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Are you struggling to identify what could be the best idea for your fundraiser activity? Do you have great expectations from your fundraising ideas, or you are just unsure how you can reach the targets that you have established? Whether your objective is to raise funds for a club, company, a crowdfunding website, or association, there will be a lot of pressure on your shoulders. You must find innovative ways to raise money and keep your platform going.

Whether you are raising funds for a personal reason or a nonprofit organization, there are multiple reasons why you or your platform need to raise money. You may have multiple ideas for fundraising in your mind, and all of them are ranked on the basis of their potential and ability to suit your respective needs.

Top Ideas for Fundraising

Numerous business startups around the world need to raise capital for their respective business at some point. There are many fundraising tips for you in the market today, and opting for the right tip is critical to the success of your business. Are you looking for the best ideas to suit your fundraising campaigns? If your idea is related to crowdfunding or equity funding, make sure you check out the following strategies to find your investors.

1. Family and Friends

Family and Friends are what you refer to as your ‘inner circle’. They know all about you and trust you in critical matters. Even though the trusting badges allow you to approach your family and friends at any stage of your venture, the most effective time of approaching them is when your fundraising ideas are at an early prototype stage.

family and friends

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The early prototype stage is the most critical aspect of this procedure. Investors who don’t know you nor have worked with you will not like to get involved with your tasks without any proof or requirement. However, friends and family will fully trust you to ensure that your venture takes off properly. Having said that, it is important not to take the trust of family and friends for granted. You must be efficient in your tasks and not compromise on quality.

2. Peer-to-peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the best fundraising ideas in the market today. It involves family and friends looking into their networks. They will consider their networks and will tell them to share your fundraising campaigns with their respective connections. A business networking website is an ideal way to share fundraising campaigns within different networks.

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Strikingly is a reliable website builder that enables users to create their own websites without having any coding experience. All you need to do is select the best website template that we have provided, and customize the template to suit your requirements. We also have networking tools to add to your website. An effective call-to-action button will be ideal in attracting clients to your landing page. These features will be ideal in improving the user experience.

3. Emails

It may look like an old-school approach, but using a professional email address can also be one of the best fundraising ideas for your respective campaigns. Sending emails can be ideal when planned appropriately and can be beneficial in raising funds for your platform. It can be effective if emails have enabled you to raise 50% of your desired target funds, and now you are trying to generate the rest of the funds.

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You must do the analysis of your target audience very well by knowing that emails can be a catalyst to success. If you send unsolicited emails, it will prove to be illegal and harm your company’s reputation. If you are allowed to send targeted emails, ensure that your audience has strong reasoning for the opening of your email. Therefore, you must your email short.

Animations and short videos can also be ideal in this regard. You can involve endorsements from external investors, and you must include the concluding date.

4. Social/Industry Events

If you can invite your network to a privately organized social occasion, it will give you the perfect opportunity to find investors. Obviously, this can be difficult during the coronavirus pandemic, but these events can also be held virtually, Therefore, conducting virtual events with your networks is one of the top fundraising ideas for your company’s success. You can create event websites to provide notifications of your events to your networks.

social media events

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These events can be ideal for you if you, your team, stakeholders, and other team members are on the podium and speak about the occasion. When organizing these events, make sure to have an ideal location. Moreover, you must also provide some form of refreshment for your visitors.

5. Rewards

Rewards are currently described as one of the top fundraising ideas regarding investor circles. They can literally be the difference between the investor tending to invest on your platform or not. Rewards may include cheap prices on products, memberships, and services. Considering the money they have invested, they may also be tiered.

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Usually, rewards are one of those productivity strategies that can accelerate the process of the closure of the first investment round. They can offer external incentives if someone invests before a deadline, or invest more than the company’s general expectation. You must remember that rewards are tax-deductible benefits. Therefore, you must consult with your financial advisor regarding the tax implications for an investor.

6. Pitch Contests

Competitor analysis is usually overlooked by the business startup founders. They believe that all of the fundraisers in the market have one common benefit and that is to make the world better. Therefore, the competition in this aspect does not count. However, it is not the case.

Pitch contests can be one of the best fundraising ideas when executed properly. T only your competitors may have high monetary prizes, but they will also involve awareness, education, and authentication for your organization that can be beneficial in attracting equity investors. Furthermore, some of the pitch contests may only be monetary. It means that there will be no obligation to offer equity in your organization away.

7. Grant Funding

We have often seen that foundations, federal bodies, or bigger organizations tell their audience to associate themselves with certain products or services. Moreover, they may also promote or stimulate the subscription economy as part of your business startup. There can be certain geographical locations that may require an economic boost and these initiatives can be beneficial for that. Considering these benefits, we can say that grant funding is one of the most ideal fundraising ideas out there.

If you want to find out whether you are eligible for any of these grants in the initial stage, it can be quite a time-consuming task as there is no need to give equity in your respective organization. Certain grants carry specific criteria, like the match-funding requirement. It means that the grant can only be available to you if you can show that you have raised an adequate amount from your investors.

Other grants include convertible loan consensus, which means that the loan can be converted into equity comprehensively. Nonetheless, in most of these cases, these agreements are beneficial to business startups and are made to support the founding members of the platforms.

8. Social Media Publicity

Just like we discussed in the email section, social media integration can prove to be one of the best fundraising ideas when targeting the correct individuals. Targeting business investment groups on Twitter and LinkedIn, and providing updates about your fundraiser activity can be substantial to your success. This can be extra beneficial if you have already generated the funds for your initiative.

People are heavily inclined to endorsements, and they love being part of fundraiser activities. If you keep them up to date with your social media pages, it will only increase the outreach of your posts. People will find it easy to share their updates with others. However, you must be careful on Facebook as you may face sanctions regarding community standards, which will harm the exposure of your initiative. People will create a bad reputation for your initiative and choose to ignore it. Therefore, you must know the kind of social media platforms that you must use to increase the audience and retain your original visitors.


In short, fundraising does more than just raising money for your respective organization. It enables the nonprofits to work on a common objective, inclines nonprofits towards your company, and brings stability to your nonprofit company. Many organizations around the world support the concept of fundraiser activities.

If you have top fundraising ideas but you don’t have any plan to bring them to fruition, crowdfunding websites are there to help you. You can rely on a well-established platform, such as Strikingly, for the making of these websites. We offer a collection of free crowdfunding website templates, which will allow you to create a web presence for your venture easily. You can easily visualize our innovative features to have a look at your fundraising campaigns and the way in which the audience is responding to your call. If you want to know more about crowdfunding websites, make sure to contact our Happiness Officers via live chat.