Digital Product Ideas

Do you have any idea about digital products? They are the kind of products that you cannot hold with your bare hands, but you can only visualize and enjoy the features that it provides. Digital product ideas have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, especially since the emergence of the pandemic. Even though it isn’t a replacement for physical products, it still has a lot of benefits and provides similar levels of satisfaction. Looking at it closely, you will understand that digital downloads have specific benefits that you may not find in physical products.

If you are an online entrepreneur, you would understand that you require huge capital and expenditure for your profitable digital products. If we elaborate it with an example, you must rent a commercial space for selling clothes. Apart from that, you should hire manpower, purchase stocks and invest in the pre-operating costs. The list will only grow further as you go deep in your business.

Best Examples for Digital Products

1. Educational Products

Online courses are most preferable for in-depth website content. This is one of the digital product ideas that require a lot of work, from creating a presentation to recording a video walkthrough. People may require webinars to convey their message to the audience. When trying to create online courses, you must think like a learner. For example, you must have the question of what a learner must be willing to go through or do at the end of a particular course.

As part of your online course, you can include quizzes, assignments, and certain activities within your courses to ensure that your e-course is more engaging and innovative. If you are a specialist in a specific subject, you can package your information in digital form and sell digital products to learners interested in your subject.

2. Membership Sites

Rather than focusing on the best digital products to sell individually, you can bundle them together in the form of a paid subscription plan for generating revenue. This approach regarding digital product ideas is ideal if you are willing to maintain a growing collection of paid content and evolve a community of passionate members. There are a few cases in which paid digital subscriptions give you a chance to monetize your current marketing efforts.

Strikingly enables you to create membership payment plans. All you have to do is to place it in your website section. Once you have created a paid subscription membership on your website, your potential visitors will have the chance to pay the repetitive subscription to be converted into members. You can also give your paid members the option of going through the paid-only content, which is ideal for people interested in blogs.

3. Music or Art

If you own a musician or a band website, there is a chance that you have explored numerous ways to monetize your talent or the audience you are trying to interact with. Even though t-shirts and prints are considered the best digital products to sell, you will also find many digital product ideas for selling art or music. If you are a musician, you can create ringtones in the mp3 version from your best tracks and sell them along with your merchandise.

music digital copy

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

On the other hand, if you are a cartoonist, you can look into digital product ideas, such as printables, phone wallpapers, and various other on-demand products. If you are a producer or a filmmaker, you can sell your movies or video edits online. You can even tell the audience about the editing tools so they can be inspired by your work. As there is no inventory associated with digital products, you can consider experimenting in different ways to understand the demands of your audience.

4. Services

Services can combine with various profitable digital products because services are entirely different. In services, your inventory is associated with the number of your working hours. When you market your products, your customers will understand your digital product ideas when they complete the procedure of purchasing.

Strategies to Sell a Digital Product

1. Choose a Template

Once you have understood what are digital products, you will also be told about the importance of having an eCommerce website for its selling purposes. Before you think about building a website, you must decide the best possible website template for your online store. Strikingly provides you with a collection of website templates that you can select as per your will.

choose a template

Image taken from Strikingly

All of the website templates provided by Strikingly contain pre-build menu buttons and features that can get the best out of your digital product ideas. All you have to do is customize your design and add sections as per your thinking. There is also an option given by Strikingly to create paid membership plans. We will discuss the payment section later on in the article.

2. Add Simple Store

After choosing the template, you must add the simple store to your website. The simple store acts as a platform where you can sell digital products effectively. This is the section in which your customers will determine whether your digital product ideas are good enough to be prioritized or not. Just like you see with any other section on Strikingly, you can also edit the simple store based on your imagination and preferences.

add simple store

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly enables you to change the layout and background as per your will. Make sure that you check out all the professional web designs as Strikingly provides many features to make it happen. Whether you want to expand your simple store, you must know about the products working well for your customers and the management staff. As the owner of an eCommerce platform, you should not try to fix what is not broken. Instead, you should build on your eCommerce strengths.

3. Connect your Domain

As a business owner, you must connect your domain to your Strikingly website. You must understand that if your domain isn’t connected to your website, you will not make the most out of your digital product ideas. If you still haven’t purchased your domain, it is still not late, as Strikingly has arguably the most fitting deal for you. You can complete your registration on Strikingly and purchase the domain for $24.95 every year. You can go through the collection of domain names to select the preferable one for your eCommerce store.

connect your domain

Image taken from Strikingly

You won’t find a single eCommerce website globally that doesn’t require an address. Its importance is because it plays a huge role in attracting audiences to the website. However, you must make sure that your domain name is easy enough to be remembered by the audience. The domain will define your brand and explain to your potential visitors what are digital products. You never know that you generate many digital sales just because of having an addictive domain name on your website.

4. Payment Options

It isn’t just about having profitable digital products when you don’t have the payment options to match them. No eCommerce platform is complete without the payment options. The more payment options you provide to your visitors, the more valuable your customer service. Strikingly enables you to add Paypal, Stripe, and Square as payment options. To ensure that you are protected from any kind of fraud, you must enable online payments for your digital products.

add payment options

Image taken from Strikingly

It is preferable to add online payment options for your digital product ideas because most customers like that kind of facility. You can also enable your customers to pay as per the currency of their location. Once you are done with the payment options, you will be able to sell your digital products effectively. The payment options will make sure that your online store looks more complete and comprehensive.


Without the requirement of inventory or the overheads for selling physical products, there won’t be a single digital product in the market that cannot be a profitable online business idea. You need a reliable online platform, such as Strikingly, to make the most out of these business ideas.

Strikingly’s Simple Store feature supports digital products (for Pro Plan or above). All you have to do is upload the product’s picture and price. Customers will receive the download link, and they will have three days (72 hours) to download it before the link expires.

Digital product ideas have become a massive part of online entrepreneurship and customer care plan. Numerous flexible digital products can make the most out of the wider market. Once you have done an in-depth study of the digital products, you should waste no time and register yourself on Strikingly. Create your account today and make it easy for yourself to sell digital products.