It’s hard to find a person who wouldn’t smile at the sight of a cute dog. They are like the gift that keeps on giving. And just like other niche topics, you’ll find a number of dog websites dedicated to those who love their furry friends. As a leading website builder, Strikingly has empowered business owners and animal lovers, enabling them to share their passion with the world. In this post, let’s take a look at some of the many Strikingly websites that were created to make the lives of these well-loved furry creatures better.

Strikingly is the ideal platform for creating a web site for dogs. Pet websites require strong visuals to appeal to emotions and Strikingly has a wide collection of dog website templates and a versatile galleries section that can showcase your site’s images. It’s a powerful tool both for creating pet-related non-profit websites and for building online stores dedicated to dog owners.

WAGS 4 Kids

dog websites on strikingly

Ohio-based Working Animals Giving Service for Kids is an organization that aims to provide autism and mobility service dogs for children. The landing page gives an overview of what the organization is about and the services it offers. The organization chose a very clean template featuring a grid-style layout to showcase huge images that point users to the major parts of the site.

Images are a good way of engaging readers. The site chose a minimalist landing page, relying on strong visuals to relay its message.

Doodle Puppy

dog web site powered by Strikingly

Have you ever thought of raising a doodle puppy? DoodlePuppy is a Strikingly-powered web site for dogs that provides the information you need about these family-friendly pets. The page itself is very straightforward. It leads you with a banner image of doodle puppies along with fruitful content on doodle puppy.

Pets Sweet Home

strikingly dog website

Pets Sweet Home is a pet care shop in Paris that caters to dog and cat lovers alike. It offers services such as pet grooming, food delivery services and novelty store designed to keep pets happy. The pet shop customised Strikingly’s Perspective template, using its own color scheme and full-width images. The site owner took readability into account choosing clean font styles and a list format for updates about deliveries and new services the store offers.

Key takeaways

Creating web sites for dogs and dog lovers does not have to be a daunting task. Strikingly makes it easier for you by giving you the right kind of tools to build an engaging and beautiful site that showcases your love for pets. If you have a pet store or a pet care related business, building a site can go a long way towards attracting more clients.

Build your online presence by updating your website often. When you have a dog website, search engines are your best friend. They can help you attract organic traffic and direct like-minded people to your website. Add a blog to your site to keep the content fresh. Be that website that provides helpful information on everything that dog owners need to take care of their pets.

Strikingly’s Simple Store ecommerce platform can also help you expand your business and make your pet-related products available online. It has payment gateway integrations so customers can transact and make their payments through your website. The best part is that, unlike other ecommerce sites, Strikingly doesn’t charge a separate transaction fee for sales made through your site. This enables you to offer products at a more affordable price because you don’t need to factor in extra transaction fees.

Finally, never stop improving your dog websites. Get feedback from your customers and visitors. Listen to what Strikingly’s integrated website analytics data tells you. Keep tweaking and perfecting your content to suit your audience.