For the past years, businesses have implemented tons of strategies for their content marketing. They took time researching the best content marketing strategy they could use to achieve their goals. From putting a blog section on their website pages to regularly sending newsletters to their subscribers, businesses have been continuously being creative with their content marketing strategy.

One of the strategies arising in content marketing is known as user-generated content or UGC. First time hearing it? Then you happen to be in the right place to learn what UGC means.

What is User-Generated Content?

A user-generated content, or simply UGC, refers to website content related to your brand that another person creates. Typically, a user-generated content goal includes making social media updates, testimonials, videos, reviews, podcasts, and other related types created by someone who isn’t directly related to the brand.

Understanding what is user-generated content also includes learning that this type of marketing strategy is mostly unpaid and unsponsored by the business itself. A user-generated content goal is achieved when one customer likes your product or service and then creates a post mentioning how excellent your business is. Another example was when a famous artist or band tweeted about their fantastic experience in a hotel or a restaurant; it is also another perfect answer to what does UGC mean.


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The benefits of user-generated content does not only revolve around website content that explicitly discusses your product. Occasionally, a user-generated content goal can also include lifestyles and core values that relate to what you are offering your target market. One best example is how Vans often reposts video clips of riders and skaters who commonly show off the vibe their product is trying to sell.

Types of User-Generated Content


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Mastering what is user-generated content isn’t enough if you don’t get to know its different kinds. If you seek to use this marketing strategy in your online business, it is essential that you understand what you are doing and you have an idea of how each type works. There are a lot of user-generated content goals which you can choose from in finding the best-suited one for your business type. Some of them are:

1. Social Media User-Generated Content

One reason using user-generated content is a must, is that there are social media. The most common type of user-generated content is the one you’ll often see on social media. Now that almost everyone has their social media platforms creating posts of marketing-related stuff is more straightforward because everyone can see it easily. Many online consumers believe that to see is to consider when purchasing products. So, before they create a purchase, they will first browse online about the product they are interested in. Nowadays, people are fond of sharing images or video clips of products they purchase online. It is an excellent opportunity for a business to achieve social media user-generated content goals. Once a previous client posts a review online about their product, another potential client can see it giving them a direct view of the product.

2. Blogposts and Vlogs

Blogging and vlogging are two different forms of website content creation that are very powerful. These two have also become another form of marketing strategy businesses use nowadays.

Online companies have also been active in partnering with influencers to spread the good word about their products and services. Many bloggers use their platform to create articles and reviews about the products and services they bought and even the places they’ve been to. The blog articles unconsciously “help” businesses promote their services, creating an achieved user-generated content goal. Vlogging has also become another good source of user-generated content.

Many influencers use vlogging to share life updates and thoughts about anything under the sun. A lot of vloggers are doing step-by-step tutorials and product review vlogs about products that are hyped by the online community. As a result, the online audience seeks to watch these kinds of website content before purchasing. Audiences visit blog websites and YouTube account first to get a clearer view of how a product looks and functions.

Benefits of User-Generated Content to Your Brand

Understanding why using user-generated content is essential to your business is a primary secret weapon. Here are the reasons why:

1. User-Generated Content is More Effective

One thing about online consumers is that their buying decisions are greatly affected by what they see online. Online buyers love to see posts made by their co-buyers, famous artists, and favorite influencers about a product they are interested in. Once they see that a person they look up to is using a product interesting for them, they’ll immediately buy it. This is one of the best reasons why using user-generated content is necessary for businesses.

It would be best if you took the opportunity to spread the good word about your business through a practical user-generated content goal. Do your best to offer the best products and customer service, so your clients instantly fall in love with you. In return, they’ll shout to the online community how awesome you are, and in the end, a user-generated content goal is achieved effortlessly.


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2. User-Generated Content Shows Authenticity

Starting a business includes showing the online community how credible you are. Online consumers prefer authenticity, specifically when it comes to purchasing products. They seek companies that have established a trustworthy image in the online market.

Modern consumers have become more competent in finding the best product or service. They are more critical in making their best pick resulting in them relying on reviews made by their co-consumers online. You can enjoy the benefits of user-generated content because it helps showcase your reliability as a business.

Many people who post reviews and testimonials online are not paid, thus making them a good source of information about a particular product. In a consumer’s eyes, everything they say is purely a consumer’s honest thoughts. Online buyers would think that because the company doesn’t hire these people, their statements are factual and can be trusted.

Tips About User-Generated Content You Should Know

Mastering what user-generated content is more effective with tips and hacks and you should know how to you use this effectively. Technically speaking, user-generated content isn’t something created by your company. But, as a wise entrepreneur, there are extraordinary ways you can do to convince your online visitors to create great user-generated content about your business. Here’s how:


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1. Identify Consumer Trends

One thing about online communities is that their demands constantly change. The culture that the world of e-commerce has can change from time to time, making it a must for you to understand what they truly want. You must understand what your market wants to secure sales and achieve user-generated content.

  • Which target audience group shares your website content more?
  • Which of your website content do they put more interest on?
  • Where do your online consumers come from?
  • What are their motives for liking and sharing your posts?

Getting these types of data is easier if you have reliable website analytics. Creating a free website here in Strikingly allows you to look at your website’s statistics. With our built-in analytics, you can smoothly see where your online visitors are coming from, which parts of your business website they spend most of their time with, and how long they stay on it. Through a reliable website analytics feature like ours, it will be a no-brainer for you to understand your online audience and certain user-generated content.

2. Host Events

One thing about driving user-generated content is that they are more accessible through the help of events. When you conduct an event, you create more interactions between you and your target audience. They can have a closer view of your product and even see how you do what you do.

Raising awareness about your online business is also easier by conducting events where everyone interested can freely join. By hosting an event, you can be more tactical in convincing your visitors to create user-generated content featuring your business. You can control your environment better because you are on your ground. This strategy can help you set a scene in favor of what your visitors prefer. Keep the hype coming by offering them some product tests and goodie bags that’ll immediately put a good impression about you and your business.

Hosting an event has never been a problem here at Strikingly. You can now host a fantastic event with us through a free website. Strikingly is one excellent option to make your event website more stunning than ever. You can send invitations and other important event details without getting stressed.

Using Strikingly for events, you can include beautiful background images, galleries, a map location, and agendas on your website. You can embed your favorite ticketing website on your webpage to make things go smoothly.



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Compelling content is something that communicates. It should not only be a piece of blog or article posted on a website to fill the gaps on a homepage. Powerful content should be equipped with exciting subjects that can keep the engagements and conversions coming to any business website. It should not only market a product to an online visitor but, most importantly, share a story that can significantly impact their lives. To have unique content, it should have the same energy as what its target market possesses.

If you want to know more about how you can make a fantastic website filled with powerful content, chat with us today, and we’ll be happy to help get you started.