Music Marketing

No matter what country, beliefs, or location you are from, it is increasingly likely that you are fond of music. If you are familiar with the music industry, you would know that music marketing 101 requires the same kind of promotional strategies you need to promote a certain eCommerce product or service. Individuals who are joining the music industry are passionate about music one way or the other. Some like the concept of pitches and octaves, whereas others like to talk about the timing.

Regardless of the difference of opinion, you will find thousands of people in the digital industry who strongly associate with music. There is a reason why numerous youngsters around the world like this niche idea and making it a source of passive income. You cannot blame them either, with the increasing inflation in many parts of the world. Many youngsters in the world call themselves musicians before stepping up into the music industry.

What is a Music Marketing Plan?

If you want to make an online presence in the music industry, you must understand what is music marketing. It is defined as the process of creating, promoting, and advertising your music. As a musician, you must be aware of specific marketing techniques so that more people can become accustomed to your music. On the internet today, you may even find a few marketing courses that would help you find the best ways.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the concerts and theatres completely vanished, many musicians started implementing marketing strategies to promote their music worldwide. In fact, they have conducted online concerts and used different promotions to attract various audiences on their social media platforms or marketing channels. As many people are involved in music nowadays, it will be very difficult for a random customer to visualize your music. Therefore, you must run the relevant marketing campaigns so that most people can check out the music you have created.

Importance of Music Marketing

1. Publicity

Music is a creative art and hugely influences the market nowadays. When you think about creating music marketing campaigns, the first step will always be creating world-class music. Once you have created exquisite music, it will be in the trend, and its demand will increase automatically. For example, if you follow the Top Charts on Spotify, you will see that the biggest ratings are only received by that music that is of the highest quality. It isn’t just based on how great the marketing strategies are implemented on them.

2. Best Channels for Music Distribution

Once you have started conducting your music marketing campaigns, you will understand more about the market segments interested in listening to your music. For example, the people below 30 like rap music whereas the adults above 50 usually like classical songs. This is an essential thing to consider because you will know how you can distribute your music properly. In the future, you may even think about organizing a music event, such as a concert, to further improve your marketing methods.

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You would definitely be spreading your music to those customer segments that like to listen to you. For example, if you are fond of classical music, you won’t be spreading that music to teenagers as they would most likely become bored of it. Just like with an eCommerce website, the customers who prioritize your music will be willing to pay a higher price for it. They would feel that your music is worth the investment. The people who aren’t massive fans of music may still invest in your music but won’t spend massively on it like your lovers.

3. Fine-Tune Music Making Objectives

As a music lover, you must understand that making music is entirely different from making a living out of music. You can only generate reasonable revenue if you have implemented effective music marketing campaigns upon your created music. If you are just happy making music, you will forget the importance of its marketing. There is a reason why musicians are generally happy at the start of their music career but eventually lose their motivation when they cannot make money out of it.

Tips for Music Marketing

1. Build Music Website

It is common to understand that creating a music website is one of the best music marketing tips today. The best thing about a music website is that it serves as the main platform for promotional purposes. Just a decade ago, creating a website was like climbing a mountain. You had to be aware of the smallest technical details and attain top IT degrees to qualify for website development. However, it is not that big a deal to create a music website in today’s day and age.

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For creating a top music website, all you need to do is rely on a quality website builder, such as Strikingly. Strikingly provides you with a compilation of website templates you can customize per your niche idea. The best thing about Strikingly is that it enables you to create an outstanding website design without writing a single line of code. Once you are done with the website template, you can publish it. Strikingly won’t take more than a couple of days to make it accessible to the entire audience.

2. Promote Website

When you have the platform to conduct music marketing campaigns, the next thing you have to do is to promote your website. There are numerous ways to conduct the marketing of your music website, such as:

  • Working on your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) performance
  • Regularly updating the information or content of your website
  • Tell your friends and relatives about your website and tell them to frequently visit it
  • Start opening different venues on your site for communicating with the respective visitors

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Strikingly fully believes in the implementation of relevant SEO strategies for the promotion of a particular website. For this, we provide you with an SEO checklist, which covers everything related to your music website from an SEO perspective. The main things covered by the SEO checklist include meta tags, meta-descriptions, title tags, image optimization, etc. If you upgrade your subscription plans on Strikingly, you will see an improvement in SEO features in this checklist.

3. Social Media Marketing

When you hear music marketing tips, social media is likely one of the first things that come to your mind. Like every other digital product, music can only be considered satisfactory if it is rated positively by the audience. However, the big talking point is the steps you take to get to the audience in the first place. To promote your music, you need the power of social media at its maximum capacity. You must use different social media platforms to ensure that your music gets recognized across different parts of the world.

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Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform you can use to conduct social media marketing. You can run Facebook ads that consist of different parts of your music. However, you can also use YouTube to make sure that you have enough subscribers on your end. If you have no video to coincide with your music, you can choose a suitable background for your music and publish it on your YouTube channel. The best thing about social media is that it makes the content accessible with limited investment and the lowest possible time.

4. Interactive Content

Regardless of your passion for music, you cannot disregard the importance of website content. You simply cannot escape the fact that you have to write even on music websites. You can go through the different courses in music marketing 101, and they will tell you about the importance of copywriting. Your marketing campaigns must have written content so that you can convey your message to the target audience. Strikingly enables you to do that as you can add a blog section to your website for this purpose.


To this date, many people believe that music is just for relaxing your mind. After you have come back from a hectic day at the office, you can use music to relax your brain and focus on the remaining hours of the day. Even though this is true, how about doing work related to music in the office? You can implement all of the music marketing tips to make your work more productive and relevant within your surroundings.

The best way to promote your music is by creating a professional website on Strikingly. After doing all the website designing, you can start adding all the relevant content and organizing it through website navigation elements. There is no better feeling than making a living out of something that is your passion, and Strikingly provides you with that opportunity. If you have any problems related to website development, you can collaborate with our Happiness Officers today. So, create the best music website and let the entire world talk about your love for music.