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Creating your freelance website has become the norm in today’s day and age. It is one of the most popular outlets for gaining clients and creating revenue streams for yourself as an individual who does not work for any specific organization. People now create a freelance website to build the basis of a long-lasting career, as opposed to before, when it used to be just a side hustle for almost everyone.

The best freelance websites are those that do something original for themselves. The main concept is the same, so is the final goal, but they are offering something new that no one else is. This is also one of the reasons behind the concept of a freelance website becoming so popular in recent years: it provides any freelancer with immense amounts of creative freedom.

A freelance website is like the new small neighborhood shop that someone opens up from their home. It has the same vibe and energy; the only difference is that this career is built online and not in one’s physical neighborhood. However, before we discuss the idea of a freelance website, you need to know what a freelance website exactly is. Continue reading below to find out.

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What is a Freelance Website?

Freelance sites are personal websites through which you can earn money for yourself without being part of any more significant organization. You can look for some of the best freelance jobs through a freelance website instead of remaining in search of just one particular job. It is a way to earn money online by gaining access to numerous work-from-home job opportunities.

A freelance website consists of job boards that all freelancers can browse through to pick which jobs and clients they want to bid to work for. In retrospect, a freelance website is an outlet for anyone to find the work of their choice even if they do not possess the qualifications a traditional job would require, like a bachelor’s degree.

If you create an effective freelance website, you can work wonders for your freelancing career and quickly gain tons of proposals within a limited time. You need to create an effective freelance website that draws in clients.

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7 Tips to Create an Effective Freelance Website

Below, you may find listed and explained seven tips you should follow if you wish to create an effective freelance website for your freelancing journey.

1. Highlight Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is what forms the majority of the content of freelance websites. The best freelance websites successfully paint a professional picture of the owner through their portfolio on the freelance website. So, pay special attention to how you insert your portfolio onto the website when you create a freelance website.

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2. Provide Prominent Contact Information

There is no point in impressing anyone through freelance sites if they are unable to contact you later on as they wish. That is why you need to make sure that your contact information is easily visible on each web page of your freelance website. This will optimize the purpose of your website automatically for you.

3. Add Previous Client Reviews

This method is crucial because it proves everything you will be saying about yourself. This makes the best freelance websites because they back up whatever they are saying, removing any doubts in any employer’s or client’s mind. Also, this method helps create trust and integrity in your character even if the person reading the client reviews has no prior knowledge regarding you.

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4. Let Your Personality Shine Through

Even though freelance sites are supposed to be professional, do not get so caught up in that, that you sound robotic. Include your personal touch in whatever you put out when you create a freelance website. Your personality will make your freelance website stand out compared to the numerous others available for all clients to go check out.

5. Optimize For SEO

Optimizing for SEO is the way to go if you want to make your freelance website appear as one of the top results whenever someone searches for relevant content on Google. It is super simple to optimize for SEO, and if you are a freelancer, then the chances are high that you already know all about search engine optimization. So, put your skills to use and create immense advantages for yourself.

6. Have a Nice and Simple Layout

Do not get caught up in trying to create a freelance website that is unnecessarily complicated to navigate through. Keep it neat and straightforward, and this should be enough to impress anyone if the content you include is worthy enough.

7. Add Relevant Media

This is one feature of the internet that you most definitely have to utilize to its full potential on your freelance website! Insert relevant videos, animations, and pictures to lighten up your website and be able to explain things better to potential clients. Remember to be careful and not go overboard with it, though, because this might cause your website to seem unprofessional. And, of course, we would not want that now.

Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Freelance Website Using Strikingly

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Below is the list of steps you can follow to create a freelance website on Strikingly.

  1. Create a free account on Strikingly or sign in using your already existing account. Our registration process is quite simple, as all you have to do is enter your name and email address. You will receive an email in your inbox with a link to verify your account. Once done, you can access your Strikingly dashboard and go to our template selection page.
  2. Select a template for your freelance website and customize it. Our templates are responsive, which means visitors can browse them smoothly from any device. You can look at your site’s mobile view from the Strikingly editor to ensure it looks neat. You can also customize the color scheme without any hard-core programming.
  3. Define different sections on your freelance website per your needs and available content. Our editor allows you to add different sections to your web page. For example, if you want to build a portfolio of your past projects, you can add a ‘Gallery’ section and show your projects as images or links. You can also create a ‘Simple Blog’ section to write about your passion and skills and entice your prospective clients or employers to hire you for their projects.
  4. Use the ‘Contact Form’ option to insert relevant contact information. You can add the form to your page with readymade fields that you can customize, depending on what information you want your users to give.
  5. Insert all your social media links at appropriate places. Integrating your social media pages with your website helps drive traffic back and forth among all your marketing channels. Strikingly also has a feature to embed Instagram or Facebook feed into your web page. This gives a glimpse of your social media posts to your site visitors without them having to come out of your site. This is a highly effective strategy for increasing your freelance website’s browsing time and engaging the visitors more with your content.
  6. Create a footer and add extra navigation options to your site. Your footer is a good place to add all the summarized details of your freelance website.
  7. Create a small blog within the website to increase the chances of generating traffic
  8. Add a custom domain if you are using one of our paid plans. Strikingly lets you buy a domain for up to 11 years or transfer an old domain that you already own onto your website.

Now that you know how to create a freelance website, don’t waste time looking for more tools or platforms to serve your purpose. Hop on to Strikingly and get familiar with our user-friendly editor and drag-and-drop interface. If you already have your content planned out, you can create your freelance website in minutes. Most of the features you require to build your freelance website are available in our free plan, which means you don’t have to pay anything or even enter your payment details to get your new website up and running.

Once your site is ready, you can edit, change or update its content any time you need. Make sure you visit your Strikingly dashboard often to check if your site is running properly. If you face any technical difficulties, you can contact our customer support staff anytime through our 24/7 live chat feature. We are happy to serve you at our best and are always available to answer your queries. We wish you the best in your freelancing pursuits!