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Gone are the days when people only used to browse a website through laptops or computers. There is a reason why website traffic nowadays has a higher percentage of mobile users than desktop users. After all, browsing through a mobile phone is easier than browsing through a computer screen. Therefore, you must create a mobile site and improve online sales.

According to many pieces of research worldwide, the number of mobile users is no longer in the minority. They have left the desktop users behind and in the direction in which the digital world is going. The mobile users will only increase every year going forward. Therefore, with each passing year, the importance of a responsive website increases. As an entrepreneur, you must understand that to create a strong customer base, you must prioritize mobile users over desktop users.

What is a Mobile Website?

If you want to create a strong online presence for your website, you must know what a mobile site is. Also known as a mobile-optimized website, it is classified as the shrunk version of a desktop-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website isn’t just suitable for small screens, but it brings many other benefits to the table. The biggest reason you should optimize websites in mobile versions is that you have to prioritize websites as per the visitors’ demands. As we have mentioned before, they don’t just open websites from their computers or desktops only.

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As a website owner, you must create strategies that ensure that your online business doesn’t disregard the influence of mobile users. If you ignore the mobile users, you ignore more than half of your potential website traffic. In today’s day and age, it is all about adapting to the digital world, and mobile-friendly designs are one of those things that you must know about. Moreover, you should also know about Strikingly, a website builder that supports mobile-friendly designs.

Benefits of a Mobile Website

1. Easy Browsing Experience

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile website is that it ensures an easy browsing experience. Considering all mobile sites worldwide makes life extremely easy for their visitors. Good browsing experience results in a high conversion rate and low bounce rate. A high conversion rate is only possible when customers aren’t frustrated by your website’s loading speed or the unclear textures. They don’t need to sit at the desk for a long time and wait for the website updates.

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Strikingly makes it easy for you to add all the elements to your website. You can create a navigation system on your Strikingly website by adding all the elements to your website sections. Moreover, you can add the search bar so visitors can easily search for their prescribed product. It is totally upon you about the location of your navigation elements. However, we would recommend you add those elements on the left.

2. High Traffic

A website can only be good if it has a decent amount of website traffic coming on its way. However, a mobile site seems to have attracted a wide range of audiences because it is trending in the market. As we previously said, mobile users have exceeded desktop users in recent years. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website is expected to bring huge traffic even if the business idea isn’t relevant.

If you want to check the traffic on your Strikingly website, you can easily integrate Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps you identify the customers’ behavior on your website. Moreover, you will also know about the customers that have recently landed on your website and those constantly coming to your platform. To ensure healthy traffic, it is vital that you don’t have an ending point with your website and you continue to find ways to improve it.

3. More Sales

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The concept of online sales on a mobile site is straightforward. The more traffic you get on these websites, the more sales you are likely to obtain. If your website interface looks pleasing to the eye and your CTA button looks appropriate, the customers will not hesitate to get involved in the shopping experience. If your website has a blog section, they may also consider going through users' experiences with certain products. If the customers feel that the message coming to them from the store owners is authentic, they will consider returning to your website in the future and make further transactions.

4. High Speed

The most significant benefit of a mobile site is that it relieves you from all the difficulties related to the loading speed. There is no way customers will wait for more than 15-20 seconds for your website to load completely. They will walk away from it and consider another website of a similar niche. If you want to have any idea about your website’s loading speed, you can learn about the Google pagespeed insights score. Strikingly always has ensured that our websites are updated with the recent technological advancements. Therefore, the average Google Pagespeed insights score of our websites is 90.

Strategies to Create a Mobile Website

1. Website Template

When you build a mobile website, the first thing that you consider is the website template. The website template that you choose must be mobile-friendly i.e. can be accessed by both desktop and mobile versions. Many website builders worldwide provide different and unique website templates for niches. Once you are done finalizing your business idea, the next thing you should consider is the selection of the website template. Your selected website template must resonate with your business idea.

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Strikingly is a free website builder that allows you to create a mobile site without breaking a sweat. We help you create quality website designs without writing a single line of code. Once you take out one of the website templates from our collection, we provide you with all the necessities regarding its customization. You don’t need top IT degrees to justify your credentials on our platform. The templates provided by Strikingly are mobile-responsive. Furthermore, we enable our developers to change the website version from desktop to mobile (and vice versa) per their preference.

2. Website Content

Once you are done with the mobile website design, the next step revolves around your website content. You must start adding all the relevant website content directly after customizing your website template. Website content can be related to the images you add in the gallery section, the homepage sections describing your business idea, or the blog section. Regardless of your content, you must prioritize and add them to your mobile site properly.

In a professional website, it is not just about adding website content. It is also about ensuring the content is readable or accessible to the audience. There is no point in writing so many lines or adding so many images when the audience isn’t satisfied with it. When you add images, ensure they have a formal background and that the image isn’t blurry. Secondly, your written content must have a proper font style and color so that the readers don’t have any difficulty going through your content. Strikingly provides its users with multiple font styles to make it easy for them to add content.

3. SEO

When it comes to a mobile website, it is not just about the quality of website content. It is also about making sure that you have a strong customer base. There is no point in creating and adding wonderful content to your mobile site when there is nobody to recognize your hard work. You must know search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to attract new customers to your website. For those who don’t know, SEO strategies ensure that your website or webpage gets noticed by Google and promoted up in the rankings based on relevant SEO requirements.

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Strikingly is a website builder that fully supports relevant SEO strategies to boost online presence. We provide our users with an SEO checklist, helping website owners to look into the website elements from an SEO perspective. The things mainly highlighted in this checklist include meta-descriptions, meta tags, image tags, etc. You may unlock more in the checklist features if you upgrade your subscription plan.


Mobile sites have become a huge trend in the online world. Entrepreneurs no longer feel that websites are only associated with computers and laptops. Even though some organizations fancy creating desktop-based websites, they are only specified for a certain platform. If companies worldwide want to create a strong online presence across the digital world, they must start creating mobile-friendly websites.

If you want to create your mobile-friendly website today, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. It is crucial that before you create a mobile-friendly website, you can purchase and register your domain with us. You can buy a domain on Strikingly worth 24.95 USD, but the value may change per your domain name and extension. If you have issues regarding website development, you can contact our Happiness Officers today. So, create the best mobile-friendly website and build your business profile online.