Connection is crucial in the world of business. Customers aren’t just focused on who are the best stores with the best products. They also focus on identifying which companies can connect with their target market well. As an entrepreneur, you must ace this “challenge” and perform your duties accordingly. You must show your patrons how much you value them and their presence in your online business. You must talk to them and recognize their opinion about your business’ performance to quickly identify whether your business is fulfilling what you promised them. To ensure that you are establishing good communication with your audience, one way you could do this is by learning what is community management.

What is Community Management?

Community management, from the term itself, is managing an online community. It involves producing effective strategies to keep engagements in a specific online community. Community management can include responding to comments on your social media accounts, liking website posts, and sharing engaging content.

Another purpose of community management is to foster stronger relationships between your business and the general type of market you are in. It is one powerful marketing element that should never be overlooked.


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What is a Community Manager?

A community manager runs community management. Hiring a community manager is like building a bridge connecting your business to your target audience. A company’s community manager is responsible for managing the team assigned to fulfill the community management duties. He provides his community management team with compelling content and engagement to help build trust among all the members. If you just entered the business world, you can be your own community manager. But as soon as your business starts growing and gaining the attention of your target audience, it is best to hire a community manager who can dispose of this job more efficiently.

If you have plans on hiring a community manager, here are the most important traits you need to find the best-suited person:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Can quickly adapt to your brand
  • Quick to identify opportunities
  • Empathetic
  • Patience
  • Creative
  • Good sense of humor
  • Content marketing experience
  • Knows your niche
  • Curious to learn
  • Trustworthy

Purpose of Community Management

Understanding the importance of community management in your business isn’t just for your marketing strategies. There are more powerful reasons why mastering what is community management can bring a significant impact on your business.


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1. Showcase Credibility

Credibility is a must for businesses. You might not seem to notice it, but online consumers are now more aware of how the internet works. Many of them are cautious about anything that they see online. With online scams, fake news, and fraudsters lurking online, more and more consumers are taking careful steps before transacting with businesses online.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to keep your audiences feeling safe every time they visit your business website. Community management allows you to take a deeper look at how your website is doing. You can check who regularly visits your website and talk to them one-on-one. This gives consumers a sense of security because you, the owner, are the one communicating with them.

By understanding the purpose of community management, you can easily create a safe space for your online consumers. Once you have an effective community manager, it will be easier for you to reach out to your consumers and know their assessment of your performance. You can ask permission from your past clients about their feedback and put them in a specified section on your website. If they can see how professionally-built and trustworthy your online community is, they are more likely to scroll through your website.

2. Sense of Belongingness

Customers like it better if they feel a sense of belongingness from the businesses they transact with. They choose companies that make them feel not just like a customer but like someone who belongs in the same awesome group. If you want to have a stable connection with your market, you must make them feel they can trust you and they can rely on you.

You might not seem to notice it, but audiences pay attention to what you do to make them love you. Every reply in the comment section and every answer you give to their queries, they all notice and use it as the basis for whether it is worth staying with you until the end.

Learning the different types of community management can help you figure out the most vital points within your business to keep customers coming back to you. You can keep that same strategy and attract more customers who fall into the same niche as yours. You can also add more legitimacy to your brand by using a consultative approach when communicating with your customers to quickly build relationships with your clients. Good relationships between businesses and consumers are more critical because they can lead to a long-term connection rather than just a one-time transaction.

Powerful Community Management Strategy You Must Know

Mastering the art of community management strategy doesn’t end the moment you hire a community manager. For you to truly ace it, you must equip yourselves with backup plans or a set of powerful tips on how you can do community management better. Learning ideas like these can help you gain attention and maintain an outstanding performance that’ll impress your audience for a long time.


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1. Set Your Goals

Community management is easier if there are clear goals. No matter what type of business you try to indulge in, goals are essential elements you should never overlook. Goals help you get a better vision of what you want your business to be in case you get stuck. It reminds you of why you do what you do, and help you get back in the game fast. Before starting your business community management process, you must secure yourself with realistic and attainable goals.

Pinpointing your community management strategy goals can make your whole tactic flow smoothly than just abruptly doing what you want. Some of the most common community management goals include:

  • Increase your website brand awareness
  • Build an effective brand advocacy
  • Improve public engagements
  • Strengthen word-of-mouth marketing
  • Educate your online audience
  • Implement reliable customer support
  • Get feedback
  • Increase business sales and website subscriptions
  • Boost customer retention

2. Understand Your Target Market

Online consumers play a huge role in every business’s success. Your customers are the ones who acknowledge whether your hard work is enough or not. Each online consumer you attract can be a member of the online community you are building.

To build a thriving community, you must have a transparent target market. Setting a clear group of people you want to offer your products and services can make it easier for you to prepare an accurate marketing and community management strategy you can use for your business. When you already know who is your target audience, you can easily find out where you would begin and avoid wasting your time and effort on the wrong market sort.

Learning community management can also help you understand your frequent online visitors. In the world of business, you can’t always have the same market niche. Sometimes, consumers from different places can accidentally visit your website. It is not bad because you can use this opportunity to introduce your business and create conversions.

You can create a community management strategy that focuses on your website analytics. Your analytics can help you see who your frequent visitors are, which countries they came from, what they usually do upon landing on your website, and even the timespan they spend on specific areas on your webpage. With this information, you can create a more effective community management strategy that pays attention to your loyal customers and the general market.

3. Create Engaging Content

An online community is boring if it isn’t engaging. What’s one best step to keeping everything on your website filled with engagements? Consistently making effective content. The main reason online consumers visit websites is their curiosity about what they will find out when they land. As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t waste opportunities like these.

One great purpose of community management strategy is to ensure that every user can find solutions to their queries. When an online business uses effective community management, it can easily set up a one-stop shop for any online queries. They can easily arrange a community website where everyone is in harmony and can relate to each other.

To do this, you must fill your webpage with content that can keep attracting your members. If you own a travel website community, keep the fire going by consistently posting travel blogs and videos. You can add a comment section on your blog posts where your members can send their feedback about your content. You, in return, will use this chance to reply to them and acknowledge their opinion making your community management strategy more effective. Once your audience sees that you are exerting extra effort, they will fall in love with you more in just a blink of an eye.


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Creating an online space where you can find people with the same likes as you is an advantage in the business world. Here at Strikingly, you have the freedom to express your thoughts on an online community you create. You can share your products and services with them on a Simple store which you can launch in minutes. Aside from that, you can also create an online community through membership pages to freely talk with your online audience. You can have the chance to communicate with them, offer ideas to each other, and share experiences you’ll never forget in your eCommerce life.

If you want to know more about the world of eCommerce, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.