To be a successful entrepreneur, you must always have your own “special weapon”. Something which you can use when things don’t go smoothly according to your initial plans. Entrepreneurs nowadays have developed their distinct ways of dealing with competition. From basic advertisements done online, up to a unique marketing strategy no one could ever think of. As an aspiring business owner, you must also be aware of these tactics not just to keep yourself in line but, most importantly, survive the world of e-commerce. And if you are curious and currently looking for one best way to do that, you just happen to stumble on the right place.

When it comes to website building and e-commerce, we got your back. In this blog, you will be able to learn one of the best ways to win your competitors out and survive the harsh world of e-commerce. How? Simple, through the use of blog marketing.

Yes! Blogging isn’t just meant for writers. It can also be one best tool in promoting your business online. If you haven’t heard about it, then just sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the wondrous world of blog marketing.

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What is Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing can be defined as the process of promoting your business’s product or services through blogging. It is simply a form of content marketing strategy that business owners use to reach their target audience directly. Blog marketing uses various viral marketing methods wherein a specific interest group is made based on a posted blog.


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Before, blogging was only made by bloggers who want to share their thoughts about a specific topic with their audience. As time goes by, through the development of technology, businesses have also started to integrate blogging in marketing themselves, thus paving the way for blog marketing to rise. Well, we can’t blame them. Besides the fact that blog marketing is more accessible, you’re your customers. You can also easily start your blog with no professional background.


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What Are the Benefits of Blog Marketing for Your Brand?

If you still have doubts about blog marketing and its possible effects on your business, we got it covered. Below are all the benefits you and your business could get out of blog marketing.

∙ Brand Awareness

If you just entered the world of e-commerce, raising brand awareness is undoubtedly one of your priorities. With blog marketing, you can quickly launch a product by creating content about it. After you start your blog, you can simply share it on your website and even on your other social media to let people see it. With this, you can instantly spark curiosity in people, making them go and check you out.

∙ Gain More Audience

Blog marketing is one proven way of gaining more audience for your business website. Customers tend to want “more” when it comes to getting to know a business. By using the right blog marketing strategies, driving more traffic to your online business is more likely to happen. Many customers tend to read blogs written online about businesses before finally deciding to transact with them. So, if you want to gain more attention, blog marketing is highly suggested for you.

∙ Improves Your Ranking

Once you gain that attention with the help of your chosen blog marketing strategies, your rank increases. Yes, you heard it; websites have rankings, too. These rankings determine how you are doing with the competition in the online world. It tells you whether you are gaining or losing more followers. SEO plays a vital role in securing good results for your business.

With blog marketing and the right website building platform packed with the best search engine tools like Strikingly, outshining your competitors will never be complicated.


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Effective Strategies You Should Use for Blog Marketing

Now that you’re surely getting hyped on the real beauty behind blog marketing, we prepared more ideas to inspire you. To help you stay on track, we listed the best blog marketing strategies you can use as a guide in starting your own. Take a deep understanding of these tips and who knows, you and your business might be the next one to be on top.

∙ Choose Your Audience

Any marketing strategy wouldn’t work without any target audience. Before you start your blog, be sure to have your decided target market. Do you seek a more professional audience? Do you prefer promoting your business to teenagers rather than adults? Are you blogging for females or males? Do you want to be a blogger for kids? Ask questions like these to yourself to help you identify what are your goals. In the end, you’ll be able to come up with the right blog marketing strategies to help you succeed.

∙ Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one blog marketing strategy for bloggers who love to socialize. Here, relationship-building with other bloggers is one of the main goals. You connect with other business websites or online publications within your same niche. Once you reach out to them, you can ask them to let you publish an article for them relevant to their target market. In return, they will link back the article to your own blog. As the guest blogger, you can get two to three links pointing from the more authoritative website back to your own written blog. Sounds amazing right?

∙ Use Social Media

Social media is undeniably one of the best marketing tools ever existed. This is one of the reasons why including social media in your blog marketing strategies is a holy grail. In just one click, you can gain more followers without breaking too much sweat. It can also be managed easily even without a professional background.

Here in Strikingly, we let our users connect to their target audience easily through social media integration. They can easily create a website (with no coding skills required!), pick their desired layout, and connect their social media websites right away. All hassle-free!

∙ Create Stunning Layout

The audience loves aesthetics. That’s one fact. If you want to gain more readers for your blogging, create an awesome website layout. Stun them the moment they land on your blog marketing page. Choose the best themes that will not only fit your personal liking but most importantly your reader’s preferences. Make them love your website layout and ensure that they’ll go back to you over and over again. And if you need help with that, Strikingly got your back.

∙ Write Clear and Original Contents

Blog marketing pages don’t only need to be clear, but also authentic. As a blogger, you must always make sure that your audience can easily understand what you are trying to say. Use words that are simple, yet impactful. Avoid flowery sentences because most customers don’t like them. As much as possible, be straightforward. You wouldn’t want readers leaving your blog marketing page and losing that chance just because they can’t understand what you’re trying to say right?

Blog writing also requires authenticity. Post blogs that you’ve written and not by other bloggers. You can go and get inspiration from them in writing yours, but always ensure that you aren’t copying theirs. After all, you wouldn’t want to get sued by another company right?

∙ Identify Your Competitors

Competition is real in the world of business. If you want to write effective blog marketing strategies, know who your competitors are and what they actually do. Conduct thorough research regularly to help you understand what you should do. Know what your competitors have and what you can do to offer the audience something better than that. Avoid doing what is the mainstream and do not be afraid to think outside of the box. Be unique in your own little ways and trust us, you will definitely enjoy the results.

∙ Be Updated

Digital technology continuously changes, so does blogging. The needs and wants of your target audience could change from time to time. One moment they love your article, the next minute, they are drawn to another. With this, you must always be on track. Always make sure that you know what is the latest when it comes to creating blog marketing strategies. Keep yourself updated and learn how to adapt to these changes. It will help you as a writer and help your business improve and last for a long time.


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Start Your Blog with Strikingly

Blogging isn’t as hard as you think. It is actually one enjoyable hobby which you can turn into money. Once you understand how it works, it’ll only take a short period for you to achieve your goals for your business.

As a businessperson who wants to succeed in his career, you must always be flexible. You must know how to keep yourself on track to avoid getting left behind. Learning how to adapt to the current situation will help you not just in terms of solving an unexpected problem, but most importantly, help you and your business grow. Don't be afraid of changes brought by our rapidly-changing world, and instead use this as an opportunity.


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You don’t have to be a professional writer nor a bookworm just to start your blog marketing website. If you genuinely seek to succeed, all you need is courage, perseverance, and a great partner. You need the best website-building platform that knows exactly what they are doing. One that doesn’t only provide what you seek, but most importantly, gives you what you truly need—Strikingly.

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