Effective blog ideas

One of the first things that come to mind when starting a blogging career is blog niche—an area of blogging. The topic of interest is quite vital in the world of blogging. After all, the blog instructs visitors on the chosen subject. For instance, if your expertise is in social media, you can't write about the country's political climate. With the blog ideas you publish, you must ensure consistency.

You must make sure that your views are relevant to your target audience and meaningful and consistent. Don't publish blogs about specific rumors or content based on assumptions because you can lose credibility this way. Provide fact-based data in your blogs. Here are some blog ideas to help you in your blogging journey.

Effective Blog Ideas to Make Money

1. Health And Fitness

During the pandemic, people have been stuck in their houses for a long time. There was no physical activity at all during Covid-19. Some people have ignored fitness and gained weight. Now, people have become more mindful of their health and wellness. Most of them want to lose weight and maintain an excellent body shape. They starve for content that helps them mentally and physically fit.

There is an excellent opportunity for bloggers and content writers to write on health and fitness topics. Health & Fitness blog is the king of the list of best blog ideas. You can create a blog section on your website and inform your readers about the following:

  • Self-care
  • Men's health
  • Women's health
  • Workout activities
  • Mental health
  • Food supplements
  • Dieting plans

Health and Fitness blog

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If you write engaging content, you can attract a large audience. If the readers find your content authentic, they will share it on their social media accounts. It will help you attract a larger audience.

2. Gaming

The gaming industry is booming day and night. Different gaming series and platforms have an enormous fan base. The love for games also never gets old, and there is an avid readership of gaming. If you successfully nail the gaming topics searched by gamers, you will generate a lot of traffic. Creating a gaming blog is one of the most demanding blog ideas. Here are some blog post ideas for a gaming blog:

  • PlayStation games
  • Xbox games
  • Gaming tips and walkthroughs
  • Game tutorials
  • Game reviews
  • Role-Playing video games

3. Education

After the surge of Covid-19, there has been a significant impact on the educational system. Several educational institutions shifted their mode of teaching to online mediums. Some teachers and coaches still use online software like Skype and Teams to deliver lectures. Hence, there is a dire need for authentic educational content. In addition to teachers, students and parents also hunt for articles and academic blogs.

Creating an educational blog can help you grab a large audience. The best thing about this blog idea is that it will remain evergreen because the quest for educational information always remains. Try to provide high-quality and factual data on your academic blogs. It will increase the credibility of your blog and will devise new horizons of progress for you. Here are some most-searched blog post ideas:

  • Language learning
  • Study hacks
  • K-12 blogs
  • Homeschooling
  • Learning material for toddlers
  • Online courses
  • Scholarships information
  • Universities and colleges' admission info

You can also sell your online courses if you have a website at Strikingly. Thanks to Strikingly memberships feature, you can create multiple online courses. The benefit of this feature is that only registered audiences will access the course content.

Educational blog

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4. Pets

Writing animal-centric blogs is one of the trending blog ideas. People have a deep love for pets, and they also love to know about other people's furry pets. A survey indicates that about 90.5 million families in the United States have pets. These people surf different websites to learn about healthcare tips for pets. In this situation, a pet blog idea is the best go-to option. If you don't know what to write about pets, go through the following blog post ideas:

  • Pets Parenting Tips
  • Pets healthcare
  • Dogs training
  • Pets food
  • Pets Photography
  • Pets' diet

In addition to the above blogging blog ideas, you can also teach your audience about the types of pets they should have. If you are running your own pet business, you also get a chance to promote your business. You can convert your readers into potential customers by selling pet items like diet, etc., through a Strikingly store.

5. Technology

Technology has been evolving rapidly, and it has had a significant impact on every field. From business to household activities, it affects every inch of our lives. People want to know about the advancements in technology and buy new equipment, so they search on the internet. Hence, technology is one of the versatile blog ideas because you can target a vast audience, from business people to consumers. Here are some technology blog post ideas:

  • Software reviews
  • Electronics
  • Automobiles
  • Business Automation
  • Android devices
  • Apple devices
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technology breakthroughs
  • Beneficial technological equipment

6. Food and Drink

Food & drink is the best blogging blog idea if you have been a foodie or a cook. There is a huge margin in this blog idea because every single person in the world has a love for food. You can target not only foodies but also grab the attention of bakers, cooks, and chefs. All you need to do is to describe the food in your words in an appealing way. Here are some blog post ideas to help you kickstart your blogging journey:

  • Baking and cooking tips
  • Vegan recipes
  • Dieting recipes
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Home baking
  • Healthy food tips
  • Toddlers and baby food ideas

You can also inform your audience about your dining experiences and food reviews. Instead of writing about old food recipes, try to convince your readers about new ones. Add food images to your food blog to make it more engaging for your audience.

Food blog

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7. Home Ownership

Writing a blog about homeownership is also one of the top blog ideas. When people renovate their houses, they look for advice, tips, and tricks to decorate them. People also use online home advisors' help while buying, selling, or constructing a house. People spend a lot of time in their homes and want to spruce things up. You can consider these blog post ideas for your blog:

  • Home decor trends and inspiration
  • Interior designing
  • Home renovation
  • Organization hacks
  • Feng Shui

8. Beauty and Fashion

Creating a beauty and fashion blog are also one of the best blog ideas to promote your business. About 3.905 billion people worldwide are women; nearly half of this population looks for fashion and beauty trends. These trends are changing rapidly in the blink of an eye, and bloggers get the opportunity to write about new trends. The audience wants to be up-to-date and wants every new beauty product at their disposal immediately. You can write to inform them about the latest beauty and fashion trends through your blogs. Here are some topics:

  • Product reviews
  • Skincare tips
  • Makeup and hair care tutorials
  • Fashion and dressing trends
  • Reasonable beauty DIY

Create a Blog with Strikingly

You can start using Strikingly immediately if you're ready to maximize the potential of the blog ideas mentioned above. Once your account is created, you may access the dashboard by looking at the website templates to build a new website. You may add blogs to your website once you've modified your chosen template.

After completing the website template customization, you must complete the following blogging-related activities.

1. Visit the Strikingly editor

2. Select "Add New Section."

3. Select "Blog."

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You have created your blog. Now you can start writing and publishing blog posts to generate revenue. Make sure to add top-notch banner graphics to your website material after composing it following your blog ideas. Once you've selected a compelling title for your post, you're ready to press the "publish" button. Strikingly also enables you to schedule your posts for a specific date and time. As the number of posts grows, you can classify them into different categories to facilitate the users.

Strikingly also enables you to enable comments and an RSS feed for visitors. The subscribed users will start appearing in the audience list. You can also protect your blogs with a password for subscribed users. In this way, you have the opportunity to sell your online course modules.

Remember to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques when you submit blog entries to your website. These will help you increase traffic to your materials. Nothing is better than your website content being accessible to your target audience online. You may promote your blog posts on your social media pages to attract a broad audience. For instance, if you have an Instagram account, you may feature it in your Instagram story.


Writing excellent website content to promote a website is a pretty aggressive tactic. As you are fully aware of trending blog ideas and anticipate the type of material you want to offer, save time instead of thinking. The best way to utilize your blog ideas is to create a Strikingly blog site. Doing this can advance your blogging profession and draw in a diverse readership. You must ensure that your blog post topics are exciting and relevant. You couldn't choose a more suitable blogging partner than Strikingly to launch your blogging career.