An online store builder makes it easier for you to start an ecommerce business without the need to learn programming language or website design. It does the hard work for you so you can focus on building your site’s content and running your business.

using an online store builder

Even with a free online store builder, however, you are not setting up your ecommerce business for success if all you’re going to do is select a template and put up products on the platform without a clear strategy. Get the most out of your website builder with these helpful tips.

1. Select the right platform

Any online store website builder can promise to help you get your shop set up in a few minutes and with little to no coding required. With any platform, you’ll also get access to a payment gateway so you can accommodate online transactions on your site as well as a decent system for tracking orders and dealing with taxes. These are minimum requirements, in our view. You should get these from any online store builder you choose.

When deciding on a platform, you should be looking at all other added features - no transaction fees, modern and mobile-responsive templates, user-friendly site editor and SEO features. You should also make sure that you choose a site builder that offers reliable customer support.

2. Put some thought into writing your copy

With an online store, customer interaction is limited. Your website serves as your silent salesperson and you must make sure that you give it a good chance of closing a sale. It’s important to put a lot of thought into writing your product descriptions. They are more than just bullet points that outline what your product does. Consumers tend to read the copy when they are still undecided about a product. Persuade them to add to cart through compelling descriptions that highlight the benefits of your product to the customer. You can also add information on how to use the product or make the most out of it.

3. Use quality images

Another pain point of online shopping is you don’t see the product in person before you buy it. There’s no way to scrutinize the item closely to make sure that you’re buying a quality product. Use high quality images and even video on your online website store to address this concern. It’s important to use high-resolution photos on your site because any sign of substandard quality such as pixelation or blurriness may raise questions to the quality of your product and your brand. We recommend using lifestyle shots of the product being used or of people interacting with the product as applicable. Products are easier to sell if customers see them in action.

4. Include testimonials and reviews

reviews on online store website

Online consumers are also known to read reviews before deciding to purchase a product. Reinforce your brand’s quality by including product reviews and testimonials that you can gather through forms or telemarketers. They are a quick way to encourage conversions.

One effective web design strategy is to add product-specific reviews under the description of the product itself. If you have a single-product website, you can add a section using your online store website builder devoted specifically for testimonials and reviews.

5. Test the user experience

Before you launch your online store website, it’s important to test the platform first to make sure it’s working. It’s a good idea to ask somebody else to view the site from a different device - a mobile phone, for instance - so you can identify any inconsistencies in user experience across different screen sizes. Test the purchase process for any gaps in navigation. The site design should make it easy for consumers to complete purchase transactions. Adjust and improve on any issues that will come up and continuously test until you’re satisfied with the results.