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It may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is more likely that users will remember your website if it caught their eye in the first place. If you want your website to be eye-catching to visiting users but are not as creative as you wish you were, then using visually appealing word art design might be the way to go.

First of all, let’s make things easier and refer to ‘word art design’ as ‘cool text’ as of now.

Now let’s discuss the importance of using cool text on your website.

The importance of using cool text in your website

• To increase brand recognition.

Having an eye-catching website or even just a logo is very beneficial for your online business. For example, the thick, blocky letters of Netflix. Or even the bright all-lowercase letters of Hulu. It allows viewers to not only recognize but also set apart your brand from your competitors.

By selecting the most suitable cool text, context is no longer a requirement to trigger the viewer’s recognition of your brand. It is recommended to make your design unique to your brand so it would be hard to replicate by your competitors.

It may not seem like a difficult task, but the selection process requires extremely thorough and careful planning. You would want to brainstorm visual characteristics that you want your viewers to associate with your brand.

With that being said, your cool text selection in terms of brand recognition is important to fuel your brand’s reputation as well as consumer brand loyalty.

• To increase audience engagement and attention.

The cool text you select could either make or break your website. By this, we mean that it could either capture a viewer’s attention and make them stay on or leave your website. If your selection is overwhelming or unpleasant to look at, it can cause visual strain to the viewer.

Choosing the right cool text can potentially visually stimulate the reader. It could lead to the ease of their reading experience as well as provide comfort. Don’t forget that your goal is to make visitors stay on your website for a bit instead of immediately clicking out of it. They need to be compelled to stay long enough to engage with your website and even turn into a new customer!

The right selection can also encourage viewer participation, so you are most likely to hold their attention with the right cool text.

Criteria to choose the cool text for your website

Now that you have read up on the importance of using cool text, here are some tips on how to select the most suitable design for your website.

1. Select a cool text template with a personality.

The core of your cool text is relevant to the vibes you want to give out and the emotions you want to arouse within the reader. Are you going for a fun design or perhaps a retro design? If so, why not both?

Logo from website called Billy Skyscraper

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Take, for example, the website above called Billy Skyscraper. It utilizes a fun, retro design that is pleasing to the viewer’s eye for the website’s logo. If you look closer, you’ll notice a faint, neon red outline which creates a separation between the text and the background. Without a doubt, their logo definitely stands out and has personality.

2. Consider the tone of your selection.

Think about the tonal approach of the cool text you chose. Try to refrain from selecting flashy or comical templates if you’re going for a more ‘professional look.

Logo from website called Bondi Bandits

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

However, if you want to keep it simpler and minimalistic, consider a design like Bondi Bandit’s website as seen above. The website’s logo may look simple, but it gets its job done effectively.

3. Mix it up or try something new.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and play around with different cool text templates. If you want to increase the chances of your brand being recognized online and stand out, you could always hire a graphic designer instead of using an online generator.

Logo from website called Aunt Nelly

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Let’s look at a website called Aunt Nelly as seen above as an example. Aside from using a wide range of colors in their selection, they put little brown boots at the bottom of both letter Ls in their logo. It is a simple, unique, and effective way that also puts emphasis on both our previous points which highlight the personality and tone of your selection.

Online cool text generators

If you still want to use cool text on your website but don’t have a creative bone in your body or the extra funds to hire a graphic designer, cool text generators might be exactly what you’re looking for!

• There is a wide availability of text generators and fonts online.

From cool fonts to cute fonts, there are various cool text generators and fonts available online! Do you need a cool font generator? The internet definitely has it. Or maybe you need a fancy text generator instead? No worries because the internet definitely has it. I’m sure you get the point that we’re trying to get across.

• There are text generators for different languages available online.

Did you want to use a different language for your website? That won’t be a problem as language is not a barrier when it comes to cool text generators. Without a doubt, you are most likely going to find a suitable text generator online.


Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

For example, even if your website is in Chinese, there is most likely going to be a Chinese text generator available at the very tip of your fingertips! There will also be text generators of other characters if need be on the internet so do not worry about that matter.

• Cool text generators are usually wallet-friendly.

A folded five dollar bill clipped to a brown wallet

If you have searched online, you’ll notice that most - if not all - cool text generators are free of charge. With that being said, using a cool text generator will most likely not dent your wallet so you no longer have to break that piggy bank you’ve been saving for years.

When you type ‘cool text’ into the search engine of your choice, the website CoolText shows up on the top of the page. This website has many cool text templates which can be generated to the business logo of your dreams with little to no effort for free.

Factors to consider before starting your online business

Lastly, all this information that you’ve read is pointless if you don’t consider the following factors before you start your e-commerce journey.

  1. Your domain name. The domain name you select should be relevant and appropriate for your online business.
  2. Your website’s navigation. Your website should be easy to navigate with a good search function.
  3. Your banking option. The bank you choose to accept payment from your customers should be reliable and able to accept credit payment options so you can take orders.
  4. Your database. You should be able to analyze customer activity on your website so that you can strategize your next move depending on your online business’s circumstances.
  5. Your business information. There should be website information regarding frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other information such as the products, services, queries, and shipping of your online business.
  6. Your marketing strategies. You should be able to find the best marketing strategies to attract visitors to your website as well as strategies that guarantee positive customer responses.
  7. Your web host. Choose the right web host as it will benefit your online business in the long run.

Strikingly's simple store sign-up page

Image taken from Strikingly

Not sure what web host to use? Strikingly is a free website builder that is simple to use with an easy learning curve so don’t worry about having any web development experience.

Strikingly has many features that you will find useful and impressive. For example, there are many fonts and text colors that you can use to build the website of your dreams. You can create visually appealing logos and texts with the wide availability of fonts and colors. You will have control over how you want to mix and match styles to achieve the brand image you want to set out for your online business.

You can easily access these great features and tools by creating an account on the Strikingly website, then you’re good to go! A free account has access to many features but if you want to take it to the next level, you can upgrade to a Pro account to access exclusive features and full customization privileges.

Selecting cool text isn’t just about the visual appeal but also ensuring that the message and core values of your business are conveyed to viewers. The right selection can lead to a long-lasting brand image and reputation. Do not hesitate to use Strikingly as the beginning of the success of your online business and website.