Distribution Channels

In today’s day and age, an entrepreneur likely starts their professional career with a small business. You have everything covered, from the business idea to the logo and the content you have to promote for your target audience. Moreover, you have started working on the terms and conditions to secure your business data and trademark. However, when you have decided upon the content you have to promote, you may have forgotten about something that promotes your business, i.e. channels of distribution.

Without quality distribution channels, the customers cannot keep track of you. Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer or an owner of a particular business startup, there is no question that you must understand and increase the number of channels applicable to your products and services. According to Wikipedia, distribution is making products and services available to the customers or business owners who demand them.

What is a Distribution Channel?

As we have stated about the process of distribution, many entrepreneurs still struggle to understand what is a distribution channel. It is a journey that a particular eCommerce product or service follows from the manufacturer to the consumer. The distribution process can be very limited if the customer purchases the product directly from the manufacturer. However, this process can be lengthy if it involves a distributor, supplier, and retailer.

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A few recognizable companies tend to sell their products directly to the clients, as well as make sure that the wholesaler or a retailer has a role to play. There is also a possibility that the business owners may use traders or dealers in the transferring of products from manufacturers to customers. The prime objective of these distribution channels is to sell products to their respective customers. With this approach, the manufacturers can identify the products they want to sell, look into a detailed view of potential costs while making a profit, and find the shortest route to get the product transported to the consumer.

Difference Between Direct and Indirect Distribution

When we go through the distribution definition, we confuse both direct and indirect distributions. Direct and indirect are two different types of distribution channels. In a direct channel, an eCommerce product is directly bought or sold from the manufacturer. On the other hand, an indirect channel enables one to buy a product from the wholesaler or retailer. Indirect channels are most popular if we talk about products associated with brick-and-mortar shops.

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If we define it in simple words, the price of a product is expected to rise if more go-betweens are available in the distribution network. On the other hand, a direct channel (also referred to as the short channel) can generate lower prices as the customer directly purchases products from the manufacturer. It also depends upon the customer in terms of what approach he wants to go with. If they have a limited budget and live on a daily wage basis, it is better if they go with the direct channel.

Important Types of Distribution Channel

1. Direct Sales

A direct sales business model is arguably one of the most common channels of distribution nowadays. This is one of those distribution channels that remove any intermediary found in the distribution network. Therefore, it makes the company deliver the products to customers independently. You will not find any retailer or third-party involvement (middleman) in the stock inventory procedure and the promotion of products.

2. Selective Distribution

Many online businesses worldwide don’t just discuss the number of distributions. Many premium brands focus on how the products are shown and made accessible to the public. If the brands and the eCommerce products cannot be traded out interchangeably, the business owner should go with the selective distribution. Target customers do not purchase products blindly nowadays. They tend to focus on how the products are distributed across a website.

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Therefore, you must have a proactive approach and optimize your channels of distribution as per your client’s thoughts. Bahia Blanca on Strikingly is one brilliant example of selective distribution. On this website, the distribution channels do not display all of the products altogether, as it may confuse the target audience. Instead, it prefers customer segmentation and divides all the products based on certain attributes, such as age, gender, marital status, etc.

3. Wholesaler

Just like retailers, wholesalers also work like middlemen. They purchase products from the suppliers and resell them to the end consumers at a higher cost. Scalability and target audience are the two most important factors in these business models. Brands make a huge profit from these distribution strategies because it enables them to transport huge quantities of products in one move. For these types of distribution channels, wholesalers would demand discounts and lower prices in return for buying in large numbers.

Importance of Distribution Channels

1. Maximize Sales

If you are a beginner or just started your entrepreneurship, you cannot expect to open your business website and think you can achieve your results within a few seconds. If you have just created your business or eCommerce website for the first time, you are likely going to have difficulties. One of the talking points after building your website is the channel of distribution. Your distribution channels should be the hub where everything related to the transfer of your products should be discussed and executed.

To ensure that you receive the maximum number of online sales through your business idea, you must connect your brand with your customers efficiently. You must provide them with the customer service that makes them return to your website for future online orders. As we watch the evolution of digital marketing trends, you must create an extraordinary business website on Strikingly. We will provide you with all the features required to build a successful website.

2. Online Presence

For a channel of distribution, it is important that you create a strong online presence for your website. No customers will look into your distribution channels if you don’t have a good brand or website developer reputation. It is important to note that it takes weeks and months to build your credibility, but it takes only a few seconds to make all of that credibility vanish within your customer’s eyes.

To create a solid online presence for your website, you must implement relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Strikingly fully supports the concept of ideal SEO strategies as it brings your website to Google’s notice. If your website has covered everything from the SEO perspective, there is no reason why Google won’t put you high in the rankings. Most importantly, your channels will see many products being transported from the manufacturer to customers.

Influence of Strikingly

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In the world of eCommerce, the influence of Strikingly is massive. You can create the business website of your dreams within a couple of seconds. Once you complete the registration on our website, you will fall under our free plan, which will allow you to create a basic website for your business idea. However, you need to create the best website design for your website. If your website design is beautiful, you will see more people inclined to your distribution channels. If your website isn’t credible or informal, your channels of distribution will be nothing more than a meaningless distraction for those customers.

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Once you’ve customized your website template, you must add all the necessities required for an eCommerce website. One of the important features that we provide on Strikingly is the order management system. This feature provides the customers with all the information about their finalized order. They will have all the tracking history of their product and will get an estimate of when the product will get delivered. Once the product is delivered, there is a chance that the website owner will ask you about the feedback related to your purchased product.


Since the world has become more digitized, the distribution marketing definition has become more relevant by the day. However, you must take note of certain things that will never change regardless of evolution. You must know that not all distribution channels will tick all the boxes for your products. Your businesses must do a lot of brainstorming and analysis before coming up with a proper channel. The channels must resonate with your company’s objectives, the strategic direction, and the objectives surrounding your sales.

Regardless of your choice, all the channels have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. However, the most important thing is ensuring that the operations are conducted successfully and that customers are the focal point of everything. If you have problems related to the functioning of your website, you can contact our Happiness Officers on Strikingly. So, join our website and create the website of your dreams.