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If you’re asking yourself: “What should I make a website about?” there are a lot of reasons for creating a website, be it for personal or professional uses. But did you know there are tons of website ideas for less orthodox uses - like dog websites?

It’s not hard to find a person who loves their furry friends - a quick scroll through the pets of Instagram can already tell you that there’s a real audience for content strictly about people’s animal companions - who’s to say a pet website isn’t the next big thing? Especially nowadays, websites are almost as easy to set up as any social media account; and even easier to add your social media and Twitter Feed on your website. As a leading website builder, Strikingly has empowered business owners and animal lovers, enabling them to share their passion with the world.

Building your own website - be it a blog, a digital resume, or a pet-folio can start with a simple website idea. But if you don’t know where to start, you can read here for a quick guide on the how-to’s. There’s a lot of different reasons for building a website, and you can read about why it's important here, but you can also be open to discovering website building as a new skill as your main reason. The actual building of a website can take a long time if you don’t know what you’re making, so here’s a handful of other fun alternative website ideas for beginners that you can play with to get to know what you can do with a free website building tool:

  • A (Personal) Blog

One of the simplest website ideas includes creating a blog. Blogs are a great website idea for those who want to create long-form content that can either be professional or personal - or both, depending on who you are and what you do for a living. These can include personal anecdotes of your experiences, professional advice, or fur-tastic stories of your furry companions!

Blogs with a pet website design concept can include pictures of your pets in costume - or fun graphic art versions, to detail the lives of your beloved pets from the mundane to the exciting times! You can even go further and create whirlwinds of stories about your pet - like Clifford the Big Red Dog, except your pet is the new main character! Observe your pet’s personality - what they like to do, what are their quirks, and imagine the possibilities! Give your pets a voice and communicate their character and personality through fun role-plays and recreations of their favorite games - this is an excellent way to exercise your creativity and a neat and living keepsake of precious memories for future you to treasure.

  • A Portfolio

Portfolios, as a term, often refer to a collection of art, photography, and writing works that can be found in one place. For website ideas to represent the more glamorous pets - especially pageant veterans or up-and-coming runway personalities, a professional portfolio or a fun pet-folio can be a great way to document their rise to stardom as they join different animal beauty pageants and talent shows. Not to mention, it gives them a slight edge in every introduction as a pet with a grand online presence. Fellow enthusiasts can access the portfolio to learn more about your star candidate.

  • An Upcoming Event

If you can plan a wedding, a concert, or a baby shower, who’s to say you can’t make an event website for your pets too! Beyond celebrating your pet’s birthday, this website idea could be great for animal enthusiasts who don’t have pets of their own that want to help get the word out on rehoming or adopting animals in a given area. Organizing a website to promote an adoption day and other essential animal causes is a great way to show your love and support is an excellent example of website ideas for beginners who also want to do community outreach projects.

But just to be clear! Here at Strikingly, we’re not biased to JUST dogs - we love animals, and the examples below were made by users whose primary focus mainly includes cats and dogs. So here’s a few dog websites that you can browse to inspire your own website ideas - and maybe start your own unorthodox pet website designs.

Strikingly is the ideal platform for website ideas to come to life. Pet websites specifically require strong visuals to appeal to emotions. Strikingly has a wide collection of dog website designs and templates and a versatile galleries section to showcase your site’s images. It’s a powerful tool for creating pet-related non-profit websites and building online stores dedicated to dog owners. You can start with picking the right template from the get-go as a jumping-off point.

WAGS 4 Kids

dog websites

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

Starting with an example of outreach-inclined website ideas, Ohio-based Working Animals Giving Service for Kids is an organization that aims to provide autism and mobility service dogs for children. The landing page gives an overview of what the organization is about and the services it offers. The organization chose a very clean template featuring a grid-style layout to showcase huge images that point users to the site’s major parts.

Images are a good way of engaging readers. The site chose a minimalist landing page, relying on strong visuals to relay its message - and you can check other minimal web template examples for more inspiration.

Doodle Puppy

dog websites

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

Have you ever thought of raising a doodle puppy? DoodlePuppy is a Strikingly-powered website for dogs that provides the information you need about these family-friendly pets. The page itself comes from a very straightforward idea for website making. It leads you with a banner image of doodle puppies along with fruitful content on doodle puppies.

This can also domino into other websites with similar, simple intent. You can make a website that’s dedicated to information and resources on raising specific breeds of animals, misconceptions about certain breeds, and even hygiene practices. Create blogs on the do’s and don’ts of pet ownership and encourage a community of like-minded pet owners and animal enthusiasts to contribute information and their experiences with their fur babies.

Pets Sweet Home

dog websites

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

Finally, with the more business-inclined website ideas, Pets Sweet Home is a pet care shop in Paris that caters to dog and cat lovers alike. It offers pet grooming services, food delivery services, and a novelty store designed to keep pets happy. The pet shop customized Strikingly’s Perspective template, using its own color scheme and full-width images. The site owner took readability into account, choosing clean font styles and a list format for updates about deliveries and new services the store offers.

Richard’s pet site

dog websites

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

This one is a perfect example of a dog breeder website design. The site lists breeds of various categories such as low maintenance dogs, service dogs, Asian dogs. Another major service provided by this dog website is its blog. It is a storehouse of great pet grooming and pet care tips. Anyone who wants to buy a pet for the first time can benefit from these blogs written by expert dog owners with several years of experience.

Key takeaways

Manifesting website ideas for dogs and dog lovers does not have to be a daunting task. Strikingly makes it easier for you by giving you the right kind of tools to build an engaging and beautiful site that showcases your love for pets and other website topics. If you have a pet store or a pet care-related business, building a site can go a long way towards attracting more clients.

Build your online presence by updating your website often. When you have a dog website, search engines are your best friend. They can help you attract organic traffic and direct like-minded people to your website - and you can learn how to check your website traffic too. Add a blog to your site to keep the content fresh. Be that website that provides helpful information on everything that dog owners need to take care of their pets. And don’t be afraid to explore other website ideas you may have to maximize your learning about other cool features.

Strikingly’s Simple Store e-commerce platform can also help you expand your business and make your pet-related products available online. It has payment gateway integrations so customers can transact and make their payments through your website. The best part is that, unlike other e-commerce sites, Strikingly doesn’t charge a separate transaction fee for sales made through your site. This enables you to offer products at a more affordable price because you don’t need to factor in extra transaction fees.

Finally, never stop improving your dog websites. Get feedback from your customers and visitors. Listen to what Strikingly’s integrated website analytics data tells you. Keep tweaking and perfecting your content to suit your audience.

No matter what pet and breed your furry companion is, what talents and glittering personality traits your beloved pets have, any fur baby who wants to set themselves apart should have a personal pet website.

Jokes aside, building a website is a great jumping-off point and can domino into a knowledge of what good design looks like and what works. Even starting with websites for charities and services that allow pets to find homes is a cycle of love and kindness that you can share back to the animals we love.

How to build dog websites on Strikingly

The above examples of dog websites hosted on Strikingly are not exhaustive. Strikingly is home to many more websites for dogs. Feel free to browse through some more examples of furry websites from the host of dog website templates available. You can find templates that are custom-made for every sub-category of dog websites. Ranging from dog breeder website templates to pet store design layouts, you can find it all in one place at Strikingly.

Once you have browsed through the dog websites on Strikingly, use that inspiration to start working on your own furry websites. Select the suitable template that will suit your specific needs and begin adding details from the site editor.

While adding content, remember to keep it informal and cheerful. When it comes to dog websites, you need to tickle dog owners’ funny bones to get their attention. Once you have designed your website, you can launch it with a single click. To differentiate your brand from the hundreds of dog websites out there, employ the right digital marketing strategy. SEO, social media, email marketing - whatever mode of marketing it is, don’t leave any stone unturned.

Dog websites can serve as a business and generate revenue. But, that is not the only benefit. Beyond the monetary returns, creating dog websites can be as fun as playing with dogs. Launch yours today for free with Strikingly, and let the world know your love for dogs.