Email Subscription: The Door To More Online Success
In recent years, we have seen an exponential increase in the use of social media and other online platforms for doing business. All over the world, companies have adapted to the business and marketing trends to keep up with a seemingly endless rise in competition. Nevertheless, one platform has not lost its touch despite all the uproar about other newer platforms: Email.

Email marketing is one of the longest-standing types of marketing that businesses have been using. It is one of the first to emerge with the internet and newer technologies, and it continues to show promise until now. Using an email list to reach your audience has proven effective because of its directness and seeming sincerity towards your email subscribers. This is why an email subscription is of much importance.

Email Subscribers

Email subscription starts with people who visit your website and sign up for your list via a signup form or after making a purchase. You use this contact list to send updates about your business, your products and services, or your blog. Being your online subscribers means they want to support you because they want to keep track of what’s going on in your business. Receiving your updates would also make their lives easier because they would easily find the newest things you have for them without going through the hassle of constantly checking your website.

Email subscription also does wonders for you and your business because it helps you earn more email list subscribers which ultimately means you have more connections in your pocket. You can put email subscription forms on your website - somewhere strategic wherein people would be encouraged to fill them up. You can also turn your audience into email subscribers by giving them an incentive, in the form of promos or discounts, in exchange for them doing so. Your email subscription form can also be just a simple pop-up window that all of your site visitors will easily see. How you do it will greatly depend on what your business is and how most appropriate and effective you think you should be.

Strikingly Pretty Olive Email Pop-up
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Benefits of Adding An Email Subscription to Your Blog

While there are definitely other ways how you can grow your email list and how you can earn connections that will prove valuable to your business, adding an email subscription option on your website or blog is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to do so. Here are other benefits of earning email subscribers in the first place:

  • Your email list is your property. In a world that is ever-changing and evolving, there are things that you will never get a hold of, and, therefore, you cannot control. As a business owner, this fact gives more value to the things you can own and control - like your email list. With an email subscription, you collect information (email addresses) that you can keep and secure for future purposes. You are guaranteed an audience - one that will see your message and not just scroll past it.
  • Emails are professional. Even with the emergence of many social media and online platforms today, businesses worldwide still deem emails as the most professional way to communicate. Whether among colleagues, superiors/inferiors, or outside parties, email can be (and is) used to handle all professional concerns. Email subscription gives you a sense of credibility and professionalism. It helps you to appear serious and reliable. In addition, as professionals, your email subscribers are more than likely to check their emails daily, so they can’t miss your update.
  • Your email list lets you be personal. While email is professional in one aspect, the fact remains that each name and address on that list is a person you can reach out to - person-to-person. With social media platforms and other online platforms, you can send them a message or reply to their post. Still, you can never get the same level and combination of personalization and professionalism with email. Email subscription is like asking for a good introduction to a relationship that you can privately and personally work on to build up.
  • Emails build better relationships. Sending emails to your email subscribers is a good way to build rapport and trust between you and your email subscribers. Because email is a private space, unlike other online platforms, your online subscribers can easily feel more connected to you and be more inclined to share whatever their concerns and issues are. By using email subscription forms and getting their information, you can easily reach out to them and sort out the problem. And thus, by establishing that kind of connection, you are building up trust in your relationship. When your email subscribers trust you, your business is guaranteed supporters that will last for years.
  • Email marketing is a focused strategy. With your email list on hand, you can quickly strategize and do a bit of customer segmentation. This process helps you to categorize your email subscribers based on certain consideration. This is useful in marketing because it enables you to get the message to the people who would be best interested in them. And since your email list is your property, you can easily decide which customers would appreciate your offers or construct emails that will be most relevant to them. You don’t get this in any other online marketing platforms.
  • More email list subscribers, more customers. The beauty of email marketing is that it is one of the best conversion tools you can have. The benefits above all make you conclude that an email subscription works well to get people in your corner. More than that, email marketing helps you build not only connections but also treasure and cherish them. And when online subscribers feel important and taken care of, they are more inclined to take out their wallets to support your business.

Strikingly Fighting Pretty Blog Post
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Blog Email Subscription with Strikingly

Strikingly is a fantastic website builder that can help you create the most amazing website for your business or personal needs. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows even those without prior knowledge or experience in website creation to quickly and easily make one of their own. It also has tons of unique features to explore and use on your website. From galleries of photos and videos to texts, social feeds, and your own blog.

Strikingly Blog section
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Blog email subscription is one of Strikingly’s key marketing features. Applying it to your website is easy and convenient, starting with simply adding a Blog section to your site. This step would allow you to write multiple blogs, and add a title, subtitle, a background photo, and even multiple photos for each of these blogs. You can also change the font and the styles for each of your blog entries so they fit the overall theme of your website. You can do this easily by clicking “Manage Blog Posts” and letting Strikingly lead you to the Blog menu, where you will find the blog settings.

Strikingly Blog Settings
Image taken from Strikingly Product

You have two options on your blog settings: go to the “Settings” of your site, then go to the “Blog” menu or hover over the blog section of your site and click on “Manage Blog Posts.” This is where you will see and edit the different blog posts you have written, manage categories, and change your blog settings. Your Blog Settings contains settings about your blog header, comments, RSS feed, etc. This window is also where you can enable your “Blog Subscription” settings.

Once activated, email subscription is activated for your blog. Enabling this will also trigger a new menu to be created under your Blog menu: “Subscriptions.” This is where you can see your blog's email subscribers. This email list will only get longer after a subscriber confirms their subscription in their email.

Strikingly Blog Subscribe Button
Image taken from Strikingly Product

By enabling the email subscription on your blog, Strikingly also automatically adds a subscription form and button to your blog. The photo above is what you will see on your website editor. In addition, you will also have an option to “Send to all subscribers” upon clicking on the “Publish” button. By checking this box, your email subscribers will immediately get sent an email with your website name and the blog title as its subject line and contain a preview of and a direct link to your blog.

Having an email subscription option on your website is only one of the features that Strikingly helps you to add to your site easily. And yet, all on its own, an email subscription option gives you more benefits and opens you up to many opportunities. After all, more email list subscribers give you more chances of connecting to more people and higher chances of getting sales or earning more money from blogging.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zones and share your amazing musings with your online subscribers. Don’t second-guess yourself and take steps to discover your full potential. Sign up with Strikingly now and reap the benefits of having a blog, an email subscription option, and other amazing things on your website.