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If you’re a small business owner, an illustrator, a photographer, or someone who has just founded a startup, having a website is one of the smart ideas to introduce it to the global market. When you are just starting out a business, it doesn’t mean that you will always find your way to success. There are vital steps that will lead you in the right direction in achieving your business goals. And you must be keen to tailor fit the right strategies that will work for a startup business. You need a platform to showcase your talent and market the company to a broader audience. To create a startup website is an intelligent plan. Having a startup page online will take your business to your target customers or works to potential clients. Having a platform for your startup business makes it easier to execute your brand and marketing strategies. There are many benefits of having a startup website, and we’ve sorted the most related to small businesses. We love sharing the best and finest ways to bring your business ideas to the next level here at Strikingly. We are a startup as well, but truly not just another website builder. You can check our satisfied website users worldwide and find out what makes us stand out. But before that, we’ll take you to the importance of building a startup website.

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Key Importance of Building a Startup Website

Whether you want to create a startup website on your own or hire a professional, the important thing here is delivering the right message to your target customers. There are key benefits of the best startup websites. For small businesses, they serve as a platform for promoting brand awareness, growing a network, customer engagement, and increasing the profit margin. Many startup businesses aim to develop effective strategies that will serve as stepping stones to achieving good results. On top of this, making a website for your startup business should not be just for a ‘show’. Think about your business concept and your products. They all must blend well with your strategies and brand campaigns. You must present your business uniquely with a startup website. A well-designed startup page will help you in terms of promotion and profitability. The good news is that we will discuss the seven easy steps to create a startup website. Let’s start.

7 Steps on How to Create a Startup Website

  1. Always Remember – “Content is King”
  2. Have a Good Domain Name
  3. Focus on the Correct Web Design and UX
  4. Set a Fund for Marketing Strategy
  5. Optimize Startup Website for Search Engines
  6. Don’t Depend on Content Management System (CMS)
  7. Choose a Good Business Platform

1. Always Remember – “Content is King”

There is no doubt that good website content can take your business farther. For a startup business to gain attention, you need enticing ads headlines that point to an article on your website. You drive your target audience to your startup page and make the best of your published simple blogs. Good content should tell a story about your business journey, the people you work with, and the products you’re selling if you run an eCommerce website. The question of how you present your ideas will come after you’ve come up with attention-getter content.

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2. Have a Good Domain Name

When you choose a domain name, you must come up with the closest or exact word that represents your business. It can be the business name like most owners use it as a domain name. Your domain name is your startup website’s address. Therefore, you must come up with the right one that always leads to your business. Here are some of the best qualities of an ideal domain name for startups:

∙ Easy-to-Spell

Make sure that you choose a domain name that is easy to spell. You would not want your customers to get confused with a complicated web address.

∙ Short and Simple

Remember, K.I.S.S or keep it short and simple. Having your own domain name means giving your business a unique identity that sets it apart.

∙ Memorable

Make it easy to remember. A memorable domain name will help drive more traffic to your website and sales conversion. Just think of Amazon, eBay, etc. – they are all well-known with a memorable domain name.

∙ SEO-friendly

If you want your target customers to visit your site, choose an SEO-friendly domain name. For startup websites, it’s an ideal step to promote your business online and rank well on search engines.

∙ Affordable

Having a startup business means you have limited resources, too. You have to ensure that you’re not paying too much for a web address. With Strikingly, you get a custom domain for free with any premium plan.

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3. Focus on the Correct Web Design and UX.

For startup websites, it is ideal to focus on two things – design and user experience. These are two important factors of the best startup websites. You also need to put great effort into choosing the perfect font style, color palettes, and product images for your website. Most importantly, you need to consider your branding strategy. Use colors and font style consistently. Your target customers will easily recognize your business whenever it shows up online. User experience is another important key to driving more visitors to your business website. It must not be compromised just to achieve eye-catching web layout design. Remember, design and user experience are two things you need to focus on. For instance, you can create visible Call-to-action information that would not ‘always’ require a Sign-up or subscription. Startup websites should be ‘publicly’ available. Once you have made excellent web traffic, that’s the time you can create exclusive content with members-only access.

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4. Set a Fund for Marketing Strategy.

Some people might think that people will start visiting once a website gets live. In reality, this shouldn’t be the case. You need to do something to pull the triggers of driving more traffic to your website. There is a need to allot some funds for marketing purposes for startup websites. You have to have ads on social media, forum sites, and where your target customers hang out. Being recognized as a brand is one of the startup owner’s business goals. Although you have limited resources, setting funds for your marketing strategy is a smart investment.

5. Optimize Startup Website for Search Engines

You have to optimize your small business website for search engines. Regardless of the kind of niche you have, so many websites cater to the same thing. You need to sort out some strategies to stand out in the competition. Here are some SEO tips for your startup.

  • Research and Implementation of Keywords
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Secure SSL Certificate
  • Have a Mobile-First Website
  • Boost Positive Reviews and Recommendations
  • Use Internal Links to Keep People Reading
  • Link Social Media to your Website

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6. Don’t Depend on Content Management System (CMS).

Using CMS helps many users, but it may not be a smart idea for a startup website. You might need to adjust how you create content based on the website analytics. Using a Content Management System may lead to extra costs in configuring the changes if you use a Content Management System. Therefore, manually publishing or promoting your content seems to be a practical thing to do.

7. Choose a Good Business Platform

There are various website builder platforms. Each has a specialty in building eCommerce websites, blogging, online gallery, event, etc. You have to figure out the best website builder that offers what you need as a startup business owner. Make sure you’ve got what you paid for and enjoy cool freebies. Website accessibility is crucial. Here at Strikingly, we’ve got all the web services you need in building startup websites without being an expert in codes. You can easily set up our Simple store and have your online shop ready in minutes.

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Final Thoughts

All startup owners need to have a business platform where the public can see what their business offers. Once you publish your startup website, an endless work chain comes in. You don’t simply stop when your website is live. Instead, you need to be consistent in developing new content for product launches, business updates, and promotions. It is vital to find the right website builder for your needs. You need the best web services and features that you can use for eCommerce solutions, such as an online store, custom form, free web hosting, reliable uptime, mobile-first designs, etc. With Strikingly, you get more than what you actually pay for. Moreover, you can ensure that you have a team of web experts to support you along the way. We don’t compromise our users' satisfaction with our web services. In fact, we’ve made millions of happy users, even though we’re a startup company. We would love to hear about your startup business, too. Check out our homepage and see what best offers await you.