A Quick Guide on How to Start an Etsy Shop

Every person who loves doing DIY ended up wanting to do more than customizing their works. At some point, you will start wondering how it is going to be if you can still do what you do, and at the same time, share your creations with the whole world.

Etsy Shop has been a one-stop website for anyone who loves doing their own thing. It has already made a lot of imagination turn into a more creative reality. Tons of arts and crafts enthusiasts who tried their luck in joining Etsy have managed to succeed in their own chosen fields. From making customized products and handmade items to putting them on their Etsy store, and finally, gaining their first revenue, each moment definitely counts.

If you are someone who is in love with making crafts and DIYs, having an Etsy shop is a weapon for you. Having your own Etsy store where you can share your works with the whole world and share your passion is truly a must-have.

But before knowing how to set up an Etsy shop, let's first get to know what an Etsy shop is.

A Quick " What is Etsy Shop?" Throwback

Etsy is an online marketing website that features different handmade arts and crafts. It also sells vintage items and other extraordinary supplies from all around the globe. Etsy shop page has managed to reach a total of 1.7 million active Etsy shop sellers by the end of 2016. On the other hand, the number of Etsy shop active buyers has reached 28.6 million.

Etsy shop was founded and built by Robert Kalin, Haim Schoppik, and Chris Maguire, who are friends and, at the same time, entrepreneurs. They developed the first version of the Etsy shop in 2005. After finishing their first design for the website for almost two months, they officially launched their Etsy shop website in that same year. Now, Etsy shop's total revenue has reached $1.4 billion.

According to one of its founders, Kalin, Etsy shop got its name from a three-language mixed word. In French and Italian, Etsy can be interpreted as "what if". In the Italian language, Etsy is a variation of "eh si", which translates to "oh yes". Kalin shared that he chose the word Etsy because he seeks a "nonsense world". With Etsy being their website’s name, website viewers would not have assumptions when reading the name, making it more possible for them to strengthen their brand.


Image taken from Inbloom Handmade Bar

How to create an Etsy Shop

Making an Etsy shop may sound as easy as one, two, three. But, you have to remember that in making one, there are factors and ideas that you should take note of. If you are now fully determined to make your first Etsy shop design, this next part will be a big help.

Below are Etsy shop tips you should follow to help you achieve that Etsy shop page you've been wanting.

  1. Think of a Name

Etsy shop name is one essential must-have for starters. It is your primary tool in capturing the attention of every Etsy shop website user. Before you start your Etsy shop design, you have to come up first with a unique store name that can help you establish your own brand. You can create a name and shop title which best suits your personality and the products you will be offering. You can also choose to be out of the usual and use quirky names, which will give an instant curiosity once a potential customer sees it.

In creating your Etsy shop name, you can do it however you want it as long it follows these guidelines.

  • Etsy shop name must be four to twenty characters long
  • No spaces or special characters in Etsy shop name
  • Not an Etsy shop name that is already existing on the website and is used by another Etsy seller
  • Shop name should not have trademark infringements
  • No profanities
  1. Establish Brand Identity

After finalizing your shop name, the next step you need to do is to develop your brand's identity. Establishing your own identity is important in every website. Specifically in an online marketplace where there are tons of choices being provided to every customer, which increases competition. If you want to stand out, you have to have a firm identity.

Etsy shops have four distinct keywords for communicating their sellers' products.

These four main categories can help you find the right market for you. By clarifying what you can offer, potential customers can easily spot you among the crowd and directly make transactions with you.

Upon making your Etsy shop, you will also be asked to define your shop preferences. You can choose what language you want to use for your Etsy shop page and describe the items you will sell. You will also be asked to select your country and even choose the currency you want to use.

  1. Add Your Items

The next step you have to do is to start adding your items to your Etsy shop. Your items are the ones that will play as the main character of your Etsy Shop. So if you want to put a good impression on your customer's minds, you have to make them like you by organizing your website.

You can start listing your products, both physical and digital to enable potential customers to find you easily in the Etsy shop search. In adding and listing your items, you can do the following tips for a smoother flow of your Etsy website building.

  • Add your items’ photos
  • Design a thumbnail for your items
  • Ensure that your item listing details are complete
  • Manage your Etsy shop page inventory and pricing options
  • Set a clear and detailed product shipping price
  • Finalize everything before publishing
  • Publish your items


Image taken from Stitched Alive

  1. Choose a Payment and Billing Preference that Works

Etsy shop transactions wouldn’t be complete without the help of the right billing and payment partners. When making your Etsy shop design, you will be needing to choose what mode of paying and billing you prefer to use in transacting with your customers. To reduce your stress in deciding on this one, doing a few background checks is a big help. Have quick research on the best paying and billing methods that work best with an Etsy shop. By doing this, you are removing all the chances of you having troubles during transactions.

  1. Customize your Etsy shop website

Adding a touch of your personality to your Etsy shop adds more to its overall attractiveness. Potential customers could get an instant homey feeling once visiting your store. It will also give your Etsy shop a professional yet fun vibe.

In customizing your Etsy shop, you can consider doing these tips:

  • Add a striking bio
  • Post your best photos
  • Add a set of Etsy shop policy
  • Design your own “About Me” custom section
  • Arrange your items depending on how you want them to be


Image taken from Fighting Pretty

  1. Make Your Shop SEO-Friendly

One way of ensuring your store’s existence in e-commerce is through making it SEO-equipped. Search engines play an essential role in making any online website appear in every corner of the online community. If you seek to create an effective Etsy shop search for your store, you have to apply some SEO tactics like adding keywords and anchored texts. You can do this step by following the set of SEO rules Etsy has made for each of their Etsy shop stores.


Image taken from Japanese Crafts

Why Do You Need Another Arts and Crafts Website?

Etsy shop is truly a holy grail for someone in love with arts and crafts. But, building an Etsy shop page has its drawbacks too. After spending some time selling on your Etsy store, you could experience some concerns like increased fees and even low sales volume due to increased competition within the website. To prevent yourself from being too stressed about this, having a backup plan will surely save you. And what is the best backup plan? -- having your own online store built outside Etsy.


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Strikingly is among the few website builders who offer free online store websites. If you are new in the field of e-commerce, working with Strikingly is a must-try for you. Strikingly can help you open up a Simple Store to get you started in selling your products. You can choose from its Free, Limited, or Pro users option, each having suitable features you could enjoy selling your products. Free users can list a single product, and Limited users can post up to five products. Pro users, on the other hand, can list up to three hundred products.

Aside from this, Strikingly is also equipped with amazing features like Simple Blogs, Custom Form options, Social Feed Section, Google Analytics, and a wide collection of free templates which can help you in making the best online store website.

Curious about more? Chat with us, and enjoy creating your online store with Strikingly!