Cutting-Edge Design: How to Make Your Salon Website a Cut Above the Rest

A website is like a digital business card for your salon, and just like you wouldn't hand out a tattered, outdated card to potential clients, you wouldn't want your salon website to be anything less than fabulous. A well-designed salon website is essential to attract new clients, showcase your services and products, and provide a seamless booking experience.

But don't worry. You don't need to be a web design expert to create a stunning salon website. In fact, with the help of Strikingly, a website builder that's designed to make website creation easy and fun, you can have a website for your salon up and running in no time.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the steps in how to how to create a salon website that's cutting-edge and eye-catching. We'll also share tips and best practices for creating a great user experience, optimizing your website for search engines, and using Strikingly's features to help your salon website stand out. Let's get started!

Know Your Target Audience

Before you create a salon website that stands out, you need to understand your target audience. Knowing your ideal client and what they want can allow you to create a website that speaks directly to them and their needs. Here are some steps to get started:

A. Understanding Your Ideal Client

Before you create a salon website that resonates with your target audience, you need to know who they are. Start by asking yourself:

  • Who is my ideal client?
  • Are they young, middle-aged, or elderly?
  • Do they have a specific income range?
  • Do they value eco-friendly products or luxury services?

The more specific you can be, the better you can tailor your website to their needs.

B. Identifying Their Needs And Preferences

Once you have a clear idea of your ideal client, it's time to identify their needs and preferences.

  • Do they want a family-friendly salon, or are they looking for a high-end luxury experience?
  • Do they want a quick and efficient booking process, or are they more interested in browsing through the different services you offer?

Knowing what your clients want is key to designing a website that appeals to them.

C. Tailoring Your Website Design To Appeal To Your Target Audience

Now that you know your target audience and what they want, it's time to design a website that appeals to them. Choose colors, fonts, and images that resonate with your ideal client. Use language that speaks directly to their needs and preferences. By tailoring your website design to your target audience, you'll create a more engaging user experience that's more likely to convert visitors into customers.

With Strikingly, you can use their easy-to-use platform to create a customized website that resonates with your target audience. Whether you're looking to attract busy professionals who want to book appointments on the go or trend-setting millennials who value eco-friendly products, Strikingly has the tools you need to create a website that speaks to your audience. You can customize the layout, colors, fonts, and images to match your brand and target audience.

Choose The Right Design Elements

A visually appealing website is crucial for any salon website. You want your website to be memorable, attractive, and easy to navigate. Here are some tips to help you choose the right design elements:

A. The Importance Of A Visually Appealing Website

When it comes to creating a salon website, aesthetics are everything. Your website should be visually stunning, with high-quality images that showcase your salon's services and facilities. An attractive website will make a great first impression on potential clients and keep them engaged and encourage them to book an appointment.

B. Choosing The Right Color Scheme, Typography, And Imagery

Choosing the right color scheme, typography, and imagery is critical to creating a visually appealing website. Colors, in particular, can greatly impact how your website is perceived. Different colors evoke different emotions, so choosing a color scheme that's consistent with your brand and your target audience is important. Typography also plays a significant role in creating an engaging user experience. Choose a font that's easy to read and matches the tone of your brand.

Brandon Bath Strikingly Salon Website Template

Image taken from Strikingly

C. Tips For Creating A Consistent Brand Identity Across Your Website

Consistency is key when creating a salon website. Your website should reflect your brand and be consistent with other marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures. Create a brand style guide to ensure your website design is cohesive and aligned with your brand's values and messaging.

Strikingly has a wide range of pre-designed templates that you can choose from. Their templates are designed to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and customizable. With Strikingly, you don't need to be a design expert to create a stunning salon website. Their easy-to-use design tools make it simple to customize your website's color scheme, typography, and imagery, ensuring that your website is cohesive and eye-catching.

Focus On User Experience Design

Creating a salon website that is both visually appealing and easy to use is crucial to keeping your clients engaged and encouraging them to book an appointment. Here are some tips to help you improve the user experience on your website:

A. How To Create An Easy-To-Navigate Website

Your salon website should be easy to navigate, with a clear and simple layout that guides your clients to the information they need. Use clear and concise language, and logically organize your website's content. Ensure your clients can easily find your salon's services, pricing, and contact information.

In addition to clear language and logical organization, there are other tips to keep in mind when creating an easy-to-navigate website for your salon.

Razor Barber Strikingly Salon Website Template

Image taken from Strikingly

First, use a consistent navigation menu prominently displayed on each page of your website. This will help your clients quickly and easily find the information they are looking for, no matter where they are on your site.

Second, consider using breadcrumbs or other visual aids to help your clients keep track of their location within your website. This can be especially helpful if you have a lot of pages or sections on your site.

Third, make sure that your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This means using alt text for images, providing video captions, and ensuring that your website is compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies.

By following these tips, you can create a website that is not only easy to navigate but also inclusive and accessible to all your clients.

B. Tips For Improving Website Loading Speed And Mobile Responsiveness

Your website's loading speed and mobile responsiveness are critical factors in providing a positive user experience. Slow loading times can be frustrating for your clients and may cause them to abandon your website. Make sure your website is optimized for speed and mobile-friendly so that your clients can easily access your website on their phones.

To improve your website's loading speed, you can do a few things. Firstly, optimize your images by compressing them without compromising their quality. Large image files can significantly slow down your website's loading time. Secondly, use a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up the delivery of your website's content. This way, your website's data is stored on multiple servers, making it faster and more reliable.

Mobile responsiveness is equally important because a significant percentage of internet users access websites through their mobile devices. If you create a salon website that is mobile-friendly, your website can be easily accessed and viewed on any device, regardless of its screen size. To make your website mobile-responsive, use responsive web design techniques that allow your website to adapt to different screen sizes. This includes optimizing your font sizes, image sizes, and navigation menu for smaller screens.

In addition, ensuring that your website's mobile navigation is intuitive and user-friendly is essential. You can achieve this by using simple and clear calls-to-action, ensuring that buttons and links are large enough to tap on with a finger, and reducing the amount of text on the screen.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your salon website is optimized for both speed and mobile responsiveness, providing a seamless user experience for your clients.

C. Best Practices For Incorporating User-Friendly Features

Incorporating user-friendly features such as appointment booking, contact forms, and live chat can help your clients easily reach out to your salon and book appointments. Make sure that these features are easy to find, use, and designed with your clients' needs in mind.

Mystery Box Strikingly Salon Website Template

Image taken from Strikingly

Additionally, it's important to ensure that these features are accessible and functional on all devices, including desktop and mobile. Offering online booking options can also save time for your clients and salon staff while providing a convenient and efficient service. Consider adding social media links to your website to allow clients to easily follow and connect with your salon on their preferred social media platforms. By incorporating these user-friendly features, you can enhance the overall user experience and make it easier for clients to engage with your salon.

Strikingly's user-friendly platform makes creating a salon website that is both engaging and easy to use. Strikingly offers a variety of features, including appointment booking and contact forms, that can be easily added to your website. Their mobile-friendly templates are designed with user experience in mind, ensuring that your clients can easily navigate your website from any device.

Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to improve its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, it helps potential customers find your website more easily when they search for related keywords on search engines like Google.

To start with SEO, you need to understand how search engines work. Search engines use algorithms to analyze and rank websites based on various factors, including content quality, relevance, authority, and user experience.

A. Tips For Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines

After you create a salon website, There are several ways to optimize your salon website for search engines, such as:

  • Conducting keyword research and using relevant keywords in your content. Keyword research is the process of identifying popular search terms that your target audience is likely to use to find the services you offer. Incorporating these keywords into your website's content can help improve your website's visibility in search engine results. However, it's important to use keywords strategically and not overuse them, as this can hurt your search engine ranking.
  • Writing high-quality content that engages your target audience. Content is king when it comes to online marketing. Providing high-quality, engaging content on your salon website can help attract and retain customers. Content can include informative articles, how-to guides, tutorials, and blog posts. The key is to create content that provides value to your target audience.
  • Using internal linking to improve website navigation and structure. Internal linking is the process of linking pages within your website. This helps users navigate your website and improves its structure. Additionally, internal linking can help distribute link equity throughout your website, which can improve your search engine ranking.
  • Optimizing meta tags and descriptions for better click-through rates. Meta tags and descriptions are pieces of HTML code that provide information about your website to search engines. Optimizing these elements with relevant keywords and information can help improve your website's click-through rate. Users will be more likely to click on your website when it appears in search results.
  • Regularly updating your website with fresh content and blog posts. Updating your website with fresh content can help improve your search engine ranking and keep your clients engaged. Regularly publishing blog posts or articles on topics relevant to your salon can help establish your salon as a thought leader in your industry and improve your website's visibility in search results.
  • Building high-quality backlinks from reputable sources. Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. Building high-quality backlinks from reputable sources can help improve your search engine ranking. However, it's important to focus on quality over quantity. Low-quality backlinks can hurt your search engine ranking. Additionally, it's important to avoid black hat tactics like buying backlinks. This can result in penalties from search engines.

B. Strategies For Driving Traffic To Your Website

Aside from optimizing your website for search engines, there are other strategies you can use to drive traffic to your website. These include:

  • Leveraging social media to promote your salon and its services. Social media has become an essential tool for marketing and promoting businesses, which is no different for salons. Create a strong social media presence by posting high-quality photos and engaging with your followers. Use social media to showcase your services, share client testimonials and reviews, and run promotions or contests. You can also leverage social media influencers to promote your salon and its services.
  • Running paid ads on search engines and social media. While organic reach on social media can be limited, running paid ads on search engines and social media can help you reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to your website. Use keywords relevant to your salon and target specific demographics, such as age, gender, location, and interests.

Freshtones Makeup Strikingly Salon Website Template

Image taken from Strikingly

  • Listing your business on local directories and review sites. Listing your salon on local directories and review sites, such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages can help you get more visibility in search results and drive more traffic to your website. Encourage clients to leave reviews and respond to them in a professional and timely manner.
  • Partnering with other local businesses for cross-promotion. Partnering with other local businesses, such as wedding planners, photographers, and event coordinators can help you tap into new markets and reach a wider audience. You can also offer discounts or cross-promotions with other local businesses to attract more clients.
  • Encouraging client referrals and reviews. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing, so encourage your clients to refer their friends and family to your salon. Offer discounts or free services to clients who refer new business to your salon. Encourage clients to leave reviews on your website, social media pages, and review sites, and respond to them in a positive and professional manner.

Strikingly offers built-in SEO tools to help you optimize your salon website for better search engine visibility. With Strikingly, you can easily optimize meta tags and descriptions, add alt tags to images, and customize URLs to improve your website's search engine ranking. Strikingly also automatically generates sitemaps and robots.txt files, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website.

By implementing these SEO strategies and using Strikingly's built-in tools to create a salon website, you can improve your salon website's search engine visibility and attract more potential clients to your business.

Steps In Creating A Salon Website With Strikingly

Creating your salon website with Strikingly is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Create an account.

Go to the Strikingly website and create an account by clicking the "Sign Up" button.

2. Choose a template.

Strikingly offers a variety of templates for different industries. Browse through the templates and select one that fits your salon's brand and style.

3. Customize your site.

Once you've selected a template, you can start customizing your site. Add your salon's logo, change the color scheme, and add images of your salon, services, and products. You can also add pages, such as an "About Us" page, a "Services" page, and a "Contact Us" page.

4. Set up online booking.

If you offer online booking for your salon services, you can set this up through Strikingly. You can use Strikingly's built-in booking system.

5. Add social media links.

Make sure to include links to your salon's social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram. This will help your customers stay connected and up-to-date on your salon's latest news and promotions.

6. Optimize for SEO.

Strikingly offers built-in SEO tools to help optimize your site for search engines. Make sure to include relevant keywords on your site, use descriptive page titles and meta descriptions, and add alt tags to your images.

7. Publish your site.

Once you're happy with your salon website, it's time to publish it! Click the "Publish" button in Strikingly and your site will go live.

That's it! Follow these steps and you'll easily create a salon website in twenty minutes or less.


A well-designed website is critical for attracting and retaining clients for your salon. Your website serves as a digital storefront and should reflect your business and its brand. Strikingly can help you create a website that looks professional, is easy to navigate, and engages your target audience.

To create a successful salon website, start by identifying your target audience and their needs. From there, choose the correct design elements that appeal to your clients and create a consistent brand identity across your website. Ensure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with features like appointment booking and contact forms. Finally, optimize your website for search engines to drive traffic. With the help of Strikingly's easy-to-use platform and built-in SEO tools, creating a stunning salon website is simpler than ever before.

What are you waiting for? Whether you're looking to develop a brand new website or revamp an existing one, Strikingly is the perfect platform to help you create a salon website that attracts and engages your clients. With Strikingly's intuitive website builder, professional templates, and user-friendly features, you'll have a stunning salon website up and running in no time.

Get started today!