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Before you even think about launching your first product line, you must make sure that you market your brand name considerably. This will give your target audience a better idea of what you would offer through your business plan. This is a brilliant technique for establishing a solid customer base as soon as you launch your respective retail outlet, online store, product line extension, or services. You must promote your brand in different ways across different business phases.

What is Brand Awareness?

If you want to create a brand identity as part of your business plan, you must understand what brand awareness is. It is defined as the potential to which your target audience or customers are familiar with your brand name and brand provisions. If we define it in simple words, the more people know about your brand offerings, the higher the chance you have to promote your brand.

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In another definition, the awareness of your brand can also be classified as how memorable or recognizable your brand is among your target audience. Strikingly seems to have linked all the dots for your brand management strategies by allowing you to create websites without cost. All you need to do is register on our platform and customize one of our provided mobile-friendly templates per your brand idea.

Benefits of Brand Awareness

1. Increased Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest benefits of brand awareness is finding more customers talking about your products and services. Customers who are happy about your products or services let you know through the online review section. The more satisfied your customers are, the greater the chances they will remain loyal to your online store or business. In today’s day and age, trust badges are extremely important for the long-term success of any online business.

Another important factor of customer loyalty is that those customers will let their friends and relatives know about your products and services, which means that you are getting free of cost marketing service. If you are in the initial phase of your business plan and have loyal customers, you can tell them to share information about your products through social media platforms. Customers will visit your online store more often, which will also do wonders for your online conversion rate. The high number of visits will result in more frequent purchases.

2. Penetration of Market

When you run a quality brand awareness campaign, you will inform your customers about your outlet, website updates, products, and services. You can convince your customers to visit your retail store more often. However, it also helps you to penetrate new markets. When people of your marketing segments know about your brand, they will let other marketing segments know about it. There can be a possibility that some of the marketing segments may already know about your brand name before you even inform them. It only depends upon how you run your brand campaigns.

Steps for a Successful Awareness Campaign

1. Guest Post

When it comes to brand awareness strategies, guest posts carry a lot of importance. For those who don’t know, guest posts are different from blogging. You can write about the daily trends or anything that you prefer. However, guest posts are done by writing articles for a different company. However, it is essential not to mix this term with outsourcing. You can make guest posts on different websites and blogs, highlighting your brand name and integrating it on your landing pages.

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Guest posting is a brilliant methodology for promoting your brand and increasing its popularity in the niche market. However, it won’t do you any favors if you merely write articles. You have to ensure that you produce quality content that convinces the readers to click on your article's internal and external links. The more valuable content you create, the more you will give yourself chances to promote your brand effectively.

2. Infographics

This may sound surprising to many entrepreneurs, but infographics play a vital role in any brand awareness campaign. If you include infographics as part of your marketing content, it can boost the awareness of your brand. In today’s day and age, infographics are a brilliant way to display marketing data. They are helpful in bringing thought leadership. If the viewers see the infographics on the website’s landing page or social media page, it is likely to spread or share across multiple forums.

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Infographics are also referred to as content powerhouses as people feel inclined to them more than the written content. In today’s day and age, it is easier to attract readers through visuals and infographics than by instructing them to go through an entire paragraph of written content. Therefore, the readers feel more accustomed to them. As a result, infographics have become a fundamental tool in spreading awareness related to a particular brand.

3. Freemium

As you can see by the term, the word “freemium” is a combination of the words “free” and “premium.” Nowadays, most online products and tools provide a free version consisting of a credit line and a watermark. They give the option to upgrade the tool to the premium version, which removes the watermark and unlocks the paid features. All the individuals that use free versions carry a watermark or some sort of branding to their target audience, which also plays a role in your brand awareness strategy. Some individuals would see the watermark and choose to go for the premium version immediately.

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It is best to offer freemium products to your customers to help promote your brand name and get more premium customers as part of your customer base. Just like the rest of the world, Strikingly also has premium and free plans at its disposal. When you complete your registration on Strikingly, you will fall under our free plan, allowing you to create a basic website with all the fundamental features. However, if you upgrade to the VIP or Pro Plan, you you can gain access to more premium website features.

4. Local Partnerships

A brand awareness strategy that usually goes under the radar is the establishment of local partnerships. This strategy is usually associated with local brands, but other businesses have also become fond of it. Through these partnerships, you can open up opportunities regarding festivals, fundraisers, or the sponsorship of any sports team. In such events, you can display your name in front of many people.

5. Social Media Content

When we talk about online brand awareness, we automatically think of social media platforms. Regardless of your business plans or niche, you simply cannot disregard the influence of social media. Now, it almost feels like it is connected with every component of your business work. Similarly, social media is influential in making your brand go viral. Using hashtags in your social media content can generate excitement among your potential followers.

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When it comes to social media content, Facebook is arguably the platform that ticks all the boxes. However, if you believe in creating videos to promote awareness for your brand, you can go to YouTube. There are multiple social media platforms that you can use to get your point across. Social media can also be influential when you are about to launch a new product in the market. Strikingly enables you to integrate social media platforms on your website in the form of social media icons, which can help visitors recognize your platforms.


There are several things that online brand awareness brings to the table. With the right strategies at your disposal, you can uplift your brands and online sales. Once you have created ideal brand management strategies, you can attract more website traffic and build your online reputation. Gone are the days when creating a website was almost as if you had to climb a mountain. Nowadays, the making a professional website is as simple as creating a social media account. However, the most important and challenging thing is to convince them to visit your website.

When you create a website on Strikingly, ensure that you implement relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies so that you have a high Google ranking and customers find it easy to trust you. You cannot produce an excellent brand website and have no one to recognize your hard work. You can create an ideal and relevant customer base by implementing relevant SEO strategies. Strikingly provides you with innovative features that improve your on-site SEO performance. The higher your website ranking, the more customers will be aware of your brand, which automatically boosts your revenue collection.