Among the latest trends in eCommerce, one has caught the general market's attention in a fun and exciting way. This viral marketing strategy has become the talk of the town in many online businesses with its massive effect on an online shop's engagement. Through this digital advertising style, enterprises have been able to have a chance to show their own culture and distinctive style in communicating with their target audience. A marketing strategy that isn't just for promoting but, most importantly, capturing the hearts of audiences from all ages—Introducing meme marketing.

What is a Meme?

Memes (pronounced as meams) are among the latest content posted on social media by various online users and creators. It can be defined as a type of quirky website content that showcases a culture's style, behaviors, and concepts in an entertaining way. Internet memes can be in the form of funny photos or videos containing a distinctive image or style. Using memes as content usually aims to make the post go viral on the internet and gain engagement on the creator's website.

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is a marketing strategy wherein memes to attract online audiences are the primary key. It can be defined as an advertising style where you aim to leverage hilarious content to showcase your brand online. When you do meme marketing, you post shareable content on your platforms containing interesting facts, quotes, and snapshots related to your business. Your examples of meme marketing could be in the form of collaged photos from famous movies or shows captioned with a favorite line. It can also be a short video clip or GIF file showing a funny scene that mirrors your products' characteristics and quality. Some businesses use meme marketing to immediately get the attention and empathy of online audiences who visits their website. When an audience can easily relate to a post, they are more likely to engage with the business.


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What are the Benefits of Meme Marketing?

The emergence of using memes for online businesses has become a massive hit in the world of eCommerce. With people continuously sharing it on different platforms, it can still be a wonder to anyone why such a marketing style has become a massive fuss in the online community. Well, if you are someone wanting to step up your game in the world of business, learning what is meme marketing suits you because:

1. Using memes has a broader reach.

Reaching a mass audience is an advantage in the world of digital commerce. If you want your business to be recognized by a wider market, you must exert extra effort in using effective online advertising strategies. When you do meme marketing, you use a procedure that online users widely love. People are now fond of funny online content, especially if it captures their attention. Using memes as one of your weapons in promoting your product can help you attract more website visitors to your online store. You can first create your meme from the latest topics online, relate it to your business, and post it online along with trending hashtags. To make it more entertaining, you can even think of witty captions you can add to it to make your audience fall in love with it more.

2. Meme marketing can give you higher engagement rates.

Another benefit you can get when you use meme marketing is higher engagement. Meme marketing breaks the usual marketing strategy, wherein increasing sales is the only goal. When you do meme marketing, you grab the chance to "befriend" your online audience. Posting stuff they enjoy showcases how much you pay attention to the content they love seeing on their timeline. When they know that you started using memes, they will initially get curious about what is up. It will then lead them toward your timeline seeking more. Each time you do a successful meme marketing, you typically get shares, likes, and excellent comments from your online audience. This helps earn more engagement for your online store, which could increase your sales and search engine ranking.

3. Using memes is budget-friendly and easy to create.

If you are looking for a marketing strategy that is both budget-friendly and powerful, use meme marketing. Unlike other online marketing strategies, meme marketing only requires a few tools to create one. All you need is the creativity and effort to create a meme that stands out from your other competitors. You can even use screenshots from your favorite shows and movies, compile them in a collage, add some funny texts, post them, and you're done. If you have more time, you can use various photo and video editing applications like Photoshop, Canva, and Adobe to create more sleek meme content. Aside from being a beginner-friendly marketing strategy, meme marketing is also cheaper than the others. When you do meme marketing, you are free from PPC attachments which makes you pay for every like and comment.


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Helpful Tips on Using Memes

Using the best examples of meme marketing can be your business's biggest weapon. Once you have mastered the art of creating memes that'll attract your target market, it will be easier for you to outsmart your competitors. To help you do it better, here are some helpful tips you should never forget when strategizing your meme marketing.

1. Make it relatable

If there is one fact about meme marketing, you should know that it’ll only work if it's among the latest trends. Using memes for your marketing strategy won't work if they aren't relatable. When making your memes, remember that people are more likely to engage in memes that they can relate to. Online audiences love memes they can easily understand, regardless of age, even with just a glimpse of an eye. Avoid using too complicated memes to understand, for you could only miss the chance of gaining engagement. Remember, meme marketing is meant to keep your online market engaged with your business, not just to post some random content.

2. Keep it simple

Being unique with your content designs is not always an advantage in online marketing. Always remember to keep it simple, no matter how eager you are to use meme marketing to attract audiences. You are not writing an invitation letter or an advertisement that will require extravagant designs. When you do meme marketing, always keep your plans simple yet striking in an online user's eye. Keep your content straight to the point and avoid making complicated statements. It would be best to keep your ideas related to each other to easily hit your target of promoting your product and gaining website traffic. Remember, It's better to have a straightforward, minimalistic meme marketing design rather than a flashy one that will only confuse your audience.

3. Be updated on the latest trends.

If there is one tip you should always keep in mind about meme marketing, it's to keep yourself updated. The quality of viral memes depends on the latest topics and interests people talk about in the online world. As an entrepreneur in this digital age, you must always be aware of the latest trends in online marketing. Using memes to get traffic for your online business will only work if you know how to equip it with the right tools and elements. It would be best if you took advantage of the latest hashtags and topics people engage in within the online community. Be updated on what your customers love sharing and commenting on their timelines to give yourself a good grip on what they are currently in. Doing this step can help you create the most accurate memes they can easily engage with.


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Examples of Meme Marketing

Your meme marketing journey will not be complete if you don't get a comprehensive view of how to do it right. To give you a better glimpse of how meme marketing reigns in online marketing, we listed below some of the most famous brands that know exactly how to do meme marketing right.

1. Gucci

Gucci is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to fashion. They have always been among luxury brands that continuously develop new marketing strategies to improve their business. Lately, Gucci has become one of the trending topics in the business world after they started to adopt meme marketing as one of their newest marketing strategies. Their official social media accounts use meme marketing to advertise their products. They even spent time adding their prestigious twists to every meme they posted.

2. Netflix

Netflix is another monster brand that started learning the art of using memes for business. Just like Gucci, Netflix has also begun its own Instagram account, where they interact with its audience by using memes. This helped them a lot in getting engagement from their vast following base. One good thing about this is that they make their memes and post them on social media to let people interact with them.


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Digital marketing has been in continuous growth for the past years. Aside from traditional marketing, new advertising strategies have been consistently arriving, making eCommerce more exciting. The constant development of modern technology and the internet has also played a considerable role in making online marketing strategies viral to entrepreneurs. From using email marketing and sharing social media content to posting online ads, the world of digital commerce has genuinely become a more competitive world to indulge yourself in.

If you want to know more about the world of digital commerce, chat with us today, and we'll get you started.