating one’s persona. Knowing how to brand yourself online includes building your reputation in your chosen field. A personal branding strategy defines who a business is, what they do for its customers and investors, how they work to achieve its short-term and long-term goals, and lastly, where they are headed as a personal branding online.

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Why Start a Personal Branding Online

Learning personal branding tips has a lot of benefits. Once you understand them, things will surely be easier than before. To get you more convinced, we listed below some of the reasons you should master how to brand yourself online.

1. Control

Having full control of your brand is a privilege. You are free to make decisions and deliver changes without getting stressed. If there is one major benefit you can get from learning how to brand yourself online, it helps you take control. Personal branding saves you from the worries of losing content or dealing with other homepage feed algorithms. Learning personal branding tips gives you full control over how everything works within your personal website. You can easily position your chosen business persona toward your market with the right personal branding strategy.

2. Accessibility

It is important how accessible you are for your target market as a business. If you want to easily reach them, you must create genius tactics on how they can easily recognize you from the pile of choices lined up in front of them. With the right knowledge about personal branding online, such a thing is just a piece of cake. Once you create a website, you are already gaining the chance to put yourself out there and be recognized by other online consumers. There are tons of website builders which allows you to get easily searched by consumers online. In Strikingly, we ensure that all websites built with us are equipped with a strong SEO-friendly network. We make websites that are not just search-engine friendly, but, most importantly, help you showcase your personal branding online.

3. Promotes

A website without advertisements would not last long. With personal branding, you can build an audience easily as the business owner. You can smoothly position these audiences as the “experts” who will help you know the areas you are good at and the areas where you will need extra effort to get noticed. A strong personal branding strategy can help you attract clients and promote yourself as a business without worries.

Personal Branding Tips

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Our Personal Branding Tips for You

Now that you know why learning how to brand yourself online is important, let’s now get to the more exciting part—the best personal branding tips you should know about.

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1. Create Your Personal Brand

One important idea you should know about personal branding is how to create your own personal brand. Before you start, you should have a clear image of how you will brand yourself as a business. You must have a personal branding strategy that will help you determine what niche you would like to engage yourself in. How do you want potential clients and investors to remember you? Are you 100% sure that you know what you are about to put yourself into? Can you call yourself an expert in that field and guarantee high-quality services to your future clients? Ask yourself these questions and use them to define what type of personal branding you would be. Define these ideas clearly as early as possible to avoid being in a complicated situation.

2. Know Your Audience

The next factor you should know about personal branding online is identifying who your target clients are. The audience plays a huge role in securing you a good position in eCommerce. Do you already have an idea of who you want to work with? Who do you make these products for? Which specific group of consumers do you think will love your service more? Getting to know your audience can help you identify their basic needs and wants and what are the things you can do to fulfill them. Having a well-defined target market can also save you from creating inappropriate marketing strategies.

3. Use Social Media

Everything today can now be digitized. People are easier to reach with the existence of various social media platforms they love using. As someone who seeks personal branding recognition, you must take every opportunity that comes along your way. You can strengthen your online presence by creating social media accounts. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are only a few of the various social media platforms you can use to promote your business. These are the best platforms where you can promote personal branding online, for they are rich with individuals who can be a potential customer.

4. Write Contents

Promoting your personal branding online doesn’t end with making advertisements. If you want to be truly noticed, be consistent in making your content. Just like here in Strikingly, we have what we call a “Simple Blog” feature. Our users can easily add a blog section on their website with this feature. Once they added this feature, they are now free to write and post blogs which can help them get more engagements from their audience. They can teach tutorials, teach awesome tips and even share the latest updates about what’s happening in their business. With a content section on your personal branding website, transparency is more possible, helping you capture more attention from online audiences.

5. Get a Domain

Maintaining effective personal branding online means having a strong domain. Without a proper personal branding domain, it will be harder for you to run a personal website. Domains are simply a URL that website users would type on their browsers to find you easily in the online world. Some examples of domain extensions include .net, .com, .org, .co and many other more. There are only a few website builders like us who have awesome offers for website domains. Strikingly offers free domains along with a free 14 days trial. You can also transfer your domains easily and connect your other domains without having much trouble.

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6. Have a Tagline

It may not seem like it, but taglines play an important role in securing strong personal branding online. Taglines are catchy, personal slogans that businesses use to tell the audience who they are and what they do. Taglines are mostly short but direct to the point. A personal branding strategy that has been proven effective in the past years.

7. Design Your Logo

Logos are another best tool to strengthen your personal branding online. Business logos usually contain the initials, names, and color schemes their respective businesses use. Design your own logo and put it on your website to ensure that your personal branding strategy works. Ensure that you get a cool and eye-catchy logo design that showcases who your business is. Adding your website logo is easier with us here in Strikingly. If you want, you can even use them as your website favicon to help your website look more personalized and of course, awesome!

8. Include Bio

Personal branding is all about making yourself known to your target market. Another way for you to introduce yourself to your website visitors is by using your biography. When making your personal website, always include a short bio section for your audience to see. Most website visitors take their time browsing directly to a website’s “all about me” section to get an idea of who they are working with. When you create a Strikingly website, adding a bio section on your website is never impossible. Through our custom forms and add section feature, you can now freely customize your personal branding website without having too much hassle.

9. Showcase Your Expertise

Customers love transparency. They love seeing if a business can commit honesty to them. As a future provider of their needs, you must assure them to transact with you. Writing your expertise and including it in one section of your personal branding website can help change a person’s mind. Once they see how good and confident you are with what you can do, you will convince them to go and work with you. Add a section where they can see your past achievements or awards and let them get enlightened on how they are about to experience the best transaction of their lives.

10. Start a Website

When it comes to strong personal branding online, nothing beats having your personal website. Owning a website gives you the total control of making your dreams turn into a reality. If you are worried about how to brand yourself online effectively, we got your back. Creating a website with us in Strikingly gives you the full freedom to go and promote your personal website online. You can upload videos and photos on your website, send promotional newsletters, use affiliates, add your personal branding logo designs, and even make an SEO-friendly personal website.

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Understanding how a personal branding strategy works helps you tell your story to potential consumers and investors. Personal branding sets your stage for growth as a business, eventually driving you towards success.

Want to know more about how to brand yourself online? Chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.