With the advent of technology also comes the integration of it into our everyday lives. As we move forward in life, more and more technology comes along. This also means that marketing and customer support have all been easier to manage for everyone in the industry. As innovation develops more marketing and retail pathways to be easier, it also gets easier to make profits and sustain the business.

What is omni channel? Omni channel retailing is the marketing experience where selling, marketing, and serving customers have been made the easiest because of its deep integration with each other’s systems and function. It develops a cohesive and smooth consumer experience. It doesn’t matter when, where, or how a customer approaches a problem. There will always be an absolute and easy fix to it with omni channel retailing.

Omni channel retailing compared to Multi Channel marketing

Multi channel marketing is often compared to omni channel retailing due to the nature of their function. But they are as different as you can imagine. In multi channel marketing, the experience of the customer isn’t as synchronous or intuitive as omni channels. On the other hand, omni channel retailing is one extensive network that is connected to one system. With that, a cohesive, intuitive, and effective system is able to take place and serve the customers. There aren’t any other channels in the system as the one big channel serves to adhere to customer needs well. If done right, omni channel retailing should be the default way of approaching customer experience as its benefits over multi channel exclusive marketing is evident with seamless transitions and interactions. Keep in mind that omni channel retailing won’t be possible without the practice of multi channel marketing.

Do note that extensive self-research is still required for your business’ niche. Knowing your business ins and outs are still very important and tantamount to your success.


The benefits of Omni channel retailing and commerce

  1. Customer experience is made to be better

Your customers will always expect that your business will be well integrated within its different parts and sections. Having a unified experience within your marketing strategies will make it a breeze to interact and establish customer satisfaction, trust, and support. Consumers nowadays wish for an omni channel experience within their subscribed or purchase services. As our number of touchpoints is increasing, so is the necessity for cohesive integration from one touchpoint to others.

Whether it may be a social ad or a mobile notification, a live chatbot, or a real person representing customer support. By eliminating any walls between all sections and channels in your business, your customer will be more enticed to keep their loyalty through your services and products. Just remember to make it feel natural! Forcing an omni channel experience may lead to awkward and clunky feeling functions.

  1. Customer loyalty will skyrocket

As we have mentioned earlier, providing a cohesive system through omni channel retailing will turn first-time customers into loyal patrons of your business.

Omni channel customers have the tendency to spend more on the brands they have been following for a long time. These same customers are also more likely to pass on good recommendations of the products they use to their families, friends, and close circle compared to multi channel or single channel marketing. With a tip-top brand image and a strong foundation, you can finally stop shoving your "50% off" discounts and coupons to your customer but instead focus on quality to keep customer loyalty tight.

Omni channel strategies do not only increase profits and sales, it also improves the overall quality of life of your customers and also their loyalty to your brand.

  1. Increase your profit and sales

Like we have mentioned earlier, customer loyalty will not only benefit your brand image but also sales. The more loyal customers you have, the better your sales numbers will be. Loyal customers are also better than accumulating first-time customers since loyal customers are more likely to spend their hard-earned cash on your business’ services and goods. This is backed up with a study of 46,000 shoppers who have proved that omni channel retailing and marketing really does work better than single channel marketing. With every additional section and channel used, the more shoppers and loyal customers spend in the store.

  1. Data collection is also made easier

With omni channel marketing and commerce, you will be able to track customers over your different channels better due to the personalized and cohesive experience.

This marketing approach also allows businesses like yours to gain knowledge and insight on how to make content from scratch that will entice customers to engage themselves with your products even more, not only through online means but also at your physical stores.

How do I make my own Omni channel retailing strategy?

Shifting from a single channel strategy to the more modern options like multi channel marketing and even the omni channel strategy takes a lot of time, experience, and resources to get done. It will also take a lot of dedication and research along the way as you need to get to know the benefits and disadvantages of each and every one of your options. Though, as you have read earlier, the benefits of omnichannel marketing seem like a viable option to aim for when starting a business.


Here are 5 techniques that will help you start your own omni channel strategy:

  1. Analyze and get to know your customer base

This tip can be applied to every type of business out there. Getting to know your customers’ geographic location, demographics, and personalized advertisements are key to enticing new customers into buying your services. With the help of analytics, and data analyzers like Google Analytics, you will be able to get hold of the data you want in no time. If their preferred social media platform is Facebook, then focus on having your ads flooding Facebook. If they prefer reading blogs, then set up a blog page with constant updates and progress of your website and business.

Of course, having the data in your hand isn’t enough. You should know how to use them to your advantage and turn it into tools that will help your business grow and expand. If you spot a trend or recent spike of change in demographics, then it’s time to shift your focus to that customer base.

  1. Select and prioritize the right channels

With the help of the first tip, determine where your customers are and what they are doing when they are on your website’s premises. Do they stay the longest in the products pages? Or maybe in your featured channels? Or do they hang out the longest in customer support? As usual, it’s advisable to equalize your attention throughout these channels but prioritizing the quality of the most viewed ones and ensuring that customers will eventually land on the “purchase” page is still the end goal.

  1. Make the purpose of a channel clear

If you label a channel your “customer support” page then don’t try to squeeze in too much marketing or products in it. Chances are, they have already purchased a product of yours hence why they are reaching out to customer support. Stick with the channel’s main purpose and don’t force awkward interactions to occur. The purpose of an omnichannel strategy is to enforce smooth interaction between channels, and forcing things to work out won’t cut it.

  1. It’s time to connect all your channels

This is the most important part, especially that you are trying to integrate an omni channel strategy into your business. Executing this part perfectly is hard, but it’s the core of this whole thing so take your time in perfecting it. For starters, you will need the right technology to keep tabs on your customers across all channels and touchpoints. They will usually start with reading the reviews of your loyal and new customers on your website, to seeing ads on their social media platforms, and finally arriving at your products or online marketplace to purchase your product. This may also apply to physical stores.

  1. Maintain the quality of your channels

In business, there is no room for rest or taking a breather. Make sure that your channels are all integrated smoothly so that customers will have a cohesive experience in return. Keep improving using research and existing data, while documenting what you see. With these strategies and tips, you will be able to build a loyal customer base that will await the next lines of your product faithfully.

Start your omni channel powered business with your own website

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