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Whether you are a freelancer already or someone fascinated to start freelance work soon, this topic will be handy for you. We have gathered some ideas about the best tools for freelancers that will make your job easier and the tasks to be more manageable. These freelancing tools and apps are specifically built to help freelancers keep their duties up to date and organized. Indeed, you may have encountered some of the best apps for freelancers that incredibly make work less hassle. We have so many personal website users working in the freelancing business here at Strikingly. We give them the right tools to help them get a good grasp of their chosen field in the online world. Having your own online space doesn’t only help you sell your skills and showcase your works to other aspiring freelancers.

freelancing tools

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Freelancing is growing more prominent these days. While there are many benefits to working in a corporate company and being an employee, many people find freelance jobs more preferable in terms of their lifestyle. You can work anytime and anywhere. As long as you’re taking your laptop with you plus a good internet connection, you’re okay. The perks of freelancing work cannot be simply compared to a regular nine to five job because there is a massive gap between them. Usually, you are given specific tools to use in your company, but when you’re working on your own, you have the chance to try what app or tool works out fine. There may be times when your client has to let you use a particular app to manage your tasks, but you’ll definitely find your way to get used to it. You will be backed up with the best tools for freelancers that will help you come up with a job well done. This is why this article will also show you some of the best apps for freelancers.

freelancing tools

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Best Tools For Freelancers To Make Work Easier

Finding the best tool for freelancers can be a tough job if you’re just starting out. However, this article will guide you with tried and tested ideas that have worked for successful freelancers. Once you find the right tool, everything will simply follow as expected. Here are some of the apps to try for your freelancing work. You’ll be amazed to discover the best tools for freelancers that you don’t know exist.

  1. Be Creative With Canva
  2. Do It Right With Grammarly
  3. Keep Track On Time With Clockify
  4. Organize Team Tasks With Trello
  5. Don’t Miss Schedules With Calendar
  6. Get Paid & Send Invoice Via Paypal
  7. Do Accounting Tasks With Xero
  8. Get Clear Communication - Zoom
  9. Keep Your Notes - Evernote
  10. Create Online Portfolio With Strikingly

1. Be Creative With Canva

tools for freelancers

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Canva is very popular with graphic designers and people who love experimenting with beautiful layout designs. Canva is the best tool for freelancers who want to create logos, banners, social media posts, resumes, edit videos, book covers, invitations, and anything to do with creative designs.
Canva is definitely one of the best tools for freelancers for certain services such as web designs and blogging. To attract your target audience, you need to create a good impression at first glance. Web designers provide a sophisticated look and professional website ambiance for corporate users while designing personal websites more casually. With Canva, you can play with the suitable theme, color, and layout design as per client requirements. Therefore, winning more projects in your chosen field.

2. Do It Right With Grammarly

best apps for freelancers

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Grammarly helps you communicate professionally. We all know that proper writing earns a reputable sense of respect regardless of your niche. If you have poor grammar, it doesn’t clearly signal good communication skills. For freelancers, a well-written article means everything. It serves as a resume and a credible reference of whether to hire them or not.

The good thing about Grammarly as a freelancing tool is that it automatically alerts you when typo or grammatical errors need to be corrected. Thus, giving you a professional and well-written piece. The bonus part is that you can use it for free and get instant reports about your progress in writing.

3. Keep Track On Time With Clockify

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Clockify is another one of the best tools for freelancers that helps manage time and productivity. We are all aware that with the recent work-from-home setup, many freelancers and even employees get easily distracted by so many things at home. Provided that they have the freedom to work according to their free time, some may have issues with time and productivity. To avoid unproductivity, Clockify enables you to track how much time you spend on a specific task or project. This will give you an idea of how many hours you should allot on a particular job. Most people tend to be more productive and reliable if they're aware of working on the clock.

4. Organize Team Tasks With Trello

organize team with Trello

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Trello is the simplest and easy-to-use freelancing tool when it comes to team management. If you love visuals and graphics, this is a go-to tool with good pricing. Start a free account or upgrade to business for only $12.50 per month. Isn’t it a great deal? That makes Trello a good option for freelancers.

Trello allows you to manage your tasks using kanban boards. It enables you to add, move, and share your cards with other freelancers or clients. Thus, keeping it transparent and organized for the team. If you’re working with a team, this is one of the best tools for freelancers that you should try.

5. Don’t Miss Schedules With Calendar

Calendar as freelancing tool

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Calendar is a perfect tool to not miss your schedules and send deliverables on time. It can sync with Google and Outlook calendars to organize your upcoming events and meetings. While it may seem redundant, it certainly gives you the peace of mind you need to keep track of each schedule. Calendar is one of the best tools for freelancers, especially those working with various tasks.

6. Get Paid & Send Invoice Via PayPal

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PayPal is widely-used in freelancing work for payout and invoice purposes. Some businesses also use PayPal to manage refunds and send invoices to their customers. A virtual assistant responsible for managing the business transactions and finances knows the ease and speed of processing payments and refunds through PayPal.

If you're new to freelancing, you need to set up your own PayPal account as early as now because this will keep you rewarded and inspired to meet the deadlines or accomplish tasks as soon as possible. Aside from getting paid through this app, you can also send payment to other merchants using PayPal.

7. Do Accounting Tasks With Xero

Accounting with Xero

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For someone new to accounting tasks, Xero is a life-saver. According to GoSkills, Xero is a step up that provides its users with the ability to send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, create reports, liaise with accountants, and control summarised accounts.

If you got the edge on this tool, you will surely win projects that have to do with accounting stuff.

8. Get Clear Communication Via Zoom

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If you’re looking for clear and organized communication, here comes the Zoom application. What’s better than just sending link invites to the team? You can also sync the meeting schedule on your Calendar so that you won’t miss it. Zoom is a widely-used app that provides safe and secure communication. While the free account allows a forty-five-minute duration for each meeting, the host can extend each meeting if needed.

9. Keep Your Notes - Evernote

Keep notes with Evernote

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Do you need a reliable note-taking app? Evernote is the answer. It is suitable for those keen on details and don’t want to miss a single piece of information they need.

Evernote is one of the best tools for freelancers and people who are big on taking notes to not forget a thing. It helps tally, organize, keep track, and manage notes properly. Also, it has excellent features such as an inbox, notebooks, and those cute little web clippers. Honestly, it’s hard to miss on your desktop.

10. Create Online Portfolio With Strikingly

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Being a freelancer is a fast-paced and dynamic career. You are exposed to different niches aligned with your skills and specialties. You need to build a solid online presence and brand quality through your online portfolio to excel. Many of our users here at Strikingly are freelancers, instructors, photographers, artists, writers, authors, performers, and talented individuals who are well-driven with their goals and passion in life. If you are one of them, Strikingly is one of the best tool for freelancers to shine in their field. We provide the best web services, features, and tools you need to develop a good branding and marketing strategy. If you want to get started, head on to our sign-up page now.

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The greatest gift of technology is making our day-to-day life easier and better. For freelancers, these are in the form of apps and tools that serve as their lifesaver in performing tasks and earning money. Knowing these best tools for freelancers will help you be more productive, creative, and organized in dealing with your tasks. It’s good to have one or more of these freelancing tools that will show how serious you are with your work. While making tasks more manageable, your projects are also worth the expectation and money you are paid for. It’s like a domino effect that makes work less stressful while gaining trust from people you work with. With Strikingly, it’s not just a matter of working on your own but having the right tools and talented team to back you up anytime or anywhere. Let’s see how it goes for you. Start your own freelancer portfolio here. And we will help you build up your personal brand.