critical tips on how to plan a wedding

Planning a wedding for the first time can be an overwhelming task. After all, a wedding is one of the most significant ceremonies the lucky couple can experience. Usually, engaged couples and romantic singles try to visualize how their nuptials would look in different locations. When they participate in various wedding ceremonies, they will try to assume how their occasion will be translated into videos and pictures.

Even if you go through some romantic movies, you will find only one-half of a couple uses minor details to plan a wedding. Since the engagement, that movie character is responsible for everything related to the wedding. For example, he would look into the wedding theme, the reception location, and the music playlist.

Many romantic singles are learning how to start planning a wedding. Whether the occasion is simple or grand, the objective is to have a smooth-sailing wedding experience. Picking a lifetime partner is one thing, but planning someone’s dream wedding is a different ball game. A well-executed wedding is a consequence of the right combination of wedding planning tools, attention to detail, and a cheap backup strategy.

How to Plan Your Wedding

1) Set Your Wedding Budget

It is important that the first step while planning a wedding is to set your budget. It may not be the most memorable part of your wedding plan, but it is a task that must be completed before you shift your focus toward the rest of your wedding planning process.

Since you are the administrator, the last thing you want is to fall in love with the wedding venue, vendor, and dresses before realizing they are out of your range. Hence, you must sit with your parents and relatives to finalize your budget. Once you are done with your budget, you can divide it among your vendors and services accordingly.

If your budget is tight, investing less in aspects such as wedding cars and wedding favors is better. You can get the reception you hope for by cutting external costs.

2) Start Planning Early

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One of the best ways to manage stress is to be ahead of schedule. When you plan a wedding early, you can achieve peace of mind successfully. On the other hand, late planning will result in lesser options, which could cost you the perfect wedding venue, wedding band, and wedding dresses, respectively. Hence, the best approach is to book critical areas of your wedding day to avoid disappointment. It is also an excellent approach to sort out some personal touches three to six months before your big day.

3) Get Yourself Organized

While planning a wedding, it is always a good habit to organize all your wedding information in one place. Here are the things that can be included in your wedding information document:

  • Supplier details
  • Wedding Budget
  • Itineraries
  • Wedding checklists

When you plan a wedding, organizing your wedding data will help you achieve peace of mind and make you feel in control. Moreover, it helps you and your team to avoid forgetting the key elements of your wedding planning. You can easily print a master document so that you can hand this task to the individuals involved in planning.

4) Make it Fun

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When planning a wedding, you must make it enjoyable and ensure no stress is involved. A wedding occasion should be fun and exciting for all the people involved. Try to enjoy your journey and make it entertaining by creating as many wedding planning events as possible. For example, you can look into the wedding dress or suit fitting, visit the wedding venue, or taste the wedding cake. Regardless of how you plan a wedding, there are numerous opportunities to invite your friends and family. You can also celebrate with your fiance while planning a wedding.

5) Identify the Best Wedding Venues

When you plan a wedding, it is only a matter of time before you consider choosing the venue. When you identify the right wedding venue for the occasion, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of wedding do you have in mind?
  • How many guests will you be inviting on your big occasion?

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When you get answers to these questions, research some of the best wedding venues in your country and narrow them down based on your preferences. The best thing to do is to visit the venues twice in the lead-up to your wedding. Then, when planning a wedding, ensure all your questions are answered and you have thought everything for your occasion.

6) Always Take Notes

To plan a wedding, you must visit the wedding venues and the suppliers. However, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of making notes. There can be a lot of information to consider after you visit a wedding venue. Unfortunately, you may have forgotten most of those details by the time you leave it. To improve your decisions, you can even give yourself marks out of ten for the elements necessary to your wedding plans, such as budget, service, and location.

7) Create a Menu

Food is always one of the biggest priorities when you plan a wedding. However, many brides and grooms worry about the wedding breakfast menu and get confused by guests’ opinions and preferences. For example, if you visit the Mount Pleasant Hotel in the United Kingdom, the venue owners always advise the couples to choose the food menu they enjoy and build from there.

8) Keep Track of RSVPs

One of the best things while planning a wedding is seeing the number of RSVPs pouring in. Since you are planning the wedding, you must keep track of the following aspects:

  • Who is coming to your wedding?
  • Who cannot come to your wedding?
  • Who is bringing whom on your wedding day? (regardless of the number of guests invited)

Let’s assume you manage various wedding events, such as bridal showers, dance rehearsals, or family toasts. Online tools are available to manage your schedule and coordinate all these wedding events in one spot. It’s almost as if you have a wedding planner, but it’s free, and you don’t need to make phone calls continuously.

9) Enjoy Your Big Day

It is easy to get stressed during wedding planning, but the best approach is to take a break. For example, you can take a spa day or a weekend break before the big occasion, making you refreshed and ready to get married.

When the day arrives, it is all about enjoying it. You have prepared everything related to your occasions, such as the wedding planner, wedding, parents, friends, and relatives. It is time to put someone else in charge of the wedding management and focus on the important things, i.e., getting married.

Plan a Wedding with Strikingly

Since every business requires a professional website to guarantee success, you shouldn’t expect anything else in your field. On the Internet today, you will find many couples trying to identify the best wedding-related products and services. A well-established wedding website would allow these couples to find and book you.

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Once you understand how to plan a wedding, a professional website is a wise investment because it is an upgrade on a random invitation. In addition, you can continuously communicate with your guests and provide them with important information, such as the timeframe for your wedding day. Strikingly is a top-quality website builder that helps you plan a wedding by building a professional website without much difficulty.

Once registered on our platform, you can choose your preferred website template and customize it according to your wedding idea. For example, you can choose a traditional, romantic, or natural style that showcases your interests and hobbies.

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The biggest quality of Strikingly is that you can build an effective website design without writing a single line of code. You don’t need coding or programming expertise to design a website on our platform. Once you have chosen your preferred website template, you can align it to your style, wedding theme, and other requirements. You can also use a logo maker to create a personalized logo for your wedding website.

To complement the overall look of your wedding website, you can change the typefaces or upload new ones from your computer. Remember to include the graphics or photos of the couple. It can be from the engagement shoot or any of the trips. If you are not sure about the material you want to add to your wedding website, here are some suggestions:

  • Names and wedding date
  • Location and travel information
  • Dress code
  • Complete timeline
  • Gift register or contributions
  • Wedding hashtag
  • Contact information


Planning a wedding is a big deal, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Since you must go through beautiful dresses, elaborate cakes, and personalized wedding decors, weddings can lead to plenty of stress.

When you learn the steps to planning a wedding, you will realize certain aspects of the process can be complicated. For example, if you like wedding decor, it can be hard for you to create a guest list.

The best approach is to create a wedding website for your wedding announcement to keep your guests up to date. If you have a team with you, you can divide your tasks among family and friends. However, if you are inexperienced or negligent while planning a wedding, consider hiring a wedding planner quickly.