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Every online business must apply relevant marketing strategies to its products and services. However, many organizations conduct marketing on a small budget because they don’t have the necessary funds. Even companies with a great bank balance tend to conduct marketing on a budget because they are very systematic with their financial calculations and the amount of budget they would be applying to each aspect of their business. They cannot just be splashing the cash without doing any kind of analysis. After all, they have to fund other departments and organizations as well.

In the digitized world that we live in today, the marketing budget has been minimized because of many cost-effective marketing platforms. The black and white days of TV ads are officially over. We no longer live in that era where huge money is invested in advertising on television because there is no other platform that is relied on by the audience. Once you take steps to grow your business, you can look into the costly ways of marketing to increase your customer base.

Best Low-Budget Marketing Strategies

1. Infographics

Infographics have become one of the cheap ways to market your business today. By creating relevant infographics through various online software, you can maintain the standard of your marketing on a budget. You must ensure that your design is neat and tidy so that the viewers can understand everything written on it. Nowadays, visuals are very easy to interpret and comprehend.

2. Quality Content

The best way to conduct marketing on a budget is by writing quality website content for your business. It is one of the best budget marketing ideas because it is a trending marketing strategy used by many businessmen and entrepreneurs worldwide today. It is a form of marketing that can do wonders for your brand and business in the long run. When you write website content, make sure that it is optimized according to the relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to have a stable ranking on Google. The best way to create SEO-based content is to write according to the recent industry trends.

quality website content
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Your content must be relevant and per the social media trends. For example, if your business is about medicines and different medical equipment, make sure that you discuss the usage of vaccines heavily due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The more you talk about the trending environment, the more people you will have as part of your customer base. You won’t be attracting many customers to your website if you talk about medicines that came into being in the 1990s. Customers would always look for something new online rather than taking history lessons.

3. Create Videos

Videography is also part of the content you include as part of your business strategies. With so many platforms on the internet, it is effortless and cheap to create videos. These platforms have made it easy for a business person to conduct marketing on a budget. Some video-makers offer their video content at a cheap rate to freelancers. You can create animation videos, explanatory videos, live footage, or simply slideshows to explain your opinion.

create quality videos
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If you have a confident personality, you don’t need to hire any video-making expert or a YouTuber for this purpose. Many people tend to practice regarding video-making in front of a mirror. Due to the emergence of video-making software and available tools, video-making has become one of the low-cost advertising methods on the internet. Taking some of their tutorials, you will understand how to start making videos related to your brand. Once you are done with your videos, you can start adding them to your relevant blogs if necessary. Or, you can simply upload them to your YouTube channel and hope to make them attractive to the audience.

1. Social Media Influencers

Social media platforms can prove to be an asset while doing marketing on a small budget. Due to the access to social media websites, your content created to promote your brand or business can have a massive chance of spreading across the audience sections. By posting content on your brand’s social media page consistently, you have the opportunity to conduct successful marketing on a budget. The followers can easily share the content that you publish, which will bring more followers to your respective social media page.

If your content is good enough, it will follow the concept of a snowball, increasing its popularity and relevance with time. The social media influencers who have a following of more than 100,000 can change the course of your marketing strategies. For example, if a person with 100,000 followers agrees to share your content as part of his Instagram story, you will see an increase in your online reach in a matter of minutes. The influencers can be on YouTube, Twitter, or any relevant social media platform. If you can convince social media influencers to promote your business products and services, it won’t be long before you see a rise in your online sales.

2. Send Newsletters Regularly

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If you have a subscription form on your website, you can use it effectively in marketing on a budget. When you have a long email list, you can start sending newsletters to your subscribers. It is classified as one of the best low-budget marketing methods because you can send different kinds of information in these newsletters, such as the latest industry trends, product updates, upcoming sales offers, etc.

3. Recycle Old Content

When we talk about low-budget marketing, the creation of quality website content is one of the top priorities (as we have mentioned). However, making quality website content is not the only thing when we talk about marketing on a budget, and there are different kinds of content involved. The best form of marketing is the one in which you make use of the old content or the content which was deemed unnecessary by you previously. Usually, you run out of new ideas when creating website content, which is when to start to bring relevance to the old content.

As a marketing person, there is no better feeling than recycling the old content and converting it in a way that can benefit your online business. When you recycle your old content, convert it into engaging content by applying relevant content optimization strategies. When we talk about recycling old content, it doesn’t mean that you should open an old Microsoft Word file containing an old blog and you should copy-paste it into a new blog page. You must update the text, change the videos (if necessary), and add internal and external links.

4. Live Broadcast

Even though live broadcasting is free of cost, you must have a strong personality to do it. Unless you acquire a professional broadcaster to help you in this aspect, you must have the courage to speak about your brand and promote your business effectively. The best platforms to help you with this purpose are Facebook and YouTube. When the broadcast is over, the channel will make the video public when you visit your channel later. Therefore, broadcasting enables you to do marketing on a budget because of its cost-effectiveness.

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Strikingly lets you take advantage of these budget marketing ideas effectively. Once your YouTube video is published on the channel, you can add it to your Strikingly website. However, know that the video cannot be uploaded on your website. It must be uploaded on your YouTube channel initially. Considering YouTube is the best platform for videos and broadcasting, many entrepreneurs and business people go with it.

Influence of Strikingly

If you want to rely on a website builder to implement your cheap marketing strategies, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. By creating a professional website on Strikingly, you can access many features to implement affordable ways to market your business, such as:

  • Embed YouTube videos on your website pages
  • Add a blog section on your website and publish quality content on it regularly
  • Conduct social media marketing and integrate your site with the relatable social media platforms
  • Create a subscription and send newsletters regularly

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The fundamental objective of Strikingly is to provide you with user-friendly features and tools to help you grow your business and conduct marketing on a budget. The creation of a professional website on Strikingly itself is a cost-effective approach as it enables you to save the time required for hiring a full-time programmer.


Even if you have got all the resources and tools at your disposal for business-related tasks, you still have the mindset of doing your work on the cheap. Doing marketing on the budget is a fantastic move because it helps you prioritize aspects of your business where high or low investment is required. You don’t just invest in every section of your business without doing any kind of analysis. There are many technicalities involved in the conduction of business, and the prioritization of a marketing budget must have a higher priority.

By creating a professional website on Strikingly, you can help yourself in marketing on a budget. We allow you to create quality websites without investing a single penny. All you need to do is complete the registration process on our platform, which will bring you to the free plan. On our free plan, you can use our mobile-friendly website templates and customize them as per your niche. If you have problems with website development, you can contact our Happiness Officers today. So, take advantage of our user-friendly features on Strikingly and find cheap ways to market your business effectively.