A good website builder simplifies website design and development for individuals who have little to no technical experience in this field. Sometimes we just want to get a professional website up and we don’t want to bother with the complexities of programming. The best website builder takes all these worries for you.

With the wealth of options available when it comes to these platforms, how do you find the best website builder software for you? Here are characteristics that you should be looking for.

Ease of use

ease of use

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A website builder should be able to make it easy for you to set up a site. The best platform has an intuitive user interface that lets you play around with layouts and styles without having to write a single line of code.

A user-friendly website editor is a must-have for website builders. It should allow you to easily change colors, switch font styles and even templates if you suddenly change your mind about your site’s overall style.

Diverse template selection

Building a website starts with selecting a template. The template gives your site the form and structure so you don’t have to build your website from the ground up. The best free website builder enables you to make some customizations on the template so you can still create a unique page for your brand.

Selecting a suitable template is easier if you have a variety of choices available for you even with a free account. Strikingly has developed a good selection of templates that are not only modern looking but also mobile responsive. The best website builder should have templates that are developed following today’s best practices in web design and development - among others, they should render well in different screen sizes to capture users that browse the internet using their mobile devices.


Your website builder should have mobile responsive options

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This brings us to another important characteristic of the best website builder software - responsive options. Your website should be mobile-friendly to reach a wider audience. A good website builder’s template should enable you to create a responsive website - that is, all the design elements and content should remain consistent regardless of the device used to view them.


Let the best website builder free you up from the daunting prospect of having to write codes just to get you the website you want. A good platform would offer options for customizing your website - including changing color schemes, loading images and logos and other visuals.

Some people mistakenly believe that they run the risk of having a website that looks like everybody else’s if they use a website builder. However, with sufficient customization features, it’s possible to have a unique website on the best platform.

SEO and digital marketing options

Your website needs to find its way to the search engine results lists to gain traffic and be effective at what it’s supposed to do. The best free website builders have SEO features included so you can get started on optimizing your content for search engines. To further help you with your content marketing efforts, make sure that you choose a platform that provides social share functionality so visitors can easily share your pages.

Low cost of entry

Unlike professional web development services that may bill based on the man-hours it will take to complete a project, you pay website builders on a per subscription basis. You can even find platforms that will host your site for free. The best website builder should offer a subscription that is within your budget.

Pricing tiers vary across different website builders. If you’re looking to start on a free service, you want to go with the best free website builder that will provide you with the tools you need to develop a fully-functional page.

Customer support

reliable customer support is important in a website builder

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Finally, the best website builder should be able to provide you with sufficient support in case you face any issues while building or managing your website. Strikingly, for instance, offers 24/7 support even for free accounts so you are assured that you’ll have someone to talk to about your site at any time or stage in the development process.