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Before the 21st century, one wouldn’t imagine the kind of fast-paced world we are living in right now. Most of us are always running out of time to perform daily tasks such as household chores, office work, school projects, and the list goes on. Even though we have technology for almost everything, people continue to seek ways to make life more convenient. For an average nine-to-five employee, a working mom with a toddler, or a college student, twenty-four hours might not be enough to perform daily activities. Many of us find ways to boost productivity and live a fulfilling life.

If you search on the internet for the best life hacks in the workplace or business, you might get overwhelmed with the long list of tips and tricks. It simply shows that many people are finding solutions on how to live comfortably and productively. With all the stress and pressure we encounter everyday, we need help in solving simple problems. It’s amazing how most people rely online in finding these solutions as if all the answers are on the internet.

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10 Best Life Hacks and Websites

These are awesome life hacks to help you practice proper time management, provide practical solutions to tech problems, give inspiration in life, and help build a personal space online.

1. Manage Busy Schedule – Lifehack

2. Boost Productivity in Simple Things – Productivity501

3. Make Use of Stuff in the Digital World – MakeUseOf

4. Become a Tech-Savvy – Gizmodo

5. Conquer the Tech World – Digital Inspiration

6. Set Up Your Own Website – Strikingly

7. Read a Book in 15 Minutes – Instaread

8. Convert Files on the Go – Cloudconvert

9. Discover Best Things in Life – Dumd Little Man

10. Get Hands-on Advice for Technology – AddictiveTips

1. Manage Busy Schedule With Lifehack

Lifehack website provides useful tips on how to make time even though you have a busy schedule. It is designed to make readers feel relaxed and comfortable by reading its articles.

Aside from topics on how to boost productivity, it also tackles proper time management, health and wellness, achieving life goals, and tips on enhancing relationships. If you’re looking for an all-in-one package of references about these topics, Lifehack is a complete guide to living life to the fullest.

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2. Boost Productivity in Simple Things – Productivity501

Productivity501 gives gentle reminders about prioritizing essential tasks, having a proper mindset, and taking things slowly instead of accomplishing them all at once. As the saying goes, “slower is faster.”

You can boost productivity and live life comfortably if you don’t rush things you can’t control. This life hack website discusses essential ingredients on how to make life convenient. It also breaks down different ways to boost productivity even in simple things. They believe that true productivity boils down to positive outcome, comfort, and satisfaction after accomplishing a certain task.

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3. Make Use of Stuff in the Digital World – MakeUseOf

As the name itself suggests, MakeUseOf is what you can expect about it. You make use of things to make life productive and convenient. MakeUseOf is one of the awesome life hacks that focus on digital productivity.

It has infographics that explain how to use digital gears or devices. People who love digital adventures will definitely like this website. With the constant shift in technology these days, we need a guide on how to use digital stuff to make our life easy.

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4. Become a Tech-Savvy – Gizmodo

Gizmodo website provides design and technology blogs about the latest digital stuff, cool devices, or trendy gadgets. Most people are excited to try something new to make life more convenient and productive. Digital devices bring comfort and keep us connected to the online environment. Finding a place that teaches how to use them is an advantage. With the constant twists and turns in digital devices, we need a comprehensive guide to cope up with new technology.

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5. Conquer the Tech World – Digital Inspiration

It is obvious that most of the best life hacks and websites give tips on decoding digital technology. Digital Inspiration is home to the best life hacks about limitless ideas in blogging, website features and tools, mobile-friendly designs, software guides, and the like. Design inspiration is a place to be if you want to conquer the world of technology and are always in the loop for the latest trend in digital stuff.

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6. Set Up Your Own Website – Strikingly

Strikingly website builder specializes in websites such as personal portfolio, online galleries, eCommerce shops, visual events, and more. It has the best web services and tools for marketing and branding.

Having a business website helps boost productivity and empower the way you engage with customers. Strikingly is an easy-set-up website building platform that makes it possible for many individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs to establish a solid online presence. It has free customizable templates for the kind of website you want to create. Strikingly provide knowledge base articles, tutorial videos, and share life hack blogs. It can be a good source of fresh ideas if you’re thinking about setting up your own website.

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You don’t need to be an expert in web development or design to build your website. Make the most out of Strikingly web services. Our simple web editor with drag and drop functionality will make it easier for you to set up a website in less than twenty minutes. All of our websites have mobile-friendly design. We love to hear about your story, too. Check out our users’ websites and create your own account with us.

7. Read a Book in 15 Minutes – Instaread

Just as the name implies, Instaread can help you read as fast as fifteen minutes. You instantly get vital takeaways, summaries, and pointers. Indeed, this website makes life easy. Save time reading without having to miss the important details.

If you want to boost productivity in studies and work-related projects, Instaread is the ultimate solution. Students will definitely love awesome life hacks like this because they can do more tasks instead of reading hundreds of pages.

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8. Convert Files on the Go – Cloudconvert

One of the best life hacks for people on the go is Cloudconvert. You can easily convert a file without the need to install anything. Cloudconvert supports over two hundred formats. It will be easier for students, office workers, or business owners who need to access files right away.

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9. Discover Best Things in Life – Dumd Little Man

Before you can think of anything dumb about the name of this awesome life hacks website, think again. Dumb Little Man focuses on three major topics that most people are interested in – happiness, success, and money.

You think it’s dumb? No, it’s absolutely what we are looking for. It houses the best life hacks to teach us how to live life comfortably while being productive at the same time. You can find the best strategies to maintain healthy relationships without compromising other important tasks. This website shares tips on proper time management which is essential in keeping a work-life balance.

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10. Get Hands-on Advice for Technology – AddictiveTips

AddictiveTips is another tech blog but unique in some ways. Unlike other tech blogs, it shares simple and practical solutions to everyday problems. AddictiveTips suggest what digital stuff works best in our daily activities. Personalized recommendations are given based on their experience. Many readers can relate to the insights about making life convenient using digital technology.

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Final Thoughts

There we have the ten awesome life hacks and websites to make our life more relaxed and productive at the same time. These websites aim to alleviate the stress in performing daily tasks at home and in the workplace. These life hacks website is heaven-sent for most people with a busy schedule, multiple responsibilities, and important priorities. It is not enough to simply read tips and tricks. You must learn how to adapt true methods that will work for you. Learning new digital devices to make life much easier is good, but don’t forget the basics. At the end of the day, electronic devices rely on electricity and internet connection. Going back to the basics shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the secret to living life to the fullest – becoming productive even in the most simple things.

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Just as these websites provide awesome life hacks, you too, can create a similar website to help other people. Share tips and tricks that make our life convenient. Many people are looking for life hacks to improve their well-being, spend quality time with their loved ones, and perform tasks productively. If you’re interested in sharing life hacks online, you can start your website ideas and talk to our chat support now. We love to hear more about it.